A Healthy, Joyful New Year Wish to All on The NewsTalkers

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Back from my trip with my Grandkids; I took a lot of pictures … here are just a few.


Yup! Walt Disney World has a Boardwalk.

© A. Mac/A.G.

Best Look at this Link


© A. Mac/A.G.

Best Look at this Link


© A. Mac/A.G.

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© A. Mac/A.G.

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© A. Mac/A.G.

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A. Macarthur
link 12/31/16 05:00:30PM @a-macarthur:

Just a couple hundred more to come … if anyone is interested.

link 12/31/16 05:01:42PM @johnrussell:

Happy New Year Mac

A. Macarthur
link 12/31/16 05:04:05PM @a-macarthur:

And to you as well, John.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 12/31/16 05:04:33PM @perrie-halpern:

We are always interested Mac! 

Have a happy and healthy new year, too! Hope you are having fun!

A. Macarthur
link 12/31/16 05:07:37PM @a-macarthur:

We're back home from our trip, and we are still having fun … just tired fun is all.

Dean Moriarty
link 12/31/16 05:08:36PM @dean-moriarty:

Happy New Year to all of you. Great photos. 

A. Macarthur
link 12/31/16 05:12:40PM @a-macarthur:

Good to see each of you after time away.

link 12/31/16 05:24:17PM @kavika:

Great photos, looking forward to more of them.

A Happy New Year to you and yours Mac...Gracie included.

A. Macarthur
link 12/31/16 05:27:37PM @a-macarthur:

Same to you, Kavika … including your loved ones (2 and 4-legged varieties).

link 12/31/16 05:31:19PM @sixpick:

Happy New Year AMac and to everyone. Like a breath of fresh air. LOL

Looking forward to all the wonderful photos I know you have including these.

Nowhere Man
link 12/31/16 05:33:56PM @nowhere-man:

Hey Brother, Wishing you had a great time with the G' kids!

Time that is always a pleasure and never forgotten.

Will drop you a note later.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Years, and many more to come.

A. Macarthur
link 12/31/16 06:03:56PM @a-macarthur:

Worth repeating … it is good to see each one of you!

link 12/31/16 06:19:25PM @katpen:

Loved the photos and looking forward to seeing more.  

Happy New Year to you and your family.

link 12/31/16 06:25:19PM @enoch:

Dear Fellow News Talkers: All the best on this special day and night.


A. Macarthur
link 12/31/16 07:07:09PM @a-macarthur:

Two more … but still … many, many more to come.

link 12/31/16 07:17:28PM @pepe:

Happy New Year!

link 12/31/16 07:24:28PM @1ofmany:

Happy New Year Mac and to everyone else on NT. Thank you for the beauty you bring to the board.

link 12/31/16 08:44:44PM @cerenkov:

Happy new year!

A. Macarthur
link 12/31/16 08:50:53PM @a-macarthur:

A good prelude to a hopefully good New Year … the good wishes expressed by those who have posted in this thread.

link 12/31/16 09:31:38PM @cerenkov:

Most of our vitriol is probably overblown. I think we generally don't want bad things to happen to our political opponents. Internet conversation tends to over-emphasize differences and diminish empathy.

A. Macarthur
link 12/31/16 10:00:20PM @a-macarthur:

Good call, Cerenkov. Well-stated!

link 01/01/17 12:23:34AM @nona62:

Happy New Year!   Mac, you really outdid yourself with these pic's, thanks for always sharing your gift with us, looking forward to seeing more in the new year.

link 01/01/17 01:20:11AM @ttga:

Really beautiful Mac.  Have a great new year.

link 01/01/17 01:14:57PM @dowser:

May all who are here have a Happy New Year filled with many blessings!  May you have joy in your heart!




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