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Jerry Verlinger
link 02/27/13 12:35:21PM @jerry-verlinger:

"Hi Jerry,
I believe that we may be the only ex-OSers and ex-NVs! Been a long journey and this place looks just fine."

"ex-OSers"? Are you referring to I think you mentioned that before, and although I know the site, I don't recall when I was a member there, not I wasn't, I can't remember what day it is lately.

It would have to be over 5 years ago because that's how long I was on the Vine. Perhaps you can hel fill in my memory lapses.

Jerry V.

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link 02/25/13 01:42:21PM @bibi:

Thank you for the FR. I seem to be in limbo at this stage of the transition from the vine to NT. Any help you have to offer, I will greatly accept !!

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Disturbed Librarian
link 02/18/13 07:39:42PM @disturbed-librarian:

Hi there! It is a cool job, don't tell anyone but if they didn't pay me, I'd do it for free. Thanks for the FR, gladly accepted.

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link 02/18/13 03:43:18PM @happytoseeya:


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link 02/18/13 09:41:37AM @luther28:

Well hello right back to you! Thank you for the FR.

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link 02/17/13 06:13:52PM @66yrs99pct:

Hi, Stephanie.... Thanks for the FR. Look forward to sharing and being friends. Hope you're having a great day!

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Stev G
link 02/17/13 12:22:23PM @stev-g:

Proudly accept UR offer, & happy 2 B N UR fold, new friends starts, always with just 1 word

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Time Lord
link 02/17/13 01:27:43AM @time-lord:

Please's a 'different' kinda group site. It's kinda like a 'play' and those who stop in to "Timey's Place" become the 'players' writing their own script. It's rather fun...jump in.

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retired military ex Republican
link 02/14/13 11:19:17PM @retired-military-ex-republican:

Stephanie I believe you will like it here. Glad to see you here and have you as a friend. I left NV the day before they switched found NT and was estatic. Still learrning but really enjoy it and the stories are great.

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link 02/14/13 07:52:03PM @krounded:

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the FR and glad to see you here!

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