....brighten your day just a tiny bit, then you need to rethink what makes you smile.

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Oh no ! Dyslexia strikes again ...


Thank you!

Thank you!  She gets her good looks from me. 

Babies always make me smile, especially now as I know they are not mine!


I used to say something similar. Now I have two kids. 

For sure.

She's way cuter than that kid anyway.

She's gorgeous.   Freeze 'er in time, lol.

: )

Last time we stuck her in a freezer, we had CPS called out on us. Cant do that again.

She's plotting her retaliation against you, ya know.....

I heard something about Icy Hot and underwear.

sorry, i dont have Leukoplakia


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Zero Tolerance for Violence Against Women and Children!

Posted by Robert in Ohio on September 13, 2014 at 2:00pm 0 Comments

Sounds reasonable to me and I am sure that many in the U.S. agree and that it is a position that transcends political affiliation, socio-economic positioning, race, gender, age and various other demographic divisions in the country.

Ray Rice, Ray MacDonald, Greg Hardy, Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn Steven Seagall, Judge Mark Fuller, …the list goes on and on.  The famous people of sports, movies, music, television, politics, etc are center front page news in this and other situations. 

Domestic abuse and child abuse are pervasive cancers in our society and zero tolerance is indeed the only acceptable standard.

Should Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Ray MacDonald be banned for life from playing in the NFL?

Should employers in other private sector industries be able to fire and “ban for life” truck drivers, doctors, nurses, teachers, actors, singers, carpenters, accountants, politicians when they are convicted of domestic abuse? 

Many will say to the first question and resounding no to the second.

What penalties should be imposed by employers when a person is arrested for and admits to domestic or child abuse and avoids punishment through pre-trial diversion programs?  Should those abusers also be banned from their field of employment…..for life….for a shorter period of time?

Should people who choose a profession that puts them in the public eye not be afforded the equal protection aspects of our laws and rules and be treated differently, more harshly than “regular” citizens?



Dichotomy: Tenth Installment "Explanation"

Posted by Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty on September 11, 2014 at 8:00pm 2 Comments

aQ’twa Ha’chtu was pacing about the room, wishing for the tiniest bit of the eloquence he was known for.  

“What could you have been thinking?” Migdula demanded, her eyes set in a desperate, furious scowl.  “Why destroy this peaceful, serene existence that we have both worked so hard to achieve?  That is what you will do if you continue with this.  Tell the Brothers you will not do this.  We don’t want the public lifestyle.  We don’t want or need the invasion of prying eyes and the people behind them, smearing the name that we have finally managed through penance, good works and earnest prayer to clean up!”

Walking to a window that opened onto the quiet inner courtyard, she gestured towards the peaceful scene, dappled with the orange lights of the setting sun, “How long have you worked to make your soul as tranquil as the evening sunlight?  How much have you desired that the calming effects of our garden sanctuary could permeate the balance of our daily lives?  You know how long and how hard.  How can you agree to be uprooted from our works?  From me?”  

Her fury had turned to pain, but the desperation still remained.  Indeed, it had increased.  “Why would you want to leave us in order to get sniped at by all of the people whom you have cheated, by all the merchants who have felt put-upon by your past dealings with them?”  

Grabbing him by the shoulders, Migdula peered deeply into his eyes, her own blurring with the tears of loss, seeking an answer.  

“Why would you want to leave me?”

aQ’twa was trying to answer many of those same questions himself; Trying to justify the wrenching apart of what he, what they, had achieved since his rebirth to faith.  “I know that it sounds counter intuitive, but I am really doing this, going to run for the Senate, to help us and to help…


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