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Hillary Clinton won all five states contested in Democratic parties on Sept. 15. This is a virtual death blow to Bernie Sanders campaign. The Democrats have no winner take all states, and Clinton has such a big lead now that it is extremely unlikely Sanders can catch her. Chuck Todd , NBC analyst, says, "the Republican establishment died last night". He said this not only because Trump won four of five states, but also because Ted Cruz is solidly in second place. The establishment candidate Marco Rubio, the individual many Democrats were most afraid of , has dropped out, beaten into submission by Trump blowharding, and lying, but also by his own image of being not ready for prime time. As for John Kasich, unless he can construct a late game rally that would impress second ballot...
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Item - Trump Receives 23 Times More TV Coverage Than Bernie Sanders Item - "Liberal" News Channel MSNBC  Shows Entire Trump Rallies Live    I'm not sure there has been a minute since Trump entered the race in June  that the national news media has not been kissing his ass. The next weekend, he was on the phone talking to This Week on ABC , Meet The Press on NBC, and Face The Nation on CBS. They all put him at the top of the show, even though, at the time Trump was not the frontrunner. Why did he merit instant appearances on all the Sunday news shows. Did Christie, Fiorina , Paul etc merit this fawning attention when they entered the race ? Of course not.  Trump was , at the time , a national celebrity, a household name, and that is all that mattered. They expected some...
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What Do People Celebrate On Halloween ?

By JohnRussell, 2015-10-30
The Celts used the day to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, and also believed that this transition between the seasons was a bridge to the world of the dead.   When I was a kid it seemed like there were ghosts and ghouls and devils everywhere, at least on Halloween. A lot of the kids had otherworldly costumes that referenced the supernatural. Even a few angels with the devils.  I remember as a kid working a ouija board with my friends trying to communicate with a ghost. We did the "Mary Worth" game where you dared someone to stand in front of a mirror and say three times "I believe in Mary Worth", the hoped for (or maybe not so hoped for) result being that Mary Worth would appear in your mirror. Mary Worth was the ghost of a...
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The Gun Is Not The Killer

By JohnRussell, 2015-10-02
I have thought, for some time really, that "liberals" are flailing a little when they go after the availability of guns as the cause of mass murders. I would certainly like to see the availability of guns, and ammo, recede in the U.S., and hopefully one day the political will may develop to pass sensible gun regulations. As all knowledgeable people understand, there is nothing in the second amendment that prohibits regulation of gun ownership. Even Scalia has said so. But, all the focus on guns as if they were the reason we have these mass killings is very ill advised because it takes suspicion and attention away from areas that may be the real explanation. Although there have been historical clusters of mass shootings in the 1920s, 30s, and 60s, mass public shootings...
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He Kept Us Safeish

By JohnRussell, 2015-09-19
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Vote On Iran Nukes Is A Sham

By JohnRussell, 2015-09-03
Not because the agreement is guaranteed, (at least in terms of committed votes), of going into effect once either there is no vote because the opponents cannot overcome filibuster, or an Obama veto is upheld, no, the sham is in the fact that the vote in Congress is entirely down political party lines. There is not a single Republican member of Congress, out of 300 , who is on record saying they will vote in favor of the Iran nukes agreement. The Republicans are expected to vote 300-0 against the deal. Does that sound like a functioning democracy? There is not even 1 or 2 Republicans who listened to the opinions of the nuclear scientists, disarmament experts , and military leaders from the U.S. and around the world that support the agreement, and then concluded that the deal...
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