A Visitor to "Newest Discussions" ... ... by Bob Nelson

By:  @bob-nelson, 2 weeks ago
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Let's pretend we aren't veterals of NT's eternal flamewar. We're a random visitor... Hmmm... "NewsTalkers"... yeah, that capital "T" in the middle is useful!     There's some stuff on the Front Page, but no indication of how it's selected. Let's dig a little deeper... Eureka! There's something called "Newest Discussions". This must be a representative sample of what I'd find if I became a regular visitor. Let's see what we've got: Uh-oh... It starts off with a wacko... 

Reminder Of The Rules

By:  @community, 2 months ago
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In the last few weeks there have been a couple of issues that need to be addressed.  First item, taking care of your seeds and articles. I know you all have lives, and I don't expect anyone to be on their seeds articles 24/7, but I do expect them to check in on them during the course of a day, and correct bad behavior, or off topic comments, and if need be flag them so that I can deal with them. Any article left alone, without proper care will be closed. If an author can't attend to an... 

New Flagging Function

By:  @community, 3 months ago
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I would like to tell you about our new flagging function here on NT. It should make reporting a violation easier. If you see an article or comment that you think is a CoC violation, you just click on the icon and the full comment and link will be sent to all the mods. Please keep a couple of things in mind when reporting: CoC violations are attacks on members and other violations spelled out in the CoC and NOT comments that you don't like. Reporting comments that are not violations,... 

On the utility of Red Rules ... ... by Bob Nelson

By:  @bob-nelson, 3 months ago
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Since returning from vacation, I've posted a dozen or so seeds and articles, some with Red Rules, some without. Only two have drawn much reaction. (That's OK. I post what I find interesting. Others may disagree...) One of the two that got reaction was under Red Rules; the other was not: Hey, Conservatives... You WON! (no RR) started out well, but gradually degraded Meals On Wheels  (with RR) got twice as much reaction, and remained of pretty high quality right to... 

Policy Change Regarding Off Topic Comments

By:  @community, 4 months ago
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Please be advised: This is notification of a change in policy about "Off Topic" comments. If an author feels that a comment is off topic they may get a mod to evaluate it. If it is a post is clearly off topic or a  continuous exchange of posts between two or more members, which goes off topic and/or are personal attacks resulting in the disruption of the article, the comment will be removed. As of late, too many of our article's discussions are being derail, and this quick response is... 

About the Trump Twitter Feed

By:  @community, 5 months ago
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I posted the the Trump feed because I felt is was relevant news. This is the first president to be, that has decided to communicate with the citizens of this country through twitter. I know that this is not the traditional way to communicate, but it is the modern way. He is obviously doing two things; by passing the media and reaching out to a younger demographics.  But since I have posted it, I have had some objections.  I am not going to put words into anyone's mouth, but I would... 

Moderate and balanced: open or not?

By:  @xxjefferson51, 5 months ago
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That's the question. I joined it and read some of the topics and comments from a number of liberal and conservative members. I seeded a 2 part article I found on Real Clear Politics from the center left German publication Der Speigel. It was a very reasonable article. This evening I returned found the group size reduced by one, my articles gone and membership stripped away. It now as an "open" group says membership pending. What happened? How can a group be open if it isn't joinable by... 

META : Front Page Paralysis

By:  @johnrussell, 5 months ago
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Latest By:  @gunny, 5 months ago

Note :  I will close this article for comments at an undetermined hour, most likely soon or relatively soon.    A "meta" article disputing group 'fairness' has 70 comments this morning.  Meanwhile 5 articles have been seeded to the main forum today  (besides the meta). Those five articles have a grand total of 6 comments between them.  How The Democrats’ Coddling Of SJWs And Political Correctness LOST Them The Election Category:   News & Politics... 

Why have Forum Categories?

By:  @pj, 5 months ago
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Shortly after joining NT I seeded an article in the wrong forum category by mistake and a member let me know.  To be honest I wasn't very familiar with the forum categories or the correct process for seeding articles so it was a learning experience for me.  The member explained that they were expecting a different type of article because of the category I seeded it in.  That made complete sense to me.  The category sets the tone.  It gives the reader and participant some context.... 

A New Use For NT's Groups

By:  @community, 5 months ago
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Good Day Everyone!   It is with great excitement that I tell you about some really nice changes here on NT. Our groups will have new and exciting functionality that I hope will increase your personal enjoyment of NT.    You are all invited in getting involved in either the creation or participation of new groups. These new groups, (along with some older reconfigured groups) will not only put the groups front and center, but will also allow more control over your experience... 

The Moderate and Balance Group is now an open group!

By:  @community, 5 months ago
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Latest By:  @walleye-cronkite, 5 months ago

The Moderate and Balanced Group is now open to membership from the general membership!  Please join me in a group that depends on Civil Discussion of issues and interesting news! Prior to your application, please review the group's rules-- The Moderates and Balanced Group is a place where we can discuss issues without insulting each other.  If you can’t do that, do not join the group!  A brief rundown of the rules:      As a member of this group you are expected to discuss the... 

Who is responsible when an article gets misread?

By:  @bob-nelson, 6 months ago
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How much of the responsibility for understanding lies with the writer of an article, and how much with the reader? This is not an easy question to answer. Obviously both sides bear some responsibility. There are articles so baroque and circuitous that to get the point would require an unreasonable amount of time and effort to parse, even for the smartest reader. And there are readers who skim articles so lazily that even the simplest and most clearly written points are lost. Most... 

To answer Perrie's question -

By:  @1stwarrior, 6 months ago
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Perrie's comment -  This is not what Perrie envisioned when she started NT but, surprisingly, she won't stop them - not because of the shit they constantly throw,  but because . . . . . . . . . . I want NT back to what it was intended for. But because what? Do you even know why I started NT?  Please enlighten me.  My response - OK, very easy to do - when NT started, I was asked by a number of people to come over from NV and be a "Moderator" to help this growing blog... 

Sitting Too Much May Make You Less Sharp, And Physically Less Healthy

By:  @krishna, 7 months ago
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"It's not that the brain is a hard-wired computer circuit board. It's fluid and constantly changing," the endocrinologist says. And environmental factors have been proven time and again to change the structure of our brains. All that sitting we do — at work, while  watching TV , in our cars — is rewiring the circuitry in our brains to our detriment. The more we sit, the more our brains and bodies want to sit. In addition to aiding and abetting the obesity and diabetes epidemics,... 
                        Today is going to be different, everyone is going to applaud your communication skills and adopt your point of view. You log on and check the front page. A few discussions are bouncing around and you finally find the one that interests you. After googling a few related Items you hit the submit button with your well thought out response and then the disappointment begins. Damn them! The animals on the forum aren't behaving the... 

Donald and Hobbes, or how the Pres. elect compares to a six year old

By:  @jwc2blue, 7 months ago
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Thumbs Down to the Snowflakes

By:  @chi-town-funk, 9 months ago
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Latest By:  @fisheye, 9 months ago

                        Meta on this topic seems to have erupted on a members article, hopefully this will move the discussion to an appropriate outlet. Many of you have noticed that the Site Mommy has removed the thumbs down feature after an outpouring of whining by a few members here. No need to call them out by name because one only needs to read their tantrumesque responses on the forum each and every time they received one of these hurtful... 
Last evening, in another thread, 1st Warrior wrote … Mac - getting my last degree required me to read a lot in a very short time frame ('Member - Law School), so I learned how to read five chapters and SYNOPSIZE the content into, possibly, a paragraph.  Usually in three to five sentences. Brevity A. Mac - not volume - not loud - not repetitious - not laudable - Brevity. You should try it sometimes.  :-) And when I was getting my degree in biology, I had to learn the common... 

A Review of the Red Box Rules

By:  @community, 9 months ago
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Latest By:  @kavika, 9 months ago

Due to several inquires, I think a quick reminder of what the Red Box Rules, (RBR) do.  The RBRs in practice will be a very self leveling device. Those who want them will use them. Those who feel that it is an infringement on free speech will not. No one forces you to join a RBR discussion, and you may find that each author handles them differently. This will all shake out as they are used. What does the RBR's mean to the author?:  Complete control over the discussion they want... 

test - Please Ignore

By:  @pasher, 10 months ago
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test - Please Ignore test - Please Ignore test - Please Ignore  

New Policy Rule

By:  @community, 10 months ago
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There has been a sudden increase in the number of personal insults being hurled at one another resulting in a lot more moderation. In keeping in NT's policy about transparency, I am notifying the community to spell out this policy so that it is clear to everyone, so they can't say that they didn't see it, because I posted it in an article.  From this day on, personal insults whether direct or indirect by innuendo will be deleted in full and not archived, and only a purple "Deleted"... 

Should I stay out of NA discussions?

By:  @nowhere-man, 10 months ago
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1st Warrior posted this here .... I originally posted thin in that conversation, which was actually a derail of Blues thread supporting the oil pipeline standoff in the Dakotas. Brought to it's own thread at the suggestion of 1st Warrior who promptly apologized for me derailing his conversation. But in that conversation this was said.... and my response to it is below.   As a personal note - please refrain from discussing Native American issues on NT.  You have a very extreme bias... 


By:  @johnrussell, last year
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Latest By:  @release-the-kraken, 10 months ago

By popular demand, there is now a main room in the chat area  which will work like the one did at the old site (presumably)  check it out !!!!!   I know a lot of you missed it .   

Open for Improvement

By:  @pj, 11 months ago
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Latest By:  @sister-mary-agnes-ample-bottom2, 10 months ago

I've gotten some feedback recently on things I should consider to improve my role and participation here on NewsTalkers.  Rather than muddy up other member's articles I decided to post this discussion to open up the floor and welcome feedback.    

Where Is Thumbkin?

By:  @release-the-kraken, 11 months ago
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Latest By:  @krishna, 10 months ago

With the recent outbreak of Meta thumb comments disrupting article I thought it my be useful to provide an appropriate and healthy avenue to discuss. The Newstalkers has an added feature where members can like or dislike a comment from another member with a thumbs up vote or a thumbs down. Most members don't particularly care when they receive a thumbs up acknowledgement of agreement or a thumbs down acknowledgement of disagreement. Some however seem to take the negative feedback... 
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