Domaine LeSeurre Dry Riesling 2014 (Finger Lakes Couvee Classique)

By:  @enoch, 4 months ago
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By Enoch

A delicious dry white that pairs excellently with Roasted Turkey, Chestnut Stuffing, and Cranberry Sauce.

Add a Spelt, Fall Garden Veggie Medley, Chick Pea, Butternut Squash, Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto and you have yourself a feast.

Of course, there is always Chef Boy-Ar-Dee and Soda as a default position.

Did I just say that?




link 11/21/16 07:28:48PM @enoch:

La Breeuut (To Your Health).


link 11/21/16 07:44:18PM @kavika:

Jay's Diner Special.

Frizza, Italian Ojibwe pizza, or as the regulars of Jay's call it OMG Pizza.

A kosher Winnebagel, known as the spare tire at Jays, it's round, hard and fits any old jalopy.

All of this topped off with a late 2016 vintage Mogan David, Concord Grape. Served in a jelly jar of course.

Chief Chef Boiling Water Goldstein standing the background with a smile on his face.


link 11/21/16 08:13:51PM @enoch:

Dear Friend and Fellow Gourmet Kavika: OMG Ojibwe Pizza on Fry Bread Crust, Winter Radial Winnebagels with Studs, A Concord Grape Redux of Lion of Zion Wine over a Three Sisters Fall Veggie Medley.

Chef Boiling Water Goldstein is my choice for a Medal of Honor.

I just hope his fry bread is softer than the medal.

This Thursday for sure, Jay's Diner will give us all the bird. 



link 11/21/16 08:30:28PM @kavika:

It they do give us the bird, let's hope that it's ''free range''...Laugh

link 11/21/16 08:35:00PM @enoch:

Dolphin Free Poultry, what a trip!



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