"It's rare for children in the United States aged 10 to 12 to be sexually active, especially on a voluntary basis, a new study finds. However, almost one in five teens has had sex before age 15, and 16,000 girls under 15 get pregnant each year. 

The researchers launched the study after the debate heated up over access to Plan B, the so-called "morning after" birth control pill. It can be used to prevent pregnancy up to 72 hours after sex.

Opponents contend the emergency contraceptive pill causes abortions, but medical experts say that's inaccurate. In the United States, customers must be at least 17 to buy emergency contraceptive pills over the counter, and President Barack Obama made comments in 2011 supporting the move by saying 10- and 11-year-olds shouldn't have access to it "alongside bubble gum or batteries."

 The new study finds that "sex and pregnancy are quite rare among the youngest adolescents, which may be different than the perceptions of many people," said co-author Lawrence Finer, director of domestic research at the Guttmacher Institute, which supports access to sexual education and contraception. "There was never a time when a very large percentage of young adolescents were having sex." "

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What struck me as sad about this is that the writer seemed to think he had to correct a misconception that preteens are having a lot of sex. Shouldn't the default belief be the opposite?

Yeah, I got to agree, John.

I would guess the deviant part of the numbers game is those who were having sex at 6-10 due to sex abuse were ommited.  I know of at least three instances in our families history that sex abuse was prevelant by two family members long since dead of old age.  My fear would be how do we stop the learned behavior of sex abuse of minors/children.  Those having sex with pre teenagers are the lowest form of deprivation but these pills could stop  pregnancy the worst type of pregnancy which extremests find as still part of the miracle of conception.  Instead of the worst horror of incest or even rape. 

The sexually active 12-15 year olds the numbe is staggering.  Media pushes sexy adult clothing and make up at youngsters little girls don'y get to be little girls long enough any more nor boys for that mattter.



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