Buying your lover that beautiful card with the bright red heart? Just know what you’re actually saying.

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Christians are very good at appropriating pagan celebrations without passing along their true meanings. Shouldn’t everyone who celebrates Valentine’s Day know they are worshiping the vagina and dedicating their celebration to healing and restoring the purity of women‘s sexual organs?

Well, that is really interesting!

I know it, and revel in it!

I think that its' great.

It's less about worship and more about communion.


Damn girl, I will never look at a Valentine's heart the same way again. 

ROTFL, great video Perrie...

Love the video. It's perfect.

As to a new way of looking at that heart: in sacred sexuality, this ()shape is the yoni, which means "sacred space." The male counterpart is the lingum, which means "light wand."

So the heart could be your way of telling him you'd like his wand to light up your sacred space.

Western culture is all about vagina worship . By contrast Japanese culture is all about penis worship :
Japanese Strange Penis Animism Festival #001

OK , to be fair , the Japanese worship both gonads ...

Their spring fertility rites do include both.....guess they figured out they need both for fertilization to occur. However, there is a penis park in Korea dedicated to a legendary young woman who died of loneliness after her groom died at sea. They figured a park filled with giant penii would assuage her loneliness and bring her back. 

  1. Japan Penis | Japanese Vagina

    Oct 07, 2010 · In Japan annual penis and Japanese vagina festivals are held to boost fertility. The Japan penis and Japanese Vagina festivals draw large crowds.

    The Penis Park in Samcheok, South Korea | Vagobond

    South Korea can be a surprising place – take for example that it is a fairly conservative culture and then have a visit to Haesindang Park (Penis Park) in Samcheok 

That's a Venus Fly Trap, but hey, they both start with V, so...

Our Lady of Guadalupe, from

Does that look like what I think it looks like?  Sorry to all the Catholics out there.


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