Peter Loves the Real Tea Party.
11/17/11 10:57:05PM

For our beer exchange, it was my month to receive beers from our illustrious Perrie. I shall now review the four selections..

Flavor #1: Circus Boy Hefeweizen from the Magic Hat Brewing Company

This was my favorite, and so i list it first. A very nice Hefe, it had what was in my opinion the perfect blend of that classic Hefe taste with just the right amount of sweetness and a nice light quality to it, which i attribute to the lemongrass that is part of this brew.I dont feel like the lemongrass was particularly noticeable in and of itself, but was a noticeable part of that certain something. Great for all occasions IMO.

Flavor #2: Hoptical Illusion IPA from the Blue Point Brewing Company

My second fave (notice a trend here), this was a nice IPA. Not extremely hoppy as IPA's generally are, but you still get the classic hop flavor. One difference between this and other IPA's was an eye towards being semi-sweet rather than straight out bitter, and your typical hoppy IPA would be. Very smooth and light. Also, might be brewed by the Illuminati if the label is any indication, lol.

Flavor #3: Chamberlain Pale Ale from Shipyard Brewing Company

This was a fairly standard pale ale, again a bit sweeter than others of its ilk, and quite tasty, but basically what you would look for when drinking a pale ale. One note of distinction...although i dont believe this to be a steamed ale, it almost has that element to it, almost.

Flavor #4: Brooklyn Octoberfest from The Brooklyn Brewery

I was particularly looking forward to a Brooklyn Brew selection. I had previously tried a chocolate stout they put out a few years ago that was excellent. This Octoberfest was pretty tasty. In contrast to the other selections, this brew was actually a bit more hoppy and less sweet than your classic Octoberfest brew. With that as an exception, it was similar to Sam Adams own Octoberfest, although a bit less sweet, and a bit lighter in color and clarity. So, for this one, it's hoppy-ness was unexpected, but was a nice complement to tradition, as it were. Ultimately, this was my least favorite, but still tasty nonetheless.

I would like to take this moment to thank Perrie, Mike L, and Larry H for being exchange buddies. I look forward to our next exchange. :)