Once Again Bigotry Strikes Our Nation. Today We Should Hang Our Heads in Shame

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By Kavika

Once again it's the time of the year for dog shows across the country.

The Westminster Dog Show being the most famous of them all. And once again we'll see the bigotry against one of the most beautiful, faithful, courageous and popular dogs of all time.

Never once in it's one hundred plus years has this popular breed every won best in show. That is criminal at the least, total bigotry at most.

Today, November 24th, 2016 The National Dog Show again turned it's back on this brave dog. Disgusting to say the least and named a Greyhound as ''Best in Show''.....A Greyhound!!! That's like making Clara (where's the beef) as the Playmate of the year.

One of the problems may be that they ''look cute or funny'' to people. This belies their true ability, determination and courage.

They are faithful and love families, even the kids and most of the time do well with other dogs and even cats.

They are classified in the ''Hound'' division of the dog shows. And indeed they are a hound. But most all hounds are medium to large dogs. These tough guys are very short, belying their strength and courage.

An Irish Wolf Hound. Ha, compared to these guys/girls they are nothing but a weenie. They prance around the arena. Not our guy, he swaggers around the arena.

Yes folks, you have guessed it...The Doxie, Trekel, Dachshund..If you've never had one as a family member or seen them in action you have no idea what they are or are capable of.

Dachshund translates from German to English as ''badger dog''. Think about that, it's not bird dog, working dog, toy dog, it's ''badger dog'' dammit.

They were bred to hunt badger, one of the toughest meanest critters in the animal kingdom.

Those stubby front legs, long body, long tail and powerful hind legs are there for a reason. That reason is to take on the ferocious beast know as the badger.

There are few animals that will take on a badger, no less in it's lair. That's right, the doxie folds it's stubby little front legs under it body, and it's powerful hind legs propel it into the underground lair of the badger. Where in a very confined space it gashes teeth with the savage beast..Think of a torpedo heading right at you with unlimited courage and determination. That my friends is the Doxie.

The doxie comes in a multitude of colors and coats. The short hair, long hair and the wire hair doxie with more color combinations than you can count.

It's high time that the bigotry against the doxie comes to an end. Civil rights for doxies is the new battle cry of the wiener brigade.

Badgers world wide has given the doxie it's due. It was overheard that a badger recently said about doxies...''those are the toughest bastards that I've ever seen, don't mess with them.''

You've heard the expression, ''meaner than a junk yard dog''...Ha, do you know any junk yard dog that will take on a badger in the badgers back yard. Of course not.

If your going to get a dog, don't be fooled by Fox Hound, or any of the other phony hounds. Get the one and only hound...Dachshund...The King of the jungle.

In addition to all of their attributes they can ''fly''.






link 11/24/16 02:14:01PM @kavika:

Proud to have a Doxie as a family member...It should be noted that we have no badgers on our property thanks to Wiki Warrior Wonder Wiener..

link 11/24/16 04:01:38PM @kavika:

You talkin' to me!!!

link 11/25/16 10:16:23AM @gunny:

I only have a Chiweenie, and she looks like the black one in the picture in the article. Same marking and all. And she matches your description exactly.


link 11/25/16 10:25:07AM @kavika:

Chiwennie!!!! Is that some kind of taco or burrito?Laugh

link 11/25/16 10:28:18AM @gunny:

Yup new reconized breed.  Chiwawa and weiner dog.  she is just a tad smaller than Wiki a little bit shorter. but just as long.

link 11/24/16 11:38:24PM @kavika:

Sioux me, I bumped it.

link 11/25/16 05:44:05AM @jwc2blue:

"Badgers? We don't have no stinking badgers"

link 11/25/16 08:07:37AM @kavika:

That because the ever faithful Doxie has risked it's life to rid your neighborhood of them.

You owe a debt of graditude jwc.

link 11/25/16 08:16:07AM @jwc2blue:

I do. I never, ever make fun of flying, badger killing dogs!

link 11/25/16 08:43:56AM @deepwaterdon:

Greyhound as the best hound in class. Sight hounds vs. scent hounds. Apples and tomatoes. No comparison. While I am a fan of all scent hounds, there is no question I am a fan of the Beagle. Actually a couple have been named Best in Show a couple of times in the past decade.

link 11/25/16 08:57:57AM @kavika:

You, a fan of Beagle's, I'm shocked I tell you, shocked dd.

BTW, Wiki is recruiting Beagle's to join the Doxie's in this huge animals rights case.

Smokey has signed up, a true warrior.


Hal A. Lujah
link 11/25/16 09:04:59AM @hal-a-lujah:


link 11/25/16 09:27:36AM @kavika:

LMAO...Perfect Hal.

link 11/25/16 10:12:10AM @uptownchick:

                 funny animal pictures (17):   Alwayzzz lol:

      Funny Picture Clip: Funny dog pictures with words | Funny Dog Pictures With Captions:   For my sister and her arms for armless campaign :

Don't let a little thing like reality hamper your dreams:

LOL...thanks Kavika for posting this! Some of the funniest dog memes out there are for doxies! 

link 11/25/16 10:16:47AM @kavika:

Thanks for doxie photos Uppy...And they really can fly.

link 11/25/16 12:32:12PM @dowser:

We watched it again this year, as every year!!!  I thought the dachshunds were adorable, but then, I thought they were all adorable!

I have never understood what they judge, but then, I couldn't, because I'd vote for all of them, and take them all home-- well except for those that need daily grooming, etc.  I can't imagine getting dread locks fixed for a dog every day...  As usual, there were the sweet ernest dogs, the self-confident dogs, those that were doing it to please their handlers and those that were so full of personality and life, they couldn't be squelched.  Tommy would have fit right in with Unknown Breed, but I'm sure his conformity would have been in question.  And I can just see him growling when someone went for his mouth...

GREAT dog show!  As much as I loved all those breeds, and would love to have them here at home, I guess I'll just keep going for the 'pound puppies'...  winking

link 11/25/16 12:58:25PM @kavika:

There are plenty of Dachshund Rescue groups and a lot of Doxies wanting to be adopted Dowser.

link 11/25/16 01:00:41PM @dowser:

Right now, our life boat is pretty full, with 6 cats and two dogs...  But, when the time comes, that is a wonderful thought, dear Kavika!  You know I'm partial to little Wiki!!!  thumbs up

link 11/25/16 01:09:21PM @kavika:

I know any doxie adopted by you would be in very good hands, Dowser.

link 11/25/16 02:47:28PM @dowser:

Thanks, Kavika-- that's so sweet!

I love them all--  And little Wiki is so cute!  Please give all the girls in the family my love!

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 11/25/16 12:53:30PM @perrie-halpern:

Image result for weiner dog memes

link 11/25/16 01:00:35PM @kavika:

See how good Doxies are at disguising their looks...You'd never know from the photo that they are Apex predators.

link 11/25/16 01:01:53PM @dowser:

Only from personal experience....

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 11/25/16 01:03:05PM @perrie-halpern:

They are just adorable pups!

link 11/28/16 08:21:47PM @1stwarrior:

And, why aren't there any CATS in that competition??????

Now, THAT's discrimination.

link 11/28/16 08:24:42PM @kavika:

CATS!!!! are you frickin' kidding me, CATS....

link 12/09/16 11:33:34AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Kavika: Dogs have 10,000 times the smell receptors as humans.

They help police, the military, and don't forget seeing eye dogs.

People with pets, including the elderly and/pr the infirm aere documented to live longer and be happier. 

Dogs are indeed man's humanity's best friend.


P.S. Super posts by site members here. You are all the best in show.



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