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Getting Crowded… Again!!

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Getting Crowded… Again!!
It's like déjà vu all over again. - Yogi Berra

Not certain what is going on…

but my grocery pickups are starting to become congested… again. Like in the heady days about 15 months ago. Scheduling 2 to 3 days in advance; lines of vehicles awaiting a spot; missing items, etc.

I miss the good old days, from last fall until about a month ago. When I typically could order for next day, zip right into a spot and being the only vehicle around… have it brought out immediately. That didn’t really start last fall but had become the norm over the past few months.

It was rare that a full order was picked, as generally it was always a couple of items not available. Just ordering for the next load usually got those items, with a couple different missing.

I always use the same pickup time, to avoid the congestion of a year ago. That time is starting to become popular… or is it. I initially attributed the latest surge to reduced staffing during that time, but there seems to be quite a few staff at this time.

Probably the pickup is picking up , is due to the delta variant, although I have no idea what in store traffic has been like the past 15~16 months. The 7-day infection rate for my state is at an all time high. The 7-day death rate is about halfway to all time high but is rapidly rising. People are getting spooked, imo.

Certainly, the bulk of deaths are among unvaccinated, but the breakthrough deaths are also rising. My wife and I become eligible for the booster in October, although there are suggestions that boosters might need to be pushed to 6 months. We are overdue for the latter. I suspect the breakthrough deaths will push the recommendation for boosters at 6 months. In any case this “thing” ain’t over til its over. That has been attributed to Yogi as well, but probably a variation of what he did say.

Back to groceries…

Some of the items that keep turning up as missing, also are reminiscent 1 year ago. Recently, several large wholesalers and distributors have warned of difficulty with maintaining deliveries. Usually attributable to staffing, trucking, upstream issues with staffing trucking… the usual stuff. Generally, I suspect it as telegraphing price increases, but maybe both are true.

Intermodal, standard rail, carriages, and trucking…

Congestion seems to be continuing, despite attempts to slow traffic outbound from ports. Major rails are still bottlenecked at their hubs. Everyone seems to think this will last into early 2022… unless delta or some other variant extends it further.


So I am back to hoarding, although not to the degree of last year. I still have ample supplies left over.

  1. I am restocking and increasing inventory on some pantry items and frozen foods, but not that much of an increase.
  2. I have not seen any evidence of TP shortage. (Listing that as a #2 is a bit juvenile, but I couldn’t help myself.)
  3. Continue with the normal purchase of perishable items.


Time for a graph…


The underlying data is all from the CDC, so it might present an insurmountable problem to evaluate. Lol!

Not sure when the boosters will be tracked and yes, they are already taking place. 

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Baron Creek
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1  author  Baron Creek    2 months ago

Now that I have that off my chest, I should be okay for a bit. HaH!

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1.1  exexpatnowinTX  replied to  Baron Creek @1    2 months ago
Now that I have that off my chest, I should be okay for a bit. HaH!

That is one hellacious set of wheels!!   I would like to see it trying to take some high speed turns.

Paula Bartholomew
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2  Paula Bartholomew    2 months ago

So far, shopping has not been too bad although I have noticed a little longer lines at the checkout, but this is due to only two of them open.  

Baron Creek
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2.1  author  Baron Creek  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @2    2 months ago

You have more courage than I do... to go inside.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
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4  Perrie Halpern R.A.    2 months ago

I'm doing a bit of hording. TP and paper towels. Also, meat when it's on sale. I'm not going to go nuts getting stuff. Just enough to get through a killer hurricane.  

Baron Creek
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4.1  author  Baron Creek  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @4    2 months ago

Thanks for the reminder. I need to order up some more nuts.