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By:  @buzz-of-the-orient, 4 months ago
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Due to the undesirability of the candidates and/or the policies of both major parties as determined during the campaign for POTUS, it is the opinion of  1ofmany that many normally moderate supporters of both major parties prefer to become independent. According to 1ofmany,

"The moderates of both parties have left to become independents and now number more than either republicans or democrats."

Think of the ramifications if that were true. If the number of independents outnumbered each of the major parties, why couldn’t they form an entirely new party more moderate than any of the existing parties and formulate their own party with moderate policies, a moderate platform. It’s quite possible that such a party would be considered a desirable alternative to all of the now existing parties and could attract a majority of Americans to support it in the year 2020. Of course a majority does not necessarily guarantee a win due to the Electoral College, so a lot of work would have to be done between now and then to convince the voters to reconsider their loyalties.

A new party will need a name. I have some suggestions, such as The Independent Party, The Patriots Party, The American Party, or an amalgam of the existing major parties’ names (since most of the members would desert from them), the Republicratic (or Demolican) Party. Dowser has suggested The Moderate Party, which would illustrate the feelings of the members.

As for a symbol, I don’t know what the symbols for the smaller parties are but it’s possible that the symbol for the Libertarian Party could be a marijuana leaf, and the Green Party symbol could be somebody hugging a tree. Now the Republicans presently use an elephant, and the Democrats use a donkey (or is that a mule, or possibly an ass?), so how about a bison? It certainly did roam throughout America and was able to survive a slaughter, so it shows resilience and strength.


What ideas would you have for major platform concepts, for a name, for a symbol.  Let’s see if we can start a movement at NT that would spread throughout America. Who knows, maybe we can make Kavika POTUS.

Buzz of the Orient
link 11/22/16 10:33:12AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

party 2.jpg

Hal A. Lujah
link 11/22/16 11:06:31AM @hal-a-lujah:

Kanye 2020.

link 11/23/16 05:09:17PM @gunny:

Yup he is a Trump supporter.

link 11/22/16 11:19:39AM @johnrussell:

The United States of America is a two party country, has been for almost all of its 240 years, and will be in the near future. The two third parties this year, which received more publicity than any third party other than Perot has in recent memory, didnt get 5% of the vote between them. 

link 11/22/16 08:49:20PM @96ws6:

The sad truth.  Enter Trump.

Buzz of the Orient
link 11/22/16 08:16:55PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

So much for NT members' sense of humour.

link 11/22/16 08:26:48PM @kavika:

What could be better than the ''Buffalo Party'', the American Icon..As famous as  the balde eagle. Nothing better than a 2,000 lb pissed off buffalo to get peoples attention.

I'll lead the party from behind the scenes. Like the man behind the curtain.

link 11/22/16 08:45:37PM @kavika:

I was also thinking that the new party could be named, ''The FU Party''...Stands for ''''fricking upsetting''

Buzz of the Orient
link 11/22/16 08:56:46PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

"I'll lead the party from behind the scenes. Like the man behind the curtain."

You mean the Wizard of Oz? LOL

link 11/22/16 09:00:05PM @kavika:

Yes indeed Buzz, just call me ''The Wiz''...........

link 11/22/16 09:34:45PM @dowser:

I love it, Buzz...

A few years ago, on NV, there was a moderate group, that developed a general platform, etc.  I doubt I could ever find the articles again, but it's a thought!

link 11/23/16 05:08:13PM @gunny:

I remember that but like you can't recall who or where it was on NV.


link 11/23/16 05:51:44PM @dowser:

You know I'll never find it again...   thought it had a lot of good ideas...

link 11/23/16 07:26:54PM @gunny:

It was full of good Ideas and the thing about it the author let the commenters make suggestions and everyone discussed it civily and they ayes put the suggestion in and nays kept them out.  And there were no heated arguments no name calling and no trolling.

link 11/23/16 07:28:19PM @dowser:

I seem to remember that, too!  Was it One Miscreant?  Seems to me that whoever owned the group had a One in their name...

link 11/23/16 07:30:32PM @gunny:

Can't remember but I do remember his demeaner was on the level of Mark in Wyoming, or NWM.

link 11/23/16 07:32:19PM @dowser:

Fairly reasonable, in other words?

I'm having a hard time typing.  I had another "treatment" today for my back, hip, and now, knee and am in such pain, I'm shaking...  so please bear with me if I make little sense...

link 11/23/16 07:34:18PM @gunny:

No problem dear. I completely understand.  I have to have a dye infused whole body scan because my ribs are not healing and I broke them in Feb.  So much for my first ever broken bones.


link 11/23/16 07:39:54PM @dowser:

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry!  Sometimes, the dyes hurt and sometimes they don't.  I hope yours does not!!!  I've also started puffing up like a balloon, so have taken a water pill.  What fun!  I may not be able to get my shoes on tonight...  Hoping it works!  Hands are getting fatter, eyes are beginning to bulge heart is pounding...

At this point, if it takes the pain away, eventually, it is almost worth dying for.  Almost, I said.  If something happens to me, please, y'all be good to Rockhound and Magnum!  My dear family!  I have been the happiest in my life with them...  


Love you, Gunny!  And please give my love to your family!

link 11/23/16 07:56:04PM @gunny:

Go get you some medical MJ. if anything it will ease the pain.  Or get hemp oil on line Wife takes that for her Fibro.  Seems to work quite well and there is no need fora prescription.  Ain't nothing going to happen to you, remember only the good die young and your a little past young. not as old as I but still over the hill.  And believe me that was a mighty big hill.

I'll hug the wife and kiss Misha for ya.

link 11/23/16 08:03:31PM @dowser:

STill illegal here,, so can't do that...  Can add a shot of bourbon to the hydrocodone, but scared to do so...  Just have to tough it out, and I don't want to hit the ER again!!!  NO help and expensive to boot!

Family has gone to dinner, so I really needed that!!!  I get scared here, all alone with Tommy, who would be upset, but then again, more upset I didn't give him any pumpkin bread from last night.  This too shall pass.  It is listed as one of the side effects for the 1st 48 hours.  I just have to endure, I hope...  

link 11/23/16 08:31:12PM @gunny:

You will you are tough ole broad.  Hemp oil is legal in all states.


link 11/23/16 08:35:48PM @dowser:

Got to get it "approved" for side effects, but I'll try it!  

Buzz of the Orient
link 11/23/16 09:05:40PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Also when trying something new make sure it doesn't interact negatively with your present medications. For example, grapefruit juice can interact negatively with certain medications.  And that's a REAL negative for me because I LOVE grapefruit juice.

link 11/24/16 08:56:39AM @dowser:

Exactly!  St. John's Wort and quite a few others can have some VERY bad side effects with my medications...  Need to get a doctor's advice before I try anything new.

link 12/05/16 05:38:31PM @gunny:

Well the radioactive die scans were done today, now the wait time till my Dr tells me whats what.


link 12/05/16 06:37:05PM @dowser:

Good luck!

link 12/05/16 02:24:55PM @spikegary:

Wasn't it one of our Navy Veterans that built the platform for the 'Middle' Party?

link 12/05/16 05:39:41PM @gunny:

It was, and I believe it was the one that had the ship for his avatar. I do believe he passed on. a couple years ago. I haven't heard from him for that long.

link 12/05/16 06:37:36PM @dowser:

I think it was...  He had a lot of good ideas!  

link 12/05/16 07:15:02PM @gunny:



link 12/05/16 07:31:03PM @dowser:

No, not Madad.  Madad is still alive!  We're friends on Facebook, I think...

link 12/05/16 07:45:52PM @gunny:

Ok, then it is still another Navy guy, but can't think of any of them right now.  Who ever it was had maybe 10 pages of doctrins for the party. By-laws ad the whole works and it was a moderate party best of both sides. and many people put suggestions in to it.



Buzz of the Orient
link 12/05/16 08:12:39PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Wouldn't the protesters and whiners (some here on NT) be better off doing something POSITIVE and start a movement for a third party? Too bad coalitions can't be formed like in the British Commonwealth Paliamentary system. A lot of good legislation has been created out of coalition governments.

Dean Moriarty
link 11/23/16 07:16:53AM @dean-moriarty:

I got a chuckle at the Guns and Dope party formed in 2003. 


link 11/23/16 04:39:46PM @dowser:

LOL!!!  thumbs up

Petey Coober
link 11/23/16 07:10:43PM @petey-coober:

You might be interested in this guy Dean . He is all for dope & dancing :

Dean Moriarty
link 11/23/16 11:24:00PM @dean-moriarty:

This looks like a cause worth getting involved in. Good find. 


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