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Chaplain's Corner


Enoch and Raven Wing

Welcome to Chaplain's Corner. This room is an exclusive library of pastoral care articles for News Talkers who need and/or provide pastoral care for others and themselves.

Those seeking to have pastoral care articles posted should submit them to Enoch and Raven Wing through a site private note. We will decide to include or not submissions based solely on the value they bring to the theme of this room. Do they contain information helpful to those seeking and/or providing pastoral care?  

Group Moderators : Enoch and Raven Wing

Comments on articles posted must conform to site CoC, TOS and the Four B’s.

Comments violating these rules will be deleted for cause. While such articles and comments may have great value,

We suggest they be included in other areas of the site.  

Be Positive.

Be On-Point.

Be Respectful.

Or Be Gone.  

We look forward to providing for you useful pastoral care information. We encourage you to submit articles that help others. We hope you will post comments that are useful in helping others help themselves and other in pastoral care.

Enoch and Raven Wing want this room to be a tool for the needs of community Members. 

We are very grateful to TIG and Perrie Halpern for their help in making this possible. Thanks to them both.       

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Deciphering an Ancient Scroll

Deciphering an Ancient Scroll

By: Enoch  •  58 Comments  •  2 years ago
Enoch last wrote: Dear Friend Feronia: Kavika has the photos on that one. E.
All or None?

All or None?

By: Enoch  •  35 Comments  •  3 years ago
Enoch last wrote: Dear Friend Nerm: Well done. This is what we needed. Good work. E.


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