Killer Rage
[translation of the word Kolaveri] 

India does the Macarena :

It was bound to happen . Up till now Indian love songs have apparently been
songs about happily ever after [as far as I can tell] . But finally here is one about the heart break upon being dumped . It has gotten well over 5 million hits on youtube .
Listen to it and you too will be mesmerized . [Don't be concerned . It is not a song about violence and it is translated into "sort of English" .]

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I don't know what is required to do an embed code but the above is the youtube link .

Here I fixed it for you!

Well, it's about time!

OK thanks . I got the embed code now .

I'm glad to see that you are "hooked" too .

Being a fan of the Bollywood movies (newer ones) which are mostly musicals, I'm not sure what your point in posting this is but I do see a significant lack of creative musical talent. Other than that, not sure what there is to say.  :-D 

There is no accounting for tastes . I didn't care for the music you posted either . I could point out that this "significant lack of creative musical talent" had well over 5 MILLION hits on youtube ...

You guys are funny. I would say that both of these artists are "off the beaten path". Usually, they require more than one listening. 

RS:  I didn't know what to say earlier because the title says, "Killer Rage" and in the body it says "India does the Macrena", then moving on to the video I don't see the connection between the rage and macrena because it represents neither of them.  The words are repetitive and I don't really know what he is singing about.  I might have liked it more if the song were subtitled in English (it was just a little).  I guess I expect things to make sense to me and maybe that's my error.   

I enjoy indian music and have listened to a variety over the years.  Some of it is very lively, foot tapping dancing music, but this just didn't cut it for me.  

I don't anticipate that everyone will like the song or the music that I posted (re Jordan Page) but it's cool if you don't.  I don't necessarily gravitate toward that style but I just happened to really like that particular one.  It was much more meaningful with the words and the video  which helped me to understand what he was singing about and where he was coming from.  I could appreciate it more. 

I enjoy supporting itinerant musicians, new upstarts. 


Rich gets very excited about new music and is very passionate about his finds. Once I told him that I didn't love Kristin Chenoweth, and he was very upset with me. He loves her. I think that he's a very passionate guy... but doesn't want anyone to know ;-)

I won't hit you if you :
1] listen to the video
2] post a link to this thread in A Mac's "Dangers of BS" article . He seems to be going into a "killer rage" of his own.

You really need to listen to that video . It can hypnotize anyone ... even A Mac . Then go find your inner piranha ...

I followed folks here and I am glad I did.  What a cool little piece of music.  I liked the rhythms and the harmonies.  Cool and thanks, Petey.


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