White ex-Marine Beaten to Death by 4 Black Men - Where's Sharpton Now?

Where's the national coverage?

Wheres' the indignation?

Where are the protests?

I suppose a march against this would be considered racist. After all, we're supposed to be tolerant, especially of those not tolerant of us.

Read it and weep:


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Here is a story about the killing of 39 white people by blacks


Here a few of the particulars

• Tennesee - David Martin, 27, was a White pizza manager who was gunned down outside his South Nashville apartment. As Martin returned home after work, he was approached by a black male who pulled a gun and demanded money. As the black thief left with Martin's money, he pulled his own gun and demanded he stop. The robber turned and fired, killing Martin. Witnesses described the black suspect as wearing a Trayvon-style hoody.
• Kentucky - Brett Thornberry, 18, was shot to death. A grand jury charged a 16-year-old black male as an adult with robbing and killing him. Indicted was Romello Rice, a former Holmes High School football player. A black 15-year-old has been arrested and charged with complicity to commit robbery and murder in connection with his death.
• New Jersey - Lena Triano, 57, was found bound, raped, strangled and with multiple stab wounds at her house in 1976. Nearly forty years later Carlton R. Franklin, a black male who  has spent nearly 20 years behind bars for kidnapping and robbery since the murder, has been arrested for the crime. Franklin was 15 at the time of the murder.
• Texas - Randall Perkins, 20, was murdered in his home during a gathering of friends. Arrested is a  22-year-old black male, Leandre “Dre” Vonzell Hill. News reports indicate that Vonzell was an uninvited guest who crashed the party with a group of black companions. Another White man, Paul Benavides, 24, was also shot, but survived.

• Ohio - Matthew Dugan, a 34-year-old White male was shot in the head during a robbery at a former BP gas station. Anthony Belton, a black male, was sentenced to death by lethal injection for the murder.


These 39 stories, and the marine in your story is among them, show the problem trying to explicitly connect this to race. Many of them were killed in robberies. Well guess what? Blacks kill other blacks in robberies too.

Many of them were killed in home invasions, where robbery is usually the motive there too. Blacks also do home invasions of other blacks.

But even moreso, these incidents could be mainly indicative that whites are a more lucrative target for street thugs.  In many cases, there is more to be gained , financially, by robbing a white than there is in robbing a black. Surely this is true as regards certain neighborhoods. You are kind of squeezing a turnip if you randomly rob black people in the ghetto.

So, in many of these cases it is difficult to know what the extent of a racial component is. Personally, I believe it is there more than law enforcement or the media does, but I also think it is there less than say, you, do.

Our shared thread is that crime is crime, we're not all the same color, and there are some very vocal and visible people - AND NEWS AGENCIES - that have motives for fomenting unrest between the races.

There are laws on the books for hate crimes.

There should be laws punishing the profit motive behind throwing another log on the fire.

It's not unlike shouting "FIRE" in a crowded movie theater.

There should be laws punishing the profit motive behind throwing another log on the fire.

We agree ... let's begin with Fox News and the U.K. rag that ran this story.

That what you had in mind?

Statistically, all of those charged are Democrats. Part of the 97% black support for Obama.

When will the Democrat Party change whatever it is doing to attract such people?  Encouraging black resentment and hatred of whites.  This is happening too much to dismiss.

Statistically, all of those charged are Democrats. Part of the 97% black support for Obama.

And statistically, virtually every heroine addict began with milk.

The statistics reveal a much more accurate portrait than pictures you and others download to present as the typical of TP members.  You aren't suddenly concerned about facts as they concern real people, are you?

Where are those NT TP people, by the way?


I must ask, why would Al be there?


He has been a champion for the black man in America, has he not?

Isn't it ALWAYS important to champion a cause? Isn't there a lesson that he can teach his constituency through this incident? Wouldn't it be of value for a black 'leader' to take the opportunity to stand up and look at this crime and say "NO!! This is NOT the way to heal the wounds that exist between the races! This is a STEP BACWARD, my brothers!! We cannot hope to foster harmoney through these actions!!"

It's grandstanding, and it's image. Self-serving garbage.

Nothing more.

It's empty, and the brothers know it.

Exactly. So if you knew the answer, why ask it?


I believe our purpose here is to stimulate and solicit conversation.

It'd be tough to get more people to join, otherwise ;-)

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and others of that sort, have said whenever they are asked that their role , as they see it, is to advocate for the civil rights of people of color. They have said it plainly, they do not see their role as advocating for all victims and all races, only in areas like politics or the economy where the interests of all races may coincide would they include whites as their constituency.

Tavis Smiley was on O'Riley last night. O'Reilly tried to get him to say that the attack on the Virginia reporters was a racial attack and Smiley would not go there without including Trayvon Martin's situation into the equation. In fact he said the Martin case  was more significant because he was a child.

Jonathan darling,

I do realize that. But my question to you would be why the silly subtext. Of course Al would have nothing to do with this. He has nothing to gain.


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