Peter Loves the Real Tea Party.
11/02/13 07:40:53PM

As some of you know, from time to time, some of us Newstalkers participate in a beer exchange. This typically involves 12 or so beers from your local (or local-ish anyway) "microbrews" sent out to your exchange partner. We have experimented with various formats in the past, but have found the pass to the left approach works best. So, lets say Larry H, Perrie, and I have an exchange (not unheard of between the three of us). I send to Perrie, Perrie sends to Larry, and Larry sends to me. That's the pass to the left format in a nutshell.

So....who is in?

I think we plan on the exchange happening sometime around the 15th or so (the exact date is fluid based on the needs of the participants. Also, in a curious twist of fate, I now work for Epic Brewing, which I have generally sent to my past exchange partners (however, I send them in my capacity as a fan, not as an employee).

I will track who is participating here:

Peter Faden; Perrie Berlin; Larry Hampton