Immigration Ban? If You're a Jew, You're Used to It

By:  @jonathan-p, 2 months ago
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The media is making much of Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban", which incidentally, is not a ban on Muslims, but a ban on citizens of a certain 7 countries. It is a temporary freeze, and it will be made permanent, when it redefines the steps needed that people who wish to come to America must take. Therefore, it is not an all-out ban, but a program designed to prevent harm to our citizenry.

Now that this is clear, let us discuss what an all-out ban looks like.

For SEVERAL DECADES, the following countries have PERMANENTLY banned JEWS from setting foot in their country. Note that the list includes the 7 countries that are on our TEMPORARY list.








Saudi Arabia









Here's a list of countries that won't allow you in if you have evidence of having traveled to Israel:





Saudi Arabia




In conclusion, please spare me your indignation at the plight of people that we would like to be more careful with before we let them enter the country.

You've got nothing.

Nothing but your faux indignation. 

Jonathan P
link 02/01/17 09:50:23AM @jonathan-p:

The ban is temporary.

Jew hatred is permanent.

link 02/01/17 10:04:52AM @cerenkov:

Excellent. It really highlights the faux outrage of the left.

link 02/01/17 10:19:41AM @pepe:

Can't wait to hear from our liberal blowhards about this.....(notice I used no caps in my statement).

Jonathan P
link 02/01/17 10:27:23AM @jonathan-p:

You won't be hearing from them. It's just another embarrassment that comes with being ignorant, and taking the word of the media as the gospel.

The truth is never convenient for liberal causes.

link 02/01/17 10:48:51AM @sixpick:

Think of all the tears Schumer must have shed over this over the years.

Jonathan P
link 02/01/17 12:55:23PM @jonathan-p:

They accused him of "dual citizenship" when he supported Israel.

Not so much for Jews.

'face palm'

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/01/17 10:45:52PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

The accusations some apply to American (or other country's) Jews is "Dual loyalty", or perhaps even loyalty primarily to Israel. This is not unknown as well among the NT membership, as you well know, Jonathan, and had to counter at least once that I recall.

link 02/02/17 05:45:22PM @screminmimi:

Muslims have loyalty to Islam. Nothing trumps (pardon the pun) Islam. Not their families, their own lives, and certainly not their adopted countries. 

link 02/02/17 05:46:24PM @johnrussell:

Mimi, do you feel betrayed by Trump today? 

link 02/02/17 06:14:34PM @screminmimi:

No. I felt betrayed when he ordered the resumption of the pipelines and have made my feelings of betrayal and my displeasure known frequently and on as many sites as possible, and will continue to do so. I have also posted as often as possible my solution to the predicament of the interpreters.... having Veterans or any military personnel who served with them personally vouch for them, serving as a sponsor and making their sponsorship highly public. Any politician who would question the word of a Veteran would be questioning that Veteran's loyalty and honor and would be losing the vote of the entire military block and throwing away his/her political career.

As to more heavy or mass immigration, I am totally against it.

This constant swarm of migrants has to stop. Balance has to be restored. Tyrants and despots have to be made to take care of their own and breeding like rabbits to overwhelm the capacity of a land's resources so the inhabitants can swarm like locusts to another host and decimate its population and resources has got to end. Natural resources are FINITE! This practice will result in global warfare. Citizens will turn on their governments if this persists, in order to survive and protect their children. The Western civilizations will fight to protect themselves; they are not like the subservient migrants swarming the other parts of the globe, and their Christian charity has been scorned out of them.

 Do you know how many billions of gallons of water it takes for one single person in their lifetime to flush a toilet? Just ONE person, in their lifetime? That is clean, drinkable water that fills your tank and bowl every time you flush. Water is our most precious natural resource and our supply of it is FINITE. People are NOT finite, and they NEVER STOP REPRODUCING. Stop thinking about immigration in terms of religion and countries and start thinking about natural resources. There isn't an immigrant in the world whose child is worth more than mine, or my children's children, or their children's children, or any American's children, and that is what we are facing with the consumption of our resources at the stage they are in now.

I read the article on Zuckerberg's comments about immigration and this is my response.....We do not need immigration on a mass scale and it is destroying our ecosystem, our quality of life, devouring our natural resources on an exponential scale at a rapid pace. One thing I know for sure... were Zuckerberg on a cruise and found himself in command of a lifeboat, rescuing  drowning passengers, he would not overload the lifeboat to the point everyone in the lifeboat and the boat itself, sank to the bottom of the sea. And that is what we are doing with massive immigration.

Hal A. Lujah
link 02/02/17 05:56:10PM @hal-a-lujah:

Mimi has probably never met a Muslim.  I've worked with plenty of them, as well as many ethnic people from all over the world.  Muslims in general do not differ from anyone else.  The closest I can think of was a guy I worked with about 15 years ago, who had a prayer rug and would pray at lunchtime.  Ooohhh - scary!

link 02/02/17 06:07:51PM @johnrussell:

Trump told Israel today to stop announcing new settlements. That will test his popularity with a few of his fans. Of course whether he means it or not is anybody's guess. 

Hal A. Lujah
link 02/02/17 06:17:10PM @hal-a-lujah:

Like when he told his violent supporters to "just stop it" after the election?  Such sincerity delivered into the camera ... mano a mano.  With his level of narcissism, he probably thinks it works.

link 02/02/17 06:35:52PM @screminmimi:

Mimi has met Muslims, Hal. 

Hal A. Lujah
link 02/02/17 07:01:44PM @hal-a-lujah:

And they told you right off the bat about how Islam dominates everything including their families, their lives, and their adopted countries.  Riiigghhht.  liar

link 02/02/17 05:54:39PM @screminmimi:

Yet there is little to no discussion about the dual loyalty of Muslims to the home country or the fact that Muslim Americans spend as much time in those countries as they do in America. 

Did you know:...... the US media and the Obama State Department kept saying that "only" two Americans had been killed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The truth is that many more than two have Americans have been killed but the Obama administration and the US media refused to acknowledge them as Americans because they held dual citizenship with Israel. They were born and raised here in the US; some were students studying in Israel, some were young men, but all were American citizens stripped of their right to be called Americans by the prejudice and bigotry of Barak Obama and the State Department and by extension, the US media.

Dean Moriarty
link 02/01/17 10:21:02AM @dean-moriarty:

It might not be a bad idea to adopt Monaco's immigration policy to keep the riff-raff out.

1) The applicant needs to open a bank account with a bank in Monaco. Depending on the bank they will ask for a minimum initial deposit of € 300,000 - € 1million. We can assist with the bank introductions. Once the Monaco bank account is open ( 7-10days) and funded, the bank will ,on request, issue the bank attestation ( letter) to the Surete Publique (Immigration) stating that the client has sufficient funds to support himself/herself in Monaco. If the applicant has a job offer in Monaco then a copy of the employment contract is required.

Jonathan P
link 02/01/17 10:48:08AM @jonathan-p:

Monaco's not what you call an "open society". However, I do wonder who does all the maid service there....

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/01/17 11:09:30PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Compare to China's policy as to immigration and citizenship. China does not grant citizenship to anyone other than those who are racially Chinese. Even what is comparable to "green cards" is temporary. If a person qualifies, they can obtain visas for specific purposes and limited time periods. My visa is for the purpose of visiting family who are Chinese citizens (in my case, my wife), is valid for 3 years but renewable, and is granted only if I can establish sufficient income and/or capital to cover living expenses.

Compare that to America's policies.

link 02/01/17 10:46:58AM @sixpick:

That's not very good is it Jonathan?

Some other people are getting the short end of the stick as well.

Jonathan P
link 02/01/17 12:56:33PM @jonathan-p:

Truth, 6.

The earth has been turned on its ear.

link 02/01/17 11:03:08AM @magnoliaave:

Jews have been discriminated against for as long as I can remember.  From housing, jobs, clubs to goes on and on. 

link 02/01/17 11:06:22AM @pj:

Are you American?  I'm curious because you seem to view everything from the lens of an Israeli.  This isn't just about Jews JP. You are highlighting ONE issue. This is about an American ideal.  You have completely missed the point and framed it in a little box and asked everyone to look but not open the box.  

link 02/01/17 11:09:28AM @pepe:

Is it possible for you to be on topic? The topic is Bans Muslim countries impose on Jews. Do you have an opinion on these bans?

link 02/01/17 11:12:58AM @pj:

First let me say....fuck off.  Not everything can be measured by what happens to Jews and frankly I'm tired of the whining.  

link 02/01/17 11:23:20AM @pepe:

It's a News topic and we discuss said topics on those seeds. If you don't like the topic or in your case a particular religious group you are free to comment elsewhere.

Whether or not you like Jewish perspectives is hardly the topic. The topic is bans Muslim countries Impose on Jews. Unlike Trump's temporary travel restriction the Muslims ban on Jews has to do with Religion

Can you comment on this topic or are you incapable?

As for your vial Insult, I hope your day gets better.

link 02/01/17 11:37:32AM @spikegary:

Zee Fraulein does not like people speaking of Jews in a favorable light.  I'm sure she'd be happy if we did away with Yom Ha-Shoah.  I'm sure that offends here too.

link 02/01/17 11:42:28AM @gunny:

She went to Israel recently and all I can say is that maybe one of them pissed her off.  Or she was attacked by a muslim disquised as a Jew.  Who knows. she has not said one way or another if she hates Jews or not.  But to decry this short term ban on all citizens of these countries is very unAmerican, as we are trying to protect our own at this time.  Or it could be that President Trump is following thru on his campaign promises, unlike our previous ass hole in charge.


link 02/01/17 11:49:03AM @pepe:

We have words for this:





  1. a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

    "don't let a few small-minded bigots destroy the good image of the city"

    synonyms: chauvinistpartisansectarianMore
link 02/01/17 12:49:28PM @gunny:

Who you calling a bigot??????????????????????

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/01/17 10:50:31PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Sure as hell I'm not going to get involved in this particular thread started by PJ, because if I do I'll be put on the fire as I usually am if I say how I feel about it.

Jonathan P
link 02/01/17 01:16:56PM @jonathan-p:

Are you American?  I'm curious because you seem to view everything from the lens of an Israeli.  

I am American. I was born and raised here, and am and have always been a full time resident. That said, I believe you fail to see the premise of this article.

This isn't just about Jews JP. You are highlighting ONE issue.

Yes, I am highlighting one issue. Many articles are highlights of one issue. This particular issue has to deal with the media labeled "Muslim Ban".

This is about an American ideal.

Really? Because if you ask me, it's about media manipulation, and faux indignation. Allow me to explain:

There is no BAN, unless you consider a 120 day suspension a BAN. It's a TEMPORARY suspension, until the government can figure out how best to handle immigration from these SEVEN countries that PRESIDENT OBAMA declared to be the most AT-RISK countries for immigration. The media has manipulated this issue into making everyone who opposes it to refer to it as a MUSLIM BAN. Are these 7 countries predominantly Muslim? Why, yes. Yes, they are. If you wish to refer to it as such, have at it.

The term brought to mind all of the countries that I cannot visit because I am a Jew. NOT an Israeli. A JEW. We're talking about RELIGION, not politics. MUSLIM BAN? Absolutely not. JEWISH BAN? You bet your sorry ass.

You have completely missed the point and framed it in a little box and asked everyone to look but not open the box.  

It's my article, and it was thought out prior to pushing the button. If you don't agree, state your case.

It's about religion. It's about the media talking about a faux Muslim ban, and it's about me pointing out a real Jewish ban.

Debate it, or deal with it, and move on.

link 02/01/17 04:32:41PM @pj:

okie dokie

link 02/01/17 11:19:33AM @gunny:

I can remember many years of anti Jew, rhetoric spewing from every one and every where. We were even called Japanese Jews to cover our Indian heritage.  Which was worse than being a Jew back in those days.  Now it is a no no to have anything to do with a Jew or their culture or their religion.  BUT, we are an open society, except to Jews.  Go figure.  But as I have said before this country is fickle in who they will allow in. But one thing has been on track since I can remember is that we let in our enemies more than our friends.

This plan of immigration is just to give them time to beef up the vetting process.  Take those extra steps to protect this country.  But alas the left does not want that.

link 02/01/17 12:46:58PM @pj: guys are nerds.  I have no problem with Jews and have a great respect for how they have persevered and how they rise to each challenge they continue to encounter but I hate Mr. Netanyahu.  This has nothing to do with how I feel about Jews and I'm tired of this narrative that anyone who dares say something outside the approved Jew talking points is accused of hating Jews.  


link 02/01/17 12:50:57PM @gunny:

Well now we know. thank you for clarifying this point.  It would of saved you a lot of anguish if you had said this in the beginning.



link 02/01/17 11:06:38PM @pepe:

approved Jew talking points

Wow PJ what is an approved Jew talking point? I know conservative Jewish people, Liberal Jewish people etc.... They are people who share religion in common. What exactly are you trying to say?

link 02/01/17 11:32:26PM @big-brother:

Something that the left would skewer in a heartbeat if was said by the opposition.

link 02/01/17 11:44:04PM @pepe:

Of course, we know what they would call it. Either way PJ needs to explain it.

link 02/02/17 07:28:27AM @pj:

Did I stutter?  Do you need to get your eyes checked or are you simply unable to comprehend sentences?   If this country is so fucking horrible then leave.  That goes for anyone, Jews, blacks, whites, religious freaks, green alt right frogs.  I'm tired of hearing how one group is far more oppressed than another.  Women may be allowed in those countries but they are treated far worse then animals.  They are beaten, raped, mutilated, treated like slaves, prevented from getting educations.  Grow the fuck up you fucking cry babies.  Now you have your great white hope in office.  He'll kiss bibi's ass and start a war with Iran so the Jews on this site should be happy.  He'll take women's rights away and he'll turn this country's citizens even more against each other.   Sounds like Shangri la to some on this site I'm sure.  

Nowhere Man
link 02/02/17 05:58:02PM @nowhere-man:

So, in response to your fears that Trump, in your opinion, will establish such policies in this nation, you actively support a political party that DOES support people that actively profess that women should be

 "...beaten, raped, mutilated, treated like slaves, prevented from getting educations."

And we are the people that need to grow up....

link 02/02/17 05:38:31PM @screminmimi:

When you say you are "tired of the whining" that explanation about only disliking PM Netanyahu doesn't fly.

link 02/02/17 07:32:42PM @pj:

Doesn't fly for who, you?  If my explanation doesn't work for you that's okay.  I don't think my opinions should work for everyone but it does work for me.  

link 02/02/17 07:56:30PM @pepe:

Most of us aren't Nazi's so we can't relate......

Nowhere Man
link 02/01/17 10:02:04PM @nowhere-man:

If we are going to talk about bans on Jewish people, what about the American ban on Jewish people in the mid 30's?

You know the one that would not allow German Jews to escape the Nazi's?

(except for the real wealthy, the smartest scientists, the greatest composers, the wide range of Jewish culture and knowledge was not only allowed in but specifically invited. And fuck the common Jewish citizen, they were not only banned by presidential order, they were specifically rejected by law)

Trump has done nothing like the policy of the US government towards the European Jews during the Roosevelt administration.

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/01/17 11:01:04PM @buzz-of-the-orient:


And if you are NOT aware of what NWM is speaking about, watch a couple of classic films: Voyage of the Damned (about the plight of the ship MS St. Louis) and Varian's War (about the efforts of Varian Fry to sneak the Jews out from Europe during WWII). They are not entirely historically accurate, but they do educate somewhat.

link 02/02/17 06:46:42PM @96ws6:

He is keeping his promise and putting it on pause, 120 days to be exact.     Did the liberals miss this?


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