Pothead Bomber ? Friend Tells ABC News That Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Used To Smoke Marijuana Every Day

"Glasby described Tsarnaev as an average Joe who played soccer, enjoyed FIFA soccer video games and smoked marijuana on a daily basis until this year.

"I think he told me from one of our conversations, 'Oh I don't smoke anymore,'" Glasby said.

To Glasby, Tsarnaev was a social, low-key guy with a messy dorm room and liked to listen to hip hop music.

"It really makes me wonder, the person next to you, are they really that person, acting like they are the best person but instead they are blowing up people?" Glasby said."


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"Andrew Glasby told ABC News that Tsarnaev lived one floor above him at the Pine Dale dormitory and he had a conversation with the alleged bomber one full day after the bombing on the campus.

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"I can't believe he had the balls to come back and act like nothing happened," Glasby said.

UMass would only confirm that Tsarnaev was on the campus Wednesday, according to card swipes. Tsarnaev visited the gym and slept in his dorm room Wednesday, according to the school.

Glasby said Tsarnaev, who was often referred to as Jahar, blended right back into normal college life and was "convincing" that nothing was amiss.

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"I thought as it was just regular old Jahar. We had a typical conversation, he was not startled, he was not scared, he was not anything. He was just the same old Jahar," Glasby said."


Great video, I hope more people will watch it. Pot is very dangerous and most stupid people don't realize that. Another note: The shooter in the Tucson, Arizona shooting was a heavy pot smoker.

How can you say that on 420?  Blasphemy.

Notice that he didn't turn into a bomber until well AFTER he stopped smoking weed? If he would have kept smoking weed, he probably would never have had such crazy ambitions.

"It really makes me wonder, the person next to you, are they really that person, acting like they are the best person but instead they are blowing up people?" Glasby said."

This is what will pass for philosophy among today's youth.

You got your energizer bunny batteries in today, do ya ?

Why because some said the kid was an ex pot head? and today is national pot day?(420) besides being Hitlers birthday as well?

I am sensing a  hurt vajaja from another article.

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The world's in such sad shape even potheads are turning violent.

Kinda my own view on things. I honestly think any dipshit who needs the use of drugs Pot being included has failed at life. You have somehow come to the point in your life where you need a stimulant to have a good time in life.


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