End Of the Year Best Holiday Wishes by Enoch

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Though the conclusion of Hanukah my attendance at this site will be spotty.

It is early yet.

I still want to sincerely wish every one who celebrates any December-January Holiday a joyous and meaningful season.

May such special events as move you grant fulfillment, inspiration, joy, meaning, and the good health, family, friends, and prosperity to maximally enjoy them. 

As ever, Red Box Rules, The Four B's are in play here.

Kindly see my first comment for the Four B's.

To one and all the very best.



link 12/10/16 02:10:04AM @enoch:

The Four B's.

Be Positive.

Be Respectful.

Be On-Point.

Or Be Gone!

Follow Site COC rules too.

Do you celebrate one or more end of the year holidays?

If so, please share what they are, their meaning and value to you.

In the spirit of the season, let's genuinely wish each other well.

Peace and Abundant Blessings.


Buzz of the Orient
link 12/10/16 02:33:34AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

I wonder how many NT members other than me celebrate THREE different New Years?

link 12/10/16 03:25:32AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Buzz: Great question.

Rosh Hs Shanah, Canadian, and Year of the ? (What year it is this year in China)?

Happy New Years.


Buzz of the Orient
link 12/10/16 07:36:29AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Coming up on January 28 2017, the year of the Rooster.

link 12/10/16 10:59:09AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Buzz: The Year of the Rooster.

Really something about which to crow.


link 12/10/16 06:30:08AM @kavika:

I celebrate nothing, bah humbug...Christmas and New Years are for kids and drunks.

I can't stand them.

BTW, has anyone heard from Santa this year. I wonder if he received my ''wish list''...Laugh

Kavika checking out his Mayan calendar...

Buzz of the Orient
link 12/10/16 07:38:19AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Sorry, Kavika, Santa doesn't have room in the sleigh for the Range Rover and the Chris Craft.

link 12/10/16 08:05:43AM @kavika:

Disappointed again...

link 12/10/16 11:20:37AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Kavika: If you can get it to start, you are welcome to my 2000 Oldsmo-Buick Intrigue (Enochobile).

It sports factory installed fender dents, chrome mud flaps, two herniated horses under the hoodie, two off the floor brakes (use your feet on the road to slow it down), two season climate control (Winter Wonderland and Stinking Desert) Perma-Rust radial skates and a Cabbage Emission Gas Guzzling Convertible Under Handed 3/4 Cam Engine with matching brass knobs.

For the lake and river water sports there are windows which don't shut, and a half empty bottle of Canoe Cologne.

There is more than one Jolly Old Self on this tiny obscure blue marble in the sky. Only my beard is legitimately gray. "In this vale of toil and sin, the head grows bald but not the chin". Burma Shave.

Time to take the sleigh out for a skid. 

Enoch, Seated Behind Rudolph's Behind (Not Reveling in the View, Either). 

link 12/11/16 01:26:12AM @sixpick:

Enoch, I believe I had a car like that when I was in Okinawa.  I left it at the bottom of the hill the last day I was there.  I don't remember how I came about it, but it wouldn't crank after rolling for a couple hundred yards and I had to get to the base to go to Taiwan.  Had a lot of good times in that old car with my friends all crowded inside.  It was nice to have them around to help me push it too.  My main means of travel was a 360 Yamaha though.  Now that was perfect in Okinawa with so many off the road places to ride.

Oh, by the way wishing you, yours and everyone else a wonderful Holiday Season.  Personally I'd like to be on some South Pacific Island until March of next year.

Buzz of the Orient
link 12/11/16 03:25:30AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

I once had an Olds 98 that my father gave me instead of trading for a new car. I don't remember the year. All I remember is that it was so long I needed two parking spaces to park it.

link 12/11/16 09:39:50AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Buzz: In High School I used to double date with my athletic teammate Jeff. His step brother, Eddie wold let him borrow the Olds 88. It was a mobile hotel,. as I recall.

Today's vehicles are made much better.

I think we still all look back fondly on our first vehicles and automotive experiences.

Sometimes the best memories are when things that didn't go so well.


link 12/11/16 09:35:33AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Sixpick: You and me both. What I wouldn't give to get my old bones into a tropical paradise this winter. 

It's still fall here, but we will get half a foot of snow overnight tonight.

The Upstate NY climate doesn't read calendars.

In my misspent youth, I used to tool around on a Harley Hog. That is back when I had head hair to wave in the wind.

Your main Okinawa four tired chariot must have been a Rolls Canardly.

I rolls down one hill, and can hardly get up another.

Been there, relate to that.

I wish you and yours the very best of holiday cheer and all that goes with it.


link 12/10/16 11:09:24AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Buzz: Room already spoken for with Star Wars merchandise.

A gift certificate to Jay's Diner is in order, I would say. 

Enoch (Reaching for the Pepto Bismol).  

link 12/10/16 11:03:27AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Kavika: I got an email from Santa.

Her sent me his wish list,

This year, he wants to take off for the holidays.

Top on his list is being on the beach in Aruba December 24th -  25th.

I am working on it.

As Santa once said to me in Spanish, Jo, Jo Jo.

Enoch, Smiling and Dialing My Travel Agent, Hanukah Harry, Inc. 


Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 12/10/16 11:39:31AM @perrie-halpern:


Do you know what happens at the end of the Mayan calendar?

link 12/10/16 12:00:51PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Perrie: According to my anonymous and semi reliable sources, at the end of the Mayan calendar cycle, there is a BOGO All You Can Keep Down Buffet coupon. For those who survive there is another calendar cycle. 

Chag Chanukat Sameach.


link 12/11/16 09:42:35AM @kavika:

Yes I do, but I'm keeping it secret. Stoic and all that.

link 12/11/16 09:47:59AM @enoch:

Dear Brother Kavika: When it comes to calendar secrets, you keep youran and I'll keep Mayan. 

Enoch, filling in dates.

link 12/11/16 10:35:49AM @kavika:

The stone pages of the Mayan calendar are difficult to turn...or to hang on a wall.


link 12/11/16 02:10:04PM @enoch:

Chaver Kavika: LOL

Good one!

link 12/11/16 06:08:48PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Krav Maga: Laughing Hard.


link 12/11/16 06:11:08PM @kavika:

Laugh I could not resist niijii....But a warrior would know what it means. You are more than qualified.

link 12/10/16 09:56:09AM @deepwaterdon:

Happy Holidays and the best wished to you and Mrs. Enoch, my friend. May the Higher Power smile forever on you and you thoughts and prayers be answered.

And the same to all NT members. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all.

link 12/10/16 10:58:07AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Deepwater Don: As to you and yours, my dear and most gracious friend.

May your holidays go exceptionally well for you and your exceptional family.



Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 12/10/16 11:47:57AM @perrie-halpern:

Dear Enoch,

I have a very important question to ask you. 

Does the Hanukkah cat visit your grandchildren?

link 12/10/16 12:07:36PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Perrie: This is the Festival of Lights year of Star Wars Lego; Alpaca Mittens, Scarves, and Hats; and the Mensch on a Bench Doll. 

Suvganiot (Israeli Funnel Cakes, Latkes Galore (the potato pancake, not the erotic dancer) and Dreidles with both Nes Gadol Hiyah Poh and Nes Gadol Hiyah Sham (For Israeli and American family members).

 Hanukah gelt for one and all.

We like out latkes fresh made with dises of sour cream, fresh made apple sauce wiht cinnamon, and plenty of mulled hot fresh pressed cider.

When you dig in to your Latkes for eight days, Seasons Gratings!

May the light and heat of the season inspire us with truth and make us all toasty inside with love.


Buzz of the Orient
link 12/10/16 07:07:33PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Unfortunately 8 days of delicious latkes need to be followed by 8 weeks of dieting. How I miss those my mother made. The closest I can get to them are McDonald's breakfast hash browns.

link 12/10/16 10:40:28PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Buzz: Latkes should be made from scratch (from potatoes actually).

In the history of our species, there is no record of anything tasting as good as home made fresh by Mothers. 

There are few universally accepted things in this life. 

Home made by Mom is one of them.

Chag Chanukat Sameach.


link 12/10/16 12:27:12PM @gunny:

Enoch:  The one and only true peaceful and loving man on NT and I am sure where ever your moccocins carry you.  Even after eating at Jay's Diner you are a graceful person and thanks Jay for the food poisoning.  

You would bless the Devil I am sure and he would kneel before you. 

There is no greater friend than you my dear friend. Happy Holidays to you and yourn. May you and yourn be blessed with all good things.


link 12/10/16 01:39:53PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Gunny: Many thanks for the very kind words.

They are appreciated. Most of all from you. You are one I hold in particularly high regards.

Thank you for your service.

We are all in your debt.

A great set of end of the year events to you and yours.

May this be your finest holiday season ever, until next year.


link 12/10/16 01:45:05PM @gunny:

Thank you dear sir.  My answer to those who thank me for my services is simple........ "My pleasure and thank you".


link 12/11/16 09:41:21AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Gunny: Answer is outstanding!


link 12/10/16 01:09:38PM @jwc2blue:

With the knowledge of all of the religious and secular celebrations that occur at this time of year has come the realization that the universal reason for their existence is what should be contemplated and expressed.

I engage in the holiday traditions of Christmas because my extended family does, but for me there is something more beneath it all.

Peace, love and goodwill to all. All year long.

Unless you mess with me. Then it's go time. :) 

link 12/10/16 01:43:19PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Jwc2blue: Peace Love and Goodwill to All, the Year Around.

What a beautiful thought for us all.

Well said my good friend.

I wish you and yours every good thing now and in the next year even more so.


link 12/10/16 01:49:56PM @dowser:

I hope that you, dear Enoch, have a wonderful Hanukkah holiday with your family, and that peace reigns over your celebration of life!

I hope that everyone here has a very special day, or days, with your families and friends!

May God bless each of you! 

link 12/10/16 02:04:41PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Dowser: Mrs. E. and I wish you and family, immediate and extended a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the joy and meaning of the season.

Let's all end 2016 on the highest and most melodious of notes.

Then let's do even better in 2017. 

E (always starting my name with a Vowel).

link 12/10/16 03:33:59PM @dowser:

Here's to hoping that 2017 is a wonderful year for all of us!  thumbs up

link 12/10/16 06:36:38PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Dowser: Amen. Selah.

So be it. Forever and ever.


link 12/10/16 11:47:04PM @katpen:

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.  Happy Hanukkah   to those who celebrate.  Happy Holidays to all, however you may celebrate.  May we  all share happiness and harmony this Holiday Season.  Peace and warm wishes to all.  

link 12/11/16 09:44:17AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Katpen: It is obvious you get the main point of this and every season.

Wish all well with what matters to them.

Respect differences.

Seek out and build on common ground.

Enjoy life and embrace humanity.

These are among the things which most put a smile on the Divine Countenance. 

Well said and well done.




link 12/26/16 06:27:31PM @nona62:

blessed Holiday Season, and may there be peace on earth......

link 12/26/16 10:26:55PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Nona: Amen Selah.

So be it for ever and ever.

Beautiful sentiment.





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