A George Soros-Led Mutiny

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The Oxford Dictionary defines mutiny as "an open rebellion against the proper authorities." It is synonymous with "revolt and riot." For the last few decades George Soros and his Open Society Institute have organized and financed a seditious movement to destroy our Constitutional Republic and monetary system. Their mission appears to be to replace it with a One World borderless government under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

Soros, a native of Hungary, made his multibillion-dollar fortune by manipulating currencies. Devoid of a moral conscience, he dumped 10 billion sterling, which broke the Bank of England and led to a British financial crisis. It forced the devaluation of their currency while gaining for himself a billion dollar profit. Through his trading activities in Malaysia, he brought down that nation's currency and in Thailand he is viewed as an "economic war criminal." He has openly stated that he sees himself as a messianic figure that fancies himself as some kind of god while making his fortune betting on the collapse of national economies and currencies.

Employing the Cloward-Piven Strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis, Soros seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands and grievances; thus, pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven were two radical socialist Columbia University professors inspired by Saul Alinsky's revolutionary blended concepts of bringing down a U.S. government.

Similar to Alinsky, Cloward and Piven encouraged demonstrations, protests, and riots as a means to generate public attention and wreck institutional havoc. Their goal was to force the collapse of their target.

Likewise, Soros appears to be using their concepts by employing the following steps to achieve his goal.

Step One: Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover.

Step Two: Control the airwaves. Feed propaganda into existing radio and TV outlets and move public opinion.

Step Three: Destabilize the state, weaken the government and build anti-government hostility in the country. Exploit an economic crisis or take advantage of an existing crisis -- pressure from the top and the bottom. This will allow you to weaken the government and build anti-government public sentiment.

Step Four: Sow unrest. Protests. Violence. Hate.

Step Five: Provoke an election crisis. You wait for an election and during the election, you cry voter fraud.

Step Six: Take power. You stage massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, sit-ins, general strikes, and you encourage activism. You promote voter fraud and tell followers what to do through your radio and television stations. Incitement and violence are conducted at this stage.

Step Seven: Outlast your opponent.

Currently Soros is actively working behind the scenes to collapse the United States and all seven steps are now in play. His hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, is betting on the collapse of Capitalism. They are moving their assets to gold and to the emerging economies. While openly professing that he favors an "orderly decline of the dollar" he has given away billions to 187 organizations dedicated to destroying the United States from within. These organizations favor open borders, amnesty, Muslim immigration, Marxism and Socialism. The ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters, and La Raza are just a few of the organizations he employs in his war effort.

Soros gave millions to the organizers of the Women's March against President Trump and he is behind the lawfare currently used against President Trump's Executive Order for a temporary ban on immigration from seven countries known to be hotbeds of terrorism. Instead of focusing his efforts on securing American lives, Soros is the financier of what the Left have dubbed as a "resistance movement." Resistance movements are common in Third World tyrannical regimes but are unheard of in a democratic Constitutional Republic. In effect, they are resisting the will of the people who democratically elected President Trump. They are forming their own shadow government with the financial backing of George Soros and the leadership of Obama (who took the unusual step of staying in D.C. and has his own mass organization, OFA, Organizing for Action) and Hillary Clinton. Tim Kaine, a step away from becoming our Vice President, brazenly encouraged lawlessness when he publicly called for violence against President Trump supporters.

Thus, at the beginning of the 21st century we find ourselves on the brink of a violent second civil war where universities are no longer bastions of free speech, Trump supporters are routinely accosted, lawfare is now a weapon used against President Trump's policies, and economic boycotts against the Trump brand are now promoted. Although President Trump won the electoral college, our normal historical transition of power continues to be denied to him by a George Soros-led mutiny of obstruction and destruction.

Many Americans are fed up and are asking why the Seditious Conspiracy law, which was first enacted during the Civil War, is no longer applied. It was first used by our federal government to criminalize plots to levy war against the United States by Confederate sympathizers, and it successfully ended their acts of aggression and riots. Though this law is still in existence it is rarely used, but as the threat to our democracy increases from a lawless segment of our population and from an organized seditious plot to overthrow our form of government, many are seeking its application.

Andrew McCarthy in a recent National Review column suggested the notion of invoking the Seditious Conspiracy law for the rioters in Berkeley; however, I would go one step further. Hiding behind each rioter is the face of George Soros, the man whose billions have aided and abetted the overthrow of the United States as we know it. Justice demands a federal investigation and the welfare of our Republic depends on it.

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link 02/16/17 06:25:13PM @xxjefferson51:

George Soros is the man and money provider for all disruptive activities on the left. He's targeting freedom and capitalism.  

link 02/17/17 12:23:24AM @cerenkov:

Big money is not offensive to the left as long as it supports their failed ideology. 

link 02/17/17 10:12:24AM @xxjefferson51:

True enough.  They have their pet billionaires who do their bidding.  

link 02/16/17 07:35:20PM @ttga:

A problem, but not insurmountable.  In any form of one man revolt, and this is such at the top level, Step 7 is quite easy to disrupt.

link 02/17/17 12:04:22AM @xxjefferson51:

We just need to resist his initiatives a bit longer before nature takes its course.  We can outlast him and he has no obvious successor to manage his "legacy".

link 02/17/17 01:06:32PM @ttga:

Same thought had occurred to me Jeff.  At 86, with five children, he's unlikely to see another election.  His kids will dissipate his fortune, much like the children of Sam Walton did.

link 02/18/17 12:31:10AM @sixpick:

We just need to resist his initiatives a bit longer before nature takes its course.  We can outlast him and he has no obvious successor to manage his "legacy".


Don't count on it....  Not surprising who you see him with in these photos.  Alex Soros is already taking up George Soros slack as George gets older to carry on the family tradition.


And he is already busy....

George and his son Alex are domestic terrorists.

link 02/18/17 01:40:37AM @sixpick:


Buzz of the Orient
link 02/18/17 04:22:15AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Of course.

The only thing is, though, that if there wasn't a UC Berkely, there wouldn't be a Field of Dreams.

link 02/18/17 04:42:49AM @randy:

The above story the XX presents is like most present about Soros. It's interesting reading, but it's a wild conspiracy theory that is as laughable as Boris and Natasha in the old Bullwinkle and Rocky the Flying Squirrel cartoons. I read them and like a lot of things that come from sources (not saying that where this comes from) sites like Alex Jones and infowars it's gives one a good chuckle, right up until the time one realizes that there are people who I would normally call stupid, but prefer to call terribly misguided or weak-minded, who believe this sort of garbage. It makes me sad for them and it makes me sad that they try to influence the political direction of this country, because the dirction to they would be directing it in would eventually lead to it's downfall. I wish they would truly open their eyes and see both the folly and the danger of destroying what they proclaim to love. Shame on them for not making a greater effort to understand their own nation and the freedoms it grants and the responsibilities that comes with those freedoms and not to be able to see the hucksters, con-men and those more intent on radio or TV ratings or selling a book then what is good for the United States.

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/18/17 05:04:04AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

I think Soros is dangerous. He wants to totally change the world, and he is rich enough to make inroads.


link 02/18/17 05:49:27AM @randy:

So does Putin and he is no different. He is extremely rich (far and away the richness man who has every lived) and is in fact more dangerous because he controls the resources of two entries nations, Russia and the Head of the United States of America.

link 02/18/17 11:29:55AM @xxjefferson51:

vomitthumbs down

link 02/18/17 11:27:33AM @xxjefferson51:

Yes they are!  thumbs up

pat wilson
link 02/17/17 01:39:28PM @pat-wilson:

It sounds exactly like what Trump did and is doing, almost to a "T".

link 02/17/17 01:48:15PM @jwc2blue:

Except his kids are going to be awfully disappointed to see how little it actually is. laughing dude

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/17/17 09:48:34PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

"He has openly stated that he sees himself as a messianic figure that fancies himself as some kind of god while making his fortune betting on the collapse of national economies and currencies."

He is a Nazi-collaborating piece of shit who should find himself alone in a Paris no-go zone wearing a kippah glued to his scalp.

link 02/17/17 11:24:15PM @xxjefferson51:

He is a human symbol of evil.  He probably sold his soul to the devil for earthly success and power. 

Hal A. Lujah
link 02/18/17 07:17:53AM @hal-a-lujah:


link 02/18/17 01:11:19AM @randy:

Now you're referring to Steven Miller...right?

link 02/18/17 01:25:11AM @ttga:

Not even close Randy.  Miller just looks and talks like a ventriloquist's dummy.  Soros is pure evil.  Read whatever you can find about him and you'll learn some things.  I would suggest, however, that you don't read it with a full stomach.

link 02/18/17 01:42:32AM @randy:

I have read about him, but find that the right side opinions and descriptions of him are highly biased. I also disagree a tiny bit about your opinion of Steve Miller. He is pure Nazi. "The President's word is absolute and will NOT be questioned!" He stops barely short of referring to Trump as Der Furer.

pat wilson
link 02/18/17 01:25:32AM @pat-wilson:

No Steve Bannon, get your Steve's straight ! good one

link 02/18/17 01:37:13AM @randy:

Opps...sorry Pat..... :-)



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