Billboard in the tourist trap area of downtown Chicago

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -

Charlie Sheen's ex-goddess and former porn star Bree Olson is now starring in a new controversial billboard across the street from the Rock n' Roll McDonalds on Ontario and Clark Streets. 

The billboard says, "Because the best job is a b**w job." 

"The first time I saw it I was shocked to be quite frank and I do have children, I have eight. I have a lot of kids so that was quite disappointing and McDonalds was always somewhere that I took my children," said Lexie Neal. 

Snapshots taken from the second floor of the McDonalds in Downtown Chicago show a clear view of the lewd message. Neal describes how she would explain the sexually-charged slogan to her child. 

"It's a pretty lady on the picture, basically, that's what I would have to say and I wouldn't comment on the rest of it," said Neal. 

The billboard's concept was created by, a dating website for women seeking mutually beneficial relationships. The site boasts its Bree Olson certified. Its marketing director, A.J. Perkins, says the billboard's taboo topic was in response to Chicago's unemployment rate but he also said Chicago's high female to male ratio attracted the site's creators to the city. 

"It's only really offensive to the people who are really against things like that," said John Markovich. 

Attorney Daliah Saper breaks down the city's code concerning unlawful material harmful to minors and if the billboard's message qualifies.

"It's really difficult to make that decision," Saper says. "The city's code is really aimed at prohibiting the widespread distribution of pornography or anything else that's clearly elicit. I think it's going to be a matter of public outcry for the city to really step in and maybe limit perhaps the 1st amendment rights of the billboard."

According to's CMO AJ Perkins, debuting the sexy new billboard in Chicago was a real no-brainer. "Chicago has more members on ArrangementFinders than any major U.S. city, 41,230 to be exact, boasts Perkins. 

The dating site already has its sights set on several nearby locations to erect additional Bree billboards in the coming weeks.

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They could confine this sort of lame garbage to the internet, where it belongs, but nooooooo.

In the picture the billboard seems sort of cramped in between buildings. I think that is the camera angle. The billboard was positioned to be seen by people exiting a very heavily used expressway ramp.

Guess they could remove it under the guise of public safety..... I'm guessing there are going to be more than a couple of accidents at that expressway ramp.

About 20 years ago outside Eagle, Wisconsin there was a place where the husband an wife ran businesses out of their homes.  The sign on the pole outside their house read "Bonitas Hair Styles.... and welding".  This sign was located just before a rather dangerous curve and was the cause of numerous accidents.  The county wanted them to take it down, and the county lost in court.  The county then went on to install a series of speed bumps before and after the sign to get people to concentrate on driving.


It's Chicago. It's what happens when you remove traditional values like guns and religion.

Bad behavior...bad language...bad programming are rewarded. We allow the corporate bullies and Internet snipers  dictate what we see or watch. We must stop giving garbage an airing. I do not watch reality shows. I hit the remote. When you don't watch--the show disappears. Problem: it's repackaged under a new name and sold to low-rent cable stations. We must soldier on or raise a ruckus with the sponsors or owners of the billboard. 


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