Classic Cinema

Classic Cinema

For those of you who love classic films, this is the place to post seeds and write articles, or just to comment, about old movies, actors, directors and anything else related to classic films.


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Films that seem to never get old to you

Last Reply By @Buzz of the Orient 4 days ago
    For sure, Casablanca - I never tire of the repartee...
Buzz of the Orient

Which Classic Movies Have You Seen?

Last Reply By @Dowser 6 days ago
    Exactly what I thought, too!  I bookmarked the page, so I...
Buzz of the Orient

Too many classic films remain buried in studios' vaults

Last Reply By @Buzz of the Orient 6 days ago
    The Good Earth is an exceptional film (Luise Rainer won...
Buzz of the Orient

Border crossing into Canada in the movies

Last Reply By @Buzz of the Orient one month ago
    Now that I think about it, it wouldn't be consistent for...

What Classic Movie Scores Are Your Favorites?

Last Reply By @screminmimi one month ago
     I like all of those Mac. There are a lot of good scores...


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