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@XXJefferson#51, 08/27/16 07:17:24PM
Hello. I was wondering if I could join your usual suspects group? Xxjefferson#51
@#MAGA!, 10/24/15 10:27:40AM
These are old articles I wrote Woodie. If I post them and open them for comments, some shithead here will bitch about me regurgitating old news.
@Gunny, 10/24/15 10:06:25AM
Ok liked the story on Yamamoto. but can't comment except here.

It won't let me comment a new one. But who gives a shit what those dick heads say. we can counter them all the time. hell JV does it constantly.
Just tell them this
Viagra has a new way of administering their product. it is a nasal spray......for dick heads.