What was the worst thing you did when you were a little kid?

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What was the worst thing you did when you were a little kid?

There are actually two really bad things that I remember doing when I was a little kid, and I can't decide which was the worst.  I recall that a playmate and I got hold of a box of matches, and what kids aren't fascinated by striking a match on the rough side of the box and seeing it flare up? Well, my friend and I went into a big field that was surrounded by the road on one side and the other three sides were lined by the backs of garages that were behind houses on the surrounding streets. The field was wild, and the grass was high and very dry. Accidently we lit fire to the grass, and the flames started to spread. No matter how hard we tried stamping the flames out with our feet, it got worse and we ran like hell.  Then when we were far enough away we heard the fire trucks come blaring their sirens. We never got caught for doing that, but I DID get caught for this next experience when I was even younger.

My mother took me to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I was fascinated by the dwarfs working in their mine, digging the sparkling jewels out of the walls with their picks.


Our next door neighbour's house, the one adjacent to our driveway, was finished with stucco, with little pieces of coloured glass in it.  It looked like this:


Now, I'll bet you know what I did when I saw that. I went into the house, got a hammer, and banged away at the neighbour's wall to pick out the "jewels".  You have no idea what the wall looked like when I was finished - a bare brown wood streak right about the height of my chest ran all along the wall, shorn of its stucco, and on the ground a lot of stones and chunks of cement.  It was kind of hard to deny that I had done it when my parents saw the bag of "jewels" that I had liberated from the stucco wall.

Now, what really bad thing did you do when you were a little kid, less than 10 years of age?

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/20/17 10:37:50PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

I know I've posted a similar article before, because I remember Kavika telling about how he "liberated" a truck into a tree, but I would really like to see what a lot of you consider the worst thing you ever did before you reached the age of 10.

link 02/21/17 12:42:00AM @kavika:

Buzz the opal miner.

link 02/20/17 10:56:52PM @kavika:

Grand theft auto at the age of 10....The damage to the hood was immense. Served time for that one and it was my first felony.

I also liberated a truck into a tree but wasn't charged with a felony. I think that I was 8 or 9 at the time.

10 was a hell of a year. Lite the school on fire but that was an error. My aim with a match shooter was off that day.

Than there was that episode with the rock...A bit of a scrimmage took place between the Kavika brothers and the local trouble makers. A well placed rock (I was an excellent rock thrower) hit the Chief of Police kid smack in the mouth. It was a beauty. Took out his two front teeth and split his lip which required stiches. Age around 7 or 8. 

Also one cold winter evening we flooded the street with water, of course if froze in a matter of seconds. Watching the cars hit that ice was a hoot. No one hurt but a number of cars had to be towed out of snow banks.

Some of the kids in the hood were real trouble makers. The Kavika bros only acted in self defense.





Buzz of the Orient
link 02/20/17 11:07:03PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

LOL. Sounds like the start of a career.

link 02/21/17 12:14:32AM @kavika:

And a mighty fine career it's been, Buzz.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 02/21/17 12:10:24AM @perrie-halpern:

I had a choice of two stories... I picking the less gross one. 

Back in the days when it was OK to be a latchkey kid, one fine day, I lost my key. My mom had a shop in town, and most kids would have called to get let in, but I had lost about 5 keys that month, soooo.. let's just say I knew another route to avoid getting in trouble.

Now at the time I was about 12 years old, 5'7" and all of 110lbs. Needless to say, I was hard to see sideways. This is relevant to the story....

At the time, we lived in a ranch house and I knew another another way into my house. It was through the garage, where you could access the attic, and go through the trapdoor into my bedroom closet. There was a thin walkway in the attic to the closet and I had done this trick many times before, since losing house keys had become a something of a hobby for me. Now, maybe it was because I was such an expert at losing keys that I was just a tad careless this time, since I fell off the walkway and through the beams and into the livingroom *BAM* right on my butt. After the pain and shock wore off, I looked up and saw the hole in the ceiling where I just came through.

Image result for bad spackle job on ceiling








Now I knew I was dead meat (along with being allowed to be a latchkey kid, I was also regularly spanked for stunts like this). I had to fix this fast, and with only 3 hours till mom got home, I got to work quickly. 

The sheetrock was still hanging on the ceiling and I had some skills from working with dad, in spackling, so I went back into the garage and got, a ladder, spackle, duct tape (dad was out of spackling tape and duct was faster) and ceiling white paint. I quickly duct tape the damaged sheetrock and spackle over it. Noticing that the spackle didn't want to take to the back of the tape, I used a very thick coat and used my hairdryer to move things along. When I thought it was good enough, I gave it a quick coat of paint and looked up. It was a tad lumpy, but I figured no one would notice

Image result for bad spackle job on ceiling

Mom came home and went right into the kitchen and started to make dinner... but she did make an inquiry what smelled like paint, which I just pretended not to hear. She never even went into the living room that night, and we all went to bed.

The next morning I was awoke by my dad bellowing in his baritone voice.... PERRRRRRIEEEEE LOUISE!!!  

I knew the jig was up. 

I spent a large hunk of my weekend helping dad fix the ceiling properly. And from that day on, I became known as 

"Ceiling Perrie"

Whenever I pulled one of these. 

link 02/21/17 12:13:53AM @kavika:

LMAO, I like that part of you landing on your ass...

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/21/17 01:22:05AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

I thought latchkey kids kept a key on a string and wore it like a necklace. When I was that age we never locked the back door anyway.

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/21/17 01:43:56AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

How did you have the presence of mind at that time to take that photo of the hole?

Nowhere Man
link 02/21/17 10:52:26AM @nowhere-man:

Yeah, and the temporary repair included vaulting the ceiling?

That was one heck of a quickie...... repair.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 02/21/17 12:34:05AM @perrie-halpern:

I figured you'd get a bang out of that... James Dean. 

link 02/21/17 12:37:55AM @kavika:


link 02/21/17 12:52:22AM @deepwaterdon:

1)Set the garage on fire. Playing with matches and left a candle burning. needless to say the 2 weeks grounded in the yard was nearly a life sentence. 2) Stuck a knife into the top of my foot, playing mumbly peg. My buddy down the alley was grounded too, that time. 3) Kept the quarter I was supposed to put in the church collection plate. Just wasn't lucky and got caught nearly every time I misbehaved. We won't discuss here though, the things I DID get away with as a teenager. The statute of limitations may not have expired. who me?

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/21/17 01:17:40AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

We have setting fires in common then.

link 02/21/17 01:03:15AM @johnrussell:

I don't remember doing anything bad when I was a young kid.  There was a lumber yard across the street from where we lived and me and my brothers and our friends used to hop their fence after they closed for the day and mess around in there at night sometimes. I was probably 9 or 10 at the time.  I snuck some wine at a family party when I was about 11 or 12 and got drunk I guess. Gut whupped for that one with old man's belt. 

The one thing I have always felt bad about came when I was 13 and a freshman in high school. I worked in the cafeteria to get money knocked off the tuition. One day after classes me and this other kid were cleaning up the trays that had the days food in it. This other kid took a hot dog and rolled in around on the dirty floor , then put it in a bun with some ketchup and gave it to one of the janitors. The poor guy ate it right then and there in front of us. After he left we were laughing hysterical. I have always afterwards wished I would have told the other kid not to do it or said something, but I didnt. Oh he also pissed into an empty coke bottle part way and then filled the rest of the bottle up with real coke and gave it to the guy. The poor janitor was so happy someone had given him something for free. 

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/21/17 01:26:50AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Hopefully the Janitor survived. Maybe you weren't the perpetrator, but you can't deny you were a willing accomplice.  Lately I've been reading stories about fast food restaurant workers putting nasty things in hamburgers - I wonder if the other kid grew up to do those dirty tricks.

link 02/21/17 01:32:31AM @johnrussell:

I just looked him up on Facebook

Former Vice President at Christian Brothers University


Buzz of the Orient
link 02/21/17 01:42:06AM @buzz-of-the-orient:


link 02/21/17 10:25:55AM @ambivalent:

Hard to remember, but my parents called me Gypsy Rose Lee because they claim I kept taking my clothes off while I walked around the neighborhood. I never really believed them until college at a townie bar and too much beer. It happened again, but at least there was a table and dancing to the juke box. I'm a really good dancer. Apparently.

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/21/17 09:13:57PM @buzz-of-the-orient:
Damn! I must have missed that! LOL
Hal A. Lujah
link 02/21/17 11:26:10AM @hal-a-lujah:

When I was 7, I snuck up to the roof as Santa was eating the cookies that I laid out as a distraction, and fed spicy curry to his reindeer.  I bet he was in the market for a rear wheel drive after that.

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/21/17 09:15:58PM @buzz-of-the-orient:
I love curry, in fact I love most Indian food (which is unfortunately very rarely availabe here - although curry is). I never knew it had that kind of effect.
link 02/21/17 11:29:45PM @randy:

I don't remember doing much bad when I as a kid. My sisters and I moved from one part of the family to another so often hat we didn't have much time to get into trouble. I guess the worst was when I lived in Hopkins and as about 13 years old and Billy Ditmar and I spent a summer afternoon hiding in a cornfield and shooting out the windows in the stock auction barn with BB guns. There wasn't an auction that day, but we must have taken out a good 15 or 20 windows. Never got caught

link 02/23/17 10:50:41PM @big-brother:

I did the same thing.  Got caught though.  Fortunately nothing got hurt but dry overgrown grass.


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