More Birds in the Snow

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"Nature is the Art of God" (Sir Thomas Browne)

© A. Mac/A.G.

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Blue Jay in Winter

© A. Mac/A.G.

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A. Macarthur
link 01/10/17 11:01:37AM @a-macarthur:

I am quite happy with the Cardinal image … more birds and snow to come.

link 01/10/17 11:07:28AM @spikegary:
Nice....I wish we had some snow, but it looks like some coming today, followed by freezing rain, followed by plain old rain....sigh.....
link 01/10/17 11:43:14AM @dowser:

What a darling little cardinal!  Wonderful picture, dear A. Mac!  Thank you for it!

link 01/10/17 11:45:20AM @katpen:

Love this one, too!  


A. Macarthur
link 01/10/17 11:50:53AM @a-macarthur:

It is my great pleasure to share my work with people I care about.

link 01/10/17 11:56:59AM @uptownchick:

Cardinals are one of my favorite birds.  Besides being beautiful they mate for life and that's pretty cool.  I always liked it when I would see the same "couple" come to visit the feeder.  The males can be quite gentlemanly! 

Great picture Mac!

link 01/10/17 12:19:38PM @nona62:

Great job on the Cardinal!!   I haven't seen very many so far......very unusual.....sigh

A. Macarthur
link 01/10/17 07:55:06PM @a-macarthur:

Just posted a Blue Jay in snow Digital Illustration. 

link 01/10/17 09:17:12PM @nona62:

MAC....What a beautiful shot!  I have only seen a few Blue Jays so far this Winter.   ( At least I've seen more Blue Jays than Cardinals).......sigh

link 01/10/17 08:29:37PM @sixpick:

Very nice.  I like what you have done with the photos.  So does Al.

Burrowing Owl animation

A. Macarthur
link 01/10/17 08:33:05PM @a-macarthur:

Who …

link 01/10/17 08:42:17PM @sixpick:

Scratch my head, please.

cute animals baby owl hoot

Very nicely done Mr. Mac.  Thanks for posting my cousins.  Do you ever see any of my brothers and sisters up there?

A. Macarthur
link 01/10/17 08:47:49PM @a-macarthur:

Do you ever see any of my brothers and sisters up there?

Owl let you know.

link 01/10/17 08:51:38PM @kavika:

Love the Cardinal. The Blue Jay looks pissed, didn't you feed him today Mac?

A. Macarthur
link 01/10/17 08:54:10PM @a-macarthur:

The Blue Jay looks pissed, didn't you feed him today Mac?

He's always blue.

link 01/10/17 08:56:05PM @kavika:

Well fancy that, will ya,


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