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Chesed (Hebrew) is often translated as loving kindness. .

Agape (Greek) is often translated as love for other humans. .

In this article Katpen will present examples of Agape, and the key role it plays in Christianity.

Enoch will do the same for Chesed in Judaism.

In both religions this concern for, accepting and helping others in both religions is an end in itself. In each tradition it is also a method of expressing our closeness and relationship with humanity and the Divine.


In Christianity, Agape love is the Highest love there is.  It is “…undefeatable benevolence and unconquerable goodwill that always seeks the highest good of the other person, no matter what he does.  It is the self-giving love that gives freely without asking anything in return, and does not consider the worth of its object.”  (New Spirit Filled Life Bible, pg 1556) 

The Lord God loves with this Agape love.  And, in turn, we are to love Him and to love others in the same manner.  (Matthew 22:37-39)  We can show our love for the Lord by showing Agape, unconditional, love for our neighbors, His children.

Agape love can be shown to others in different ways, or forms.  Examples are kindness, grace, compassion, and mercy.  The Good Sanitarian showed kindness and compassion to his neighbor when he stopped to help the man.  He bandaged the man’s wounds, and brought him to an inn.  The Samaritan even paid the bill for the man’s stay at the inn.  This was after 2 other men had passed by, and did nothing to help, the injured man.  (See Luke 10:30-35)

That, of course, is but one example of love for one’s neighbor, or brother.  We can treat each other just as kindly following the examples in Matthew 25:35-40.  Whatever kindness you show the “least of these” you also show to Christ the Lord.  So….   Go forth.  Visit a sick person in the hospital, or a person in prison or a shut-in.   Help to feed the hungry.  Donate clothing to a Church or a charity.  Show hospitality to someone who is lonely. Give a bottle of water or a sandwich to the person begging on the street corner, and even give him some money.  Maybe even invite some lonely friends to your Christmas (Or other Holiday) dinner.  You will be blessed for helping those who cannot repay.  (See Luke 14:13-14)  And helping those who cannot “pay you back”, either in money or in favors, is the whole point of Agape love.  Unconditional.  Undeserved.   Just like God loves us! 

We are admonished to show love for all.   Matthew 5:43-48 stages we must love our enemies!  This is the most difficult for me!   How I struggle with this one!   But we are commanded to love those who hate us and persecute us!  But Agape love is sacrificial love.   The Father sacrificed His Son, and Christ sacrificed His lie.  The least we can do is try to love as unconditionally as we can. 

You can show your neighbors your love and kindness in even smaller ways.  Open the door for them.  Let them go ahead of you in line.  Just a smile can encourage someone who may be having a bad day.  The “little things” can sometimes count the most.

Whatever form or type of Agape love you can show to others, go show it.  Pass it on.  Pay it forward.  Perform a random act of kindness.  Practice mercy and grace and compassion in any and every way you can.  No kindness is too small.  As the song says, “As God as our Father, Brothers all are we.”   We are indeed Brothers and Sisters and we need each other. 



An example from the Torah, Haftorah, and Pirke Avoth will illustrate the use, meaning, and value of Chesid in Jewish religious tradition,

Torah – Shemot. Shloshim veh Arbah: Shesh-Shevah (Exodus 34: 6-7). 

“The L-rd, the L-rd G-d, merciful and gracious, long suffering and abundant in goodness and truth (Chesid Veh Emet) keeping mercy unto the thousandth generation”.

This passage deals with the qualities of a G-d who would give such great gifts as the Ten Commandments to His people. That we may live life most abundantly by His perfect, eternal, immutable and self-fulfilling laws for all times.

This is the perfect role model for Jewish people in how to do Gemilut Chasadim (Acts of Loving Kindness).

As He is merciful (El Ma’aleh Rachamim) so should we be. We are to be gracious, patient, tolerant, forgiving, understanding, and abundant in loving kindness and truth to others, even as He was to us. This we must do unto the thousandth generation.     

The principle of imitating the positive attributes of the Holy One, blessed be is core to Jewish theology on how to live life most fully.           

Haftorah (Weekly Additional Scriptural Reading{s}) - Yermiahu Shtayim: Shtayim (Jeremiah 2: 2. 

“I remember the affection (Chesed) of your youth (Whole Hearted Loving Devotion)”. This commentary on the previously mentioned Torah portion illustrates why the Holy One, Blessed Be gave these precious Commandments to His People. It was because of their unrestricted love for G-d.

Chesed is used in a particular relational context in each passage. It entails a mutual commitment of loving kindness between G-d and His People.

This inspires Jewish People to be just as loving kind to all of humanity.

We are all in this life together. We are all children of the same G-d. We are all members of the same human family. To the extant others will let us, we want to relate in harmony, peace and loving kindness. That way we can advance humanity and best serve G-d. Each in our own way together. Win, Win, Win.   

Pirke Avoth (Sayings of the Fathers). Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel said, “On three pillars does the world rest. Divine Law (Torah), Avodah (Worship) and Gemilut Chasadim (Loving Kindness)”.

Divine law to live life most abundantly, ethically and humanely,

Worship to communicate with the Divine daily. This keeps us focused and motivated.

Acts of Loving Kindness to increase the lot of all in our human family. The world gets better one act of loving kindness at a time.

In Tehilim – Mea Arbaheem Veh Echad: Chamishah (Psalms 141-5) the word Chesid is used to desscribe man’s attitude towards other men. In Martin Buber’s book, Ben Adam Veh Adam (Between Man and Man) he underscores the point that as we act with loving kindness to each other, that is self-justifying.

Chesed as a way to live, to relate, and to improve life over time will be in all our best interests. In this, as in life in the world to come.

We see that Agape and Chesed over lap completely compatibly. They are key values in Judaism and Christianity.

What are your original thoughts about these important concepts?

What does your heritage teach?

Please share what and how you think humanity can prophet by the love of humanity and loving kindness, as ways to nourish the soul. Improve quality of life by acting on them; and implications for relationships to G-d.

Site COC, Red Box Rules, and The Four B’s Apply Here.

Be Relevant.

Be Respectful.

Be Positive.

Or Be Gone!

Within these reasonable guidelines, please let us benefit from your wisdom on how best to use these and other allied concepts.


Katpen and Enoch.                      

link 12/13/16 08:37:05PM @enoch:

Red Box Rules, The Four B's and Site COC are enforced here\.

Please see the article for the Four B's.

Special thanks go to ouir good friend Perrie, the Site Owner and Administrator.

Her assistance was invaluable in posting this co-authored discussion thread. 

I am deeply honored to be part of this joint venture with our good friend Katpen.

In Katpen we see the future of the site.

She is as good a person as she is an authoress with something of value to say, and upon which to reflect.

We all look forward to your contributions.

Let's make Katpen welcome in this, her first article. 

Peace and Abundant Blessings to One and All.


link 12/13/16 08:41:33PM @katpen:

Awww.... many thanks to you and to Perrie.  I was certain I'd never get this posted "right".   You know, first time jitters, questions, and "What if"-s.  Between Perrie and Enoch, I was finally able to put this article where it belongs--- in this Group.  I am honored to be your co-author, Enoch!  I learned from the best.......


link 12/13/16 10:41:40PM @enoch:

Dear Katpen: We learned from, supported and created well together.




link 12/13/16 11:59:53PM @kavika:

Kat, it's good to see that you posted an article. Keep up the good work and you have a great writing partner.

link 12/14/16 12:01:24AM @enoch:

Dear Brother Krav Maga: The iste is better for Katpen sharing her wisdom and warmth.

I totally agree.


Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 12/14/16 12:28:27AM @perrie-halpern:

You both did a wonderful job and I am glad to help in any little way that I could. That being said, you both wrote outstanding pieces and I am proud to have them on NT. 

link 12/14/16 12:31:19AM @katpen:

Awwww, thank you so much!   And thanks again for your help!  

link 12/14/16 08:42:27AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Perrie: Thanks so much.

Means a lot to us.


link 12/14/16 09:12:39AM @spikegary:

One of my favorite authors is a Catholic Priest named Andrew Greeley.  He writes many different genres, though his message, consistently, is G_d is Love.  I'm not a catholic and have always viewed Catholics with a vague distrust, but his message shines through.  For example, he postulates that someone that commits suicide does not, in fact, burn in hell, but is at the lord's side, because G_d is love and love is forgiveness.

Besides the fact the Hell we've been raised with is something out of Persian Mythology, but I digress.........

Thanks both to my friend, Enoch and I hope, a new friend, Kat-Pen and her love, Linehaul61 (for being there with her/for her!) for a very nicely written reminder of who we are and who we should strive to be.

link 12/14/16 06:17:49PM @katpen:

HI!, Spikegary!   So glad you are open-minded and appreciate the writings of Andrew Greeley, even though you are not Catholic.    We can learn from others we may even disagree with.  God is indeed love, and we can certainly strive to show kindness to each other.   Thank you for sharing.   

link 12/14/16 06:23:13PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Spikegary: As Katpen said, thanks for a marvelous post.

It is a great contribution.

One of the many ascriptions of G-d in my tradition is from the hymn El Ma'aleh Rachamim. G-d filled with mercy,

I stand in awe of the G-d who is filled with mercy,.

This is added in support of your support for Father Greeley's concept of a truly loving G-d.

God is where you find it.

I so agree.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.


link 12/13/16 10:43:45PM @kavika:

Well done Kat and Enoch...

We need more of this type of non political articles on NT...also showing how people from different religions can co exist and prosper together.

My heritage and ''religion'', although religion isn't quite the correct word. It's more of a way of life. We believe that we are part of earth, a small cog in the circle of live that is shared by all living things. It is very important that we respect the earth as she is all of our mothers.

We have no church's, temples. No pictures or photos of what we call ''The Great Mystery'' (commonly referred to as the Creator)..The Great Mystery has no color nor gender. Each person is allowed to practice in their own way, or a place of their choosing. ,

Our ''religion'' is named Midiwiwin, or the Grand Medicine Society and the healers are called Mide's. They are healers of both physical and the spirit. To become a Mide and reach the highest level requires 20 years of learning. There are four levels of Mide and within each of those levels are two more levels.

They are also the keepers of the ''Sacred Scrolls of the Anishinaabe'', these birch bark scrolls date back as far as 1100 years. They are also the keepers of our history and all important events pertaining to the Anishinaabe.

As far as ''freedom of religion'' goes in the U.S. most all Indian religions were outlawed by the U.S. government in the late 1800's and it wasn't until 1978 that we ''gained'' freedom of religion again....That should make you question exactly what is, freedom of religion.

That's a quick overview of my heritage and belief system.

Waanakiwin (peace)



link 12/13/16 10:51:50PM @enoch:

Dear Brother Krav Maga: Thanks.

This was a part of our intent.

To raise the level of discourse.

To work in harmony, and set the right example.

To heal, not hurt.

To share and listen.

To respect and learn.

Great commentary.

We are indebted.






link 12/13/16 11:05:32PM @kavika:

I forgot to add that the Anishinaabe expression, Gakina Awiiya (we are all related) has the same meaning as loving all and your neighbor.

link 12/14/16 08:44:57AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Krav Maga: It does indeed.

This is no surprise.

We are all equal inhabitants of Mother Earth.

We are all nourished by the same Spirit.

We all have far more in common than separates.

Thanks for clarifying, that all may know.


link 12/15/16 12:24:03AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Krav Maga: Thank you so much for sharing your Spiritual approach to life. It is indeed a noble one.

We are also grateful for raising our consciousness about the many varied ways that Native and First Americans approach how best t o live life in harmony with what surrounds us. That is the most sustainable approach for our species, and its survival.

Finally, its is good for us to know just how unfairly Native and First Americans have been disrespected regarding their ways to live life. There is little point to having a First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution unless it is universal in scope, range and domain. It must include all because any law that isn't applied to everyone has no business being applied to anyone. 

Great contribution my brother in Spirit.  

We are very grateful.


link 12/13/16 10:50:54PM @katpen:

Thank you, Krav-Maga!    You are right.  We can be different yet co-exist and prosper together.  Our differences can sometimes compliment each other and even strengthen each other, sometimes!   Thank you for your input.  

link 12/13/16 10:53:09PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Katpen: Thanks for pointing out that important matter.

We are stronger when we compliment, not tear down.



link 12/13/16 11:10:11PM @johnrussell:

Ken Keyes discusses The Ways And Power Of Love by Dr. Pitirim A. Sorokin, a book about the effects of agape. 

link 12/13/16 11:12:03PM @johnrussell:


The Ways and Power of Love was originally published in 1954 when Pitirim Sorokin was in the twilight of his career and leading the Harvard Research Center in Creative Altruism. His elaborate scientific analysis of love with regard to its higher and lower forms, its causes and effects, its human and cosmic significance, and its core features constitutes the first study on this topic in world literature to date.

Sorokin was the one absolutely essential twentieth-century pioneer in the study of love at the interface of science and religion. Bringing The Ways and Power of Love back into print allows a new generation of readers to appreciate Sorokin's genius and to move forward with his endeavor at a time when civilization itself continues to be threatened by a marked inability to live up to the ideal of love for all humankind. It is certainly right to hope, with Sorokin, that progress in knowledge about love can move humanity forward to a better future. Turning the sciences toward the study of love is no easy task, but it can and must be done.

link 12/13/16 11:15:22PM @enoch:

Dear Friend John Russell: Well said.

Thanks for the heads up on Sorokin.

We are grateful for your salient and impressive points.


link 12/13/16 11:18:30PM @enoch:

Dear Friend John Russell: Another thank you for the Ken Keyes clip.

It takes so little to move humanity forward. 

We need fine contributions like yours to remind us of just how simple this is.

Thanks again.


link 12/13/16 11:37:07PM @katpen:

To John Russell:   Yes, thank you so much for sharing that video and info on the book "The Ways and Power of Love".  I agree with all that was said in the video.  I'm amazed that the book was written back in 1954.  The science of the mind has grown so much since then, but the basic idea that love begets love will always be true!   Thanks again.  

link 12/14/16 12:00:31AM @linehaul61:

I'm old but new to news talkers. But Thanks for your Very good posts of love.

link 12/14/16 12:01:57AM @kavika:

Welcome Linehaul61...

link 12/14/16 12:03:42AM @katpen:

He's my hubby!    

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 12/14/16 12:08:50AM @perrie-halpern:

Wow Kat! That's great!

Welcome Linehaul61!

link 12/14/16 12:09:03AM @kavika:

Well that's good news Kat.....A double welcome than Linehaul61...BTW does the avatar name have anything to do with trucking?

link 12/14/16 12:33:52AM @katpen:

Yes, he's a truck driver. You familiar to the term, KravMaga?   

link 12/14/16 07:03:33AM @kavika:

Very familiar with trucking and the terms used, Kat.

Trucking was part of our overall corporate identity.

link 12/14/16 07:03:51AM @kavika:

Very familiar with trucking and the terms used, Kat.

Trucking was part of our overall corporate identity.

link 12/14/16 12:09:56AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Linehaul61: You are most welcome here.

Thank you for attending this discussion.

We will always be happy to see you, learn from you and enjoy your fellowship.


link 12/14/16 01:36:46AM @linehaul61:

 tired buy after thakinr dogs to the vt I'll BE BACK.

link 12/14/16 04:57:49PM @dowser:

WElcome, Linehaul!  We're all glad you are with us!

If you run into Rockhound, that's my son, and my husband is Magnum...  Neither are on the site that often...

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 12/14/16 01:19:04AM @perrie-halpern:

I can't speak for anyone else, but being a good, kind and ethical person has always been a big part of my life. I can honestly attribute that to my parents, who taught me and my sister that we are our deeds. Probably one of the most dramatic things to happen to me as a kid was when my parents let a boy, who was stabbed in his neck into the car and drove him to the hospital. The police told my parents that what they did was foolish, having two little girls in the back seat, but both of them asked the officers how could they leave him knowing he could have died.. they said nothing. But my parents told us later, he was someone else's child, and they loved him and sometimes doing the right thing, is doing the hard thing. That we have to love everyone, like we love our own families. Obviously, this was message was shown to us in different ways over and over in my childhood and even now into adulthood. So, although I had a religious upbringing, I have to say, that my folks taught me the most. 

link 12/14/16 08:46:14AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Krav Maga: It does indeed.

This is no surprise.

We are all equal inhabitants of Mother Earth.

We are all nourished by the same Spirit.

We all have far more in common than separates.

Thanks for clarifying, that all may know.


link 12/14/16 08:47:08AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Krav Maga: It does indeed.

This is no surprise.

We are all equal inhabitants of Mother Earth.

We are all nourished by the same Spirit.

We all have far more in common than separates.

Thanks for clarifying, that all may know.


link 12/14/16 08:50:43AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Perrie Halperin: It does indeed.

In Pirke Avoth Rabbi Yochanan Ben-Zakkai said, "The righteous among all nations will have a share in the world to come".

No one can ever do wrong when doing right. 

Great post, Most instructive and inspiring.

We are grateful.


link 12/14/16 01:43:26AM @katpen:

Sometimes we learn how to be kind by watching others show kindness.  Just repeat what kindness you see.  Thank you for sharing with us, Perrie!   I'll check out more comments tomorrow am.  

Larry Hampton
link 12/14/16 02:42:10AM @larry-hampton:

Beautifully done, kudos and many thanks to you both! I can't think of a more timely or appropriate pause for reflection.


link 12/14/16 08:55:01AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Larry Hampton: Thank you so much.

I agree. It's the season for doing well by doing good.

That it has and should have with every other season.

Virtue is as timeless as it is weather proof.

Peace and Abundant Blessings to You and Yours in This Time Of Great Meaning to So Many.

We are grateful. 


link 12/14/16 08:52:08AM @enoch:

Dear Friend and Treasured Co-Author Katpen:

Well said.

As previously stated, no one can ever do wrong when doing right. 

Great post, Most instructive and inspiring.

We are grateful.


link 12/14/16 08:41:49AM @linehaul61:

My Dogs  Barney & Millie)Have Agape love for me.

link 12/14/16 08:57:21AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Linehaul61: Welcome back.

It seems Barney and Millie are man's best friends.

Good on them, and you.

I wish you, Katpen and all yours a joyous and meaningful Christmas and New Year Holiday Season. I agree. It's the season for doing well by doing good.



link 12/14/16 09:19:48AM @katpen:

Dear Friend, Brother Enoch,  Thank you so much for the warm-hearted Holiday wishes!   We also wish you and Mrs E the brightest, happy Holiday Season, and many blessings throughout the year to come.  

And thank you once more for being co-author on this article.  Agape,  Chesed loving-kindness is what the world needs the most of.  




link 12/14/16 10:15:56AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Katpen: You are most welcome.

We both had a very positive experience working together, and for the greater good.



link 12/14/16 09:05:12AM @linehaul61:

If you don't see me for awhile. It's because I built my computer and it works great but Im having software or programming problems mainly with windows 7 not updating. Long story and wrong group.Didn't find one on news talkers. and I'm determined to figure it out if I have to format and reload windows 1000 times.

I call computers the BLACK HOLE OF TIME. Wanted to say it's a privilege to meet so of Katpen's Friends. She speaks very highly of all of you.

I'll Be Back... Remember " It only takes a spark to get a fire burning......Your all a light in a dark world.


link 12/14/16 09:18:46AM @spikegary:

Just as an FYI, Linehaul61, if you can't find a group that meets the needs, you can create one and invite others to join.....

link 12/14/16 09:31:23AM @linehaul61:

Thanks Spikegary.

I need to figure that out. Got to be somewhere in a few minuets.Will attempt it later.

link 12/14/16 10:21:29AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Linehasul61: Lt me know when you form a new group.

I am interested.


link 12/14/16 08:04:33PM @linehaul61:

Will do. On the computer part.. Enoch.I prey for Love and patients, to fill all drivers tonight on the road.

link 12/15/16 12:27:59AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Linehaul61: Amen brother.

Well said, and a most worthy prayer.

We are very grateful.


link 12/14/16 05:12:04PM @dowser:

What a wonderful message!

Kindness to one another-- a unique concept here on NT, sometimes...  But one that is desperately needed.

I loved the article, and try, every day, to live my life with kindness.  Sometimes, it is difficult.  But, always worth the effort.

Funny thing, the word Agape is the first greek work I learned, and the only one I can remember.  It was the one Greek word I could say to my Greek Father in New York, that we both appreciated.  Such a kind gentleman to a stranger, who felt so lost and alone...  I needed his smile, every day, to keep up with everything happening and survive it.  (Wait, I remember another one, too-- summa bonem-- greatest good.  Not that I can spell it.)

A little Agape goes a long way toward making us feel right with the world.  Kindness to others always makes US feel better, strangely enough, too.  

My grandparents were the epitome of kindness-- not just to their friends, but to strangers.  I was taught that it was polite to hold a door open for your fellow shoppers, to smile, to say thank you and please, and that kindness to animals was a way to worship God.  Grandpa mended the fox's foot, set the broken wing of a pigeon, saved a squirrel baby, and always showed nothing but kindness to animals.  They remained his friends for life.  I was the lucky recipient of that love, too.  He hired Jack, the poor mentally challenged guy to help him paint his house-- not realizing that he had to watch him like a hawk, because Jack painted over the windows, too.  It took Grandpa days to clean those windows off, but it was sure nice to see daylight again...  Hobos on the railroad came to Grandma for a sandwich.  Neither of them ever refused a kindness, that I know of.  If I can live my life like that, with a clear conscience, then that is truly something to strive for.

Thank you both for this wonderful article!

link 12/14/16 06:02:12PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Dowser: Thanks for sharing such wonderful vignettes of generations of family kindness.

In your case the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

You epitomize loving kindness in all you do.

I am most proud to call you friend, and family in Spirit.

The Talmud speaks of Tikun Olam.

The world is redeemd one good act at a time.

Sheruut la' Am, Service to the People is indeed the best way to serve the Almighty.

In whatever language, the semantics doesn't change the concept.

When people treat others the way they wish to be treated, everyone wins.

Shalom U'vrachem, veh Chagigim Tovim Beh Yo'ter.

Peace, Abundant Blessings, and the Happiest of Holidays to You and Yours.


link 12/14/16 06:13:49PM @dowser:

Thank you, dear Enoch-- I have such fine examples to live up to!  How I miss them, every day!  They cared for a small, weird little girl, who was struggling to survive an unhappy home...  Their generation was different from most, I think-- The WWI generation.  Plus, they were loving and accepting of so many things.  So many different people!

I forgot to add Opossy, the opossum that lived on the back porch-- he had an enclosure all to himself, and Grandpa and Grandma fed him and cared for him very carefully.  He would come out and let Grandpa pick him up, and curl up in his lap, as he sorted nails.  (You could get a huge coffee can of unsorted nail for $.05, and Grandpa spent many a happy hour sorting them...)  Grandma would pet and stroke him, and he was no trouble at all.  And Ricky and Roo, the cats.  And Chickie Red, the rooster that fell off a truck, but lived a happy life in the back yard.

Gosh, those were times of peace!

Much love to you and yours, this Holiday Season!

link 12/14/16 06:04:09PM @katpen:

Oh, my friend Dowser, I SO appreciate your input!   Your Grandparents lived exactly what Agape means.   What a blessing to be a recipient of that love!   And what an example for you to follow!  And, yes, you are showing love to God when you show love to His Children, your fellow men and women, no matter how small of a gesture you think it may be!  Opening a door for someone is such a wonderful example!   

It's amazing, isn't it, that when we do something for others, it is US who feels better!   

Thank you for adding your kind wisdom to this discussion!   Hugs!   

link 12/14/16 06:05:54PM @enoch:

Dear Friend and Co-Authoress Katpen: Great comment. 



link 12/14/16 06:06:19PM @katpen:

See?  I liked your comment so much that I had to thank you twice!   HAHA!  


I didn't see that it posted so I hit "reply" again!   Oops

link 12/14/16 06:18:54PM @dowser:

Worry not!  I can delete the duplicate, if you wish!

Dear friend, helping others in some small way makes us all better people, and makes us happy!  It is a universal feeling, I think.  Even the Dalai Lama said something about it:

"We are visitors on this planet.  We are here for ninety to one hundred years at the very most.  During that period, we must try to do something good, something useful with our lives.  If you contribute to other people's happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life."

This lives on my wall as a wonderful little banner, that I got from the local Buddhist monastery.  Needless to say, it makes us happy, too!

Much love to you, dear Katpen! 

link 12/14/16 06:52:57PM @katpen:

What a great quote from Dalai Lama!   ANd how true!  Thank you for sharing!  

link 12/14/16 06:02:22PM @katpen:

Oh, my friend Dowser, I SO appreciate your input!   Your Grandparents lived exactly what Agape means.   What a blessing to be a recipient of that love!   And what an example for you to follow!  And, yes, you are showing love to God when you show love to His Children, your fellow men and women, no matter how small of a gesture you think it may be!  Opening a door for someone is such a wonderful example!   

It's amazing, isn't it, that when we do something for others, it is US who feels better!   

Thank you for adding your kind wisdom to this discussion!   Hugs!   

link 12/14/16 06:46:54PM @kavika:

Kat, Niijii, this may give you a better idea of what I was discussing in my first comment.

We call it the ''The Seven Grandfathers Teachings'', principals for living.

1. Minawaadendamowin - Respect

2. Zaagidiwin - Love

3. Debwewin - Truth

4. Aakodewin - Bravery

5. Nibaakawin - Wisdom

6. Miigwe'aadizwin - Generosity

7. Dibaadendiziwin - Humility

What we call, minobimaadizi, or living well.

link 12/14/16 06:58:53PM @katpen:

Friend Krav Maga--    All seven of these teachings are ways we can hope to grow into practicing better, and more, as time passes and we age.  I hope these "Seven Grandfathers Teachings" are passed down from generation to generation as the elders teach by words, or stories, as well as by example.  Living well, indeed!   Thank you for teaching me!   

link 12/15/16 12:32:33AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Krav-maga: Excellent summary.

No surprise but Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides, the Rambam) said essentially the same thing in his "Ani Ma'ameem bah Emunah Schlemah" (I believe with a perfect faith). 

We are truly all related.

Your brother in spirit. 


link 12/15/16 01:50:33PM @dowser:

I need to write this down and paste it on my bedroom wall!

Great way of life, Kavika-- MUCH love to you!

link 12/15/16 03:11:38PM @katpen:

I kept it too, Dowser!   Excellent advice! 


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