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"Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake"  - Nietzsche

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” 
― Bob Marley



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What Are You Listening To ?

Last Reply By @JohnRussell 2 months ago
    [jrEmbed module="jrYouTube" youtube_id="N2spKsFq92s"]
Buzz of the Orient

Meeting Bob Dylan

Last Reply By @Larry Hampton 8 months ago
     Fantastic telling Buzz and thank you! I can't imagine...

Songs You Would Take To A Desert Island

Last Reply By @Buzz of the Orient 9 months ago
     This article would have had some meaning for me if I had...
Dean Moriarty

Jazz Greats

Last Reply By @Dean Moriarty 9 months ago
    [jrEmbed module="jrYouTube" youtube_id="KrO8CmokC4U"]
Dean Moriarty

Acid Rock

Last Reply By @ambivalent 11 months ago
     Excellent Funk from Santana et al. Also good Funk/Jazz...

Beatles Covers

Last Reply By @JohnRussell 11 months ago
    [jrEmbed module="jrYouTube" youtube_id="C1aMH5rjiw0"]


Last Reply By @ambivalent last year
    Gee, JR, I cannot get any of these videos to play.
Hal A. Lujah

Garage bands, then and now

Last Reply By @Hal A. Lujah last year
     Many bands started off as garage bands, but evolved to...


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