The Little Dictator Next Door

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Since he started his run for President Donald Trump has raged and or insulted just about every other group or nation in the world that are our friends, both inside and outside of America. He has taken on and insulted the British, the Germans, the Australians, the Europeans as a group, NATO and now even the Swedes. If they are a close ally of ours, it seems that in one way or another he is determined to bully them somehow with bragging, being rude and just plain being an asshole. With everyone except Russia and this has made not just people in the United States wonder, but also around the world.


He has made comments such as he thinks that NATO is outdated (an organization that has mostly kept peace and stability throughout all of Europe, especially since the fall of the old Soviet system and is still vitally important to our own national security)and the it would not bother him one bit if the EU disbanded, a Union America has been working toward since the 1950's to bring Europe together and foster peace by making them trading partners, rather then the competitors that helped lead to two World Wars. In the last century.


The question is why? Why does he have this bro-mance with Putin? There are a couple of answers and neither of them are very good for our country. To be blunt it could be because he wants to rule America in the same dictatorial/Authoritarian way that Putin rules Russia (and he certainly seems to be making the opening moves toward such by trying to suppress a free press and an independent judiciary, blatantly lying propaganda, etc.). He is jealous of the power that Putin wields in Russia and wants to wield the same sort of unquestioned and unquestionable power here in America. Just ask Steve Miller. He thinks that being a President (legitimate or not) means being and UN-challengeable King. A Monarch. King Donald the First! He loves watching the other little boy (Putin) in the next sandbox (Trump has the mind of a young child) and he wants to be able to play with the same toys he gets to play with.


The other reason is much more dark (if that is possible). The other reason is that he is a puppet of Putin's. That his worldwide business dealings are so intertwined with Russia or Russian influenced/controlled nations that they can destroy or damage him financially significantly if he does not cooperate with what Putin wants him to do. This is the more likely scenario. This one also involves blackmail since he declared his intention to run for President and a coordinated effort with Russian Intelligence to make it happen. The Trump business, though not nearly as big as he brags is spread out around the world. In fact the truth that he is not worth nearly as much as he clams he is worth (according to several sources such as World News and Business Report, Money Inc, Fortune Magazine, etc.) makes him even more vulnerable to this type of blackmail. He has much less to lose, so conversely he has very, very much more to lose and is much more malleable because of it. Most of his supposed money is tied up in his name and the value of his name is dropping like a rock. He is already the lowest rated President (though not mine) at the beginning of his administration then any other in modern history and this is usually the high point in a Presidency's popularity. Many of the properties bearing his name have sued and/or voted (in the case of condos) have asked to have the giant “T” taken off from their building in embarrassment.


Then again maybe the Ex-MI6 Agent is right and the Russians have videos of him with Russian high price call girls getting pissed on or pissing on them. I wouldn't be a bit surprised and that agent is in hiding. My bet? MI6 or the CIA has him and he is talking.

link 02/22/17 05:38:59AM @randy:

As more and more evidence comes out about connections between Russians and Americans in the oil and gas businesses and the backroom deals to lift sanctions on Russia so many people can make hundreds of billions of dollars on the currently unavailable (due to sanctions) oil and gas fields, it becomes more and more obvious that Trump, Tillerson and Putin are all in the same bed to make money off from this deal and it will lead to the suffering of the people of Ukraine and then allow Russia to invade the Baltic states and even Poland with no objections from America's first Russian President, Donald Trump. as Putin sets about rebuilding the old Soviet Union. They don't just own him, he is a more then happy willing partner in the organized crimes that are coming. Trump, Tillerson and Putin are no better then a slightly more powerful Mafia crime family. This is why they made Trump President. Welcome to the United Soviet States of America.

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/22/17 07:17:13AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

"...and now even the Swedes."

With allies like the Swedes, who needs enemies?

link 02/22/17 08:12:05PM @randy:

Trump was speaking of a terrorist attack that never took place...

Plus I have serous credibility problems with an organization headed by John Bolton...

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/22/17 08:45:03PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Opinions may differ but you cannot deny that facts are facts whether they are published by The New York Times or Mad Magazine. I put credence to negative articles about Muslims that are written by Muslims, and I have the utmost respect for any article written by Alan M. Dershowitz no matter where it is published, even by the Gatestone Institute. 

link 02/22/17 09:13:36PM @randy:

I am afraid we are going to have to agree to disagree on this point. Also, as the author, I believe it is off topic to the opinion piece that I wrote. IMHO.

Buzz of the Orient
link 02/22/17 09:49:26PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Okiay, I'll stand down, sir. (but that doesn't mean I agree with you - LOL)

link 02/22/17 09:54:37PM @randy:

LOL! I didn't expect you to. ;-)


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