Cockroaches To The Rescue!!

Larry Hampton
11/09/14 04:32:23PM


It may not be an attractive idea on the surface, but North Carolina University researchers have developed a rig that could put cockroaches to good use.

They made a proverbial electronic backpack, a rig that contains a computer chip and microphones and a few tiny solar panels.

What kind of rig would need all of those things? And what does have to do with cockroaches?

Well, basically, researchers want to turn cockroaches into search and rescue biobots. Cockroaches can access lots of places where humans and other rescue animals, like dogs, cannot access. Furthermore, they are simple creatures which can be manipulated by computers. Cockroach biobots are much better than even tiny man-made robots because the insect already knows how to maneuver through tight spaces; thus it combines anatomy and physiology with technology in a way that has never been done before. And the concept is extremely promising.