Poetry & Photography: Changes by Neetu

By:  @neetu2, 2 months ago
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link 01/23/17 12:37:15PM @neetu2:

I suppose it isn't done loading yet...

link 01/23/17 12:43:29PM @nona62:

Indescribably beautiful dear Neetu!!applause

link 01/23/17 12:45:13PM @neetu2:

Ah, now it is loaded! Thank you, dear Nona!

link 01/23/17 12:47:29PM @nona62:

You are welcome!!  ♥♥

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 01/23/17 02:09:33PM @perrie-halpern:


Truly lovely both words and presentation. 

link 01/23/17 04:02:07PM @neetu2:

Thanks, Perrie. I keep trying to get better. :)

A. Macarthur
link 01/23/17 03:07:31PM @a-macarthur:

Excellent concept, nicely integrated with the background music.

link 01/23/17 04:02:36PM @neetu2:

Glad you think so, Mac. Thank you. 

Buzz of the Orient
link 01/25/17 09:00:19PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

A beautiful creation, but unfortunatly for me I'm a slow methodical reader and the poems disappeared too quickly for me. However, there is even more enjoyment in watching it more than once.

link 01/25/17 11:10:45PM @neetu2:

Oh, I am sorry, Buzz! I am still working on my skills at this so I apologize the poems went too fast for you. I will try to make them slower next time. You can always pause the video at the poem, you know. 

Thank you for visiting!

Buzz of the Orient
link 01/26/17 01:20:25AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

That's what I did, pausing to read. The poems cannot be read piece-meal but must be read all at one time for them to have the effect they're meant to have.

Buzz of the Orient
link 01/26/17 01:20:36AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

That's what I did, pausing to read. The poems cannot be read piece-meal but must be read all at one time for them to have the effect they're meant to have.

link 01/26/17 11:09:50AM @neetu2:

I am glad you paused to read, Buzz. I am going to make the poem part slower next time. 

link 01/25/17 11:19:22PM @randy:

Beautiful! I have been recently been having a hard time grieving the first anniversary of my Mother's passing (New Years Eve) and this brought tears to my eyes and helped immensely. Thank you.

link 01/26/17 08:38:13AM @neetu2:

Randy, I am so sorry about your mother. You know, no matter how old we are, we never get over the loss of a mother. Grief must go through its phases if we are to reconcile. Thank you for reading my poems and finding comfort in them. 

link 01/26/17 12:54:45AM @katpen:

How wonderful!   Images and words compliment each other.  Great job, Neetu!   

link 01/26/17 08:38:47AM @neetu2:

Thank you, Kat. I appreciate your words.

link 01/26/17 09:04:12AM @uptownchick:

Bravo Neetu! Beautiful as always...so happy you share your gift with all of us. Big hugs

link 01/26/17 10:25:16AM @neetu2:

Uppy, thank you! I am always happy to share with friends, you know that. :)

link 01/26/17 09:13:59AM @sixpick:

Congratulations Neetu!!!  I see you put these up 3 days ago.  This is the first time I've seen them.  You know how fast cars pass you when you're standing beside the road.   I guess I wasn't standing there when passed by. LOL

Beautiful. Great Job!!!  I like "Solace" the most becoming more aware we are only here for a finite time, but most of us don't know what time it is.

You'll have this down to a "T" before long.

link 01/26/17 10:29:19AM @neetu2:

Oh yeah, Six, I do know the feeling of passing by or being passed by! Glad you managed to come by to see it. Thanks.

I will never get anything down to a "T", I assure you, but if I make improvements, that is what matters. Believe me, I can never be a "T" at anything! 

A. Macarthur
link 01/26/17 09:22:31AM @a-macarthur:

Neetu is a true talent and a great asset to NT!

link 01/26/17 09:28:53AM @uptownchick:

I concur!  Wish she could visit more often and stay longer when she does come by!

link 01/26/17 10:38:08AM @neetu2:

Lol, Uppy, I wish that too! Like in the old days. Where does time go? 

link 01/26/17 11:17:13AM @uptownchick:

LOL...if you find out Neetu please let me know!  We used to have a lot of fun in the old main chat room didn't we?  Fond memories! 

link 01/26/17 10:31:50AM @neetu2:

Thank you, Mac. This kind of talent ebbs and flows, pretty much like I do on NT. ;) You are very kind and gracious in your compliment. I know I have friends here and it is a good feeling. 

link 01/26/17 09:44:26AM @deepwaterdon:

Thank you, Neetu. Amazingly wonderful, as always.

link 01/26/17 10:37:00AM @neetu2:

You say awesome things, DD, thank you. Just glad you enjoy my work. Actually, no, it isn't work! Not to me. It is something I love to do so I can't call it work. ;) 

link 01/28/17 06:19:24PM @neetu2:


I tried to update the video by replacing the one that was there with a new version which pauses a bit longer on the poems, but it won't load and the old one has vanished!

link 01/28/17 06:21:57PM @neetu2:

Oh, looks like it is up. 

A. Macarthur
link 01/28/17 06:54:37PM @a-macarthur:

It's up!


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