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Citizen Kane-473667
3  Citizen Kane-473667    3 months ago

Congratulations on publishing your first seed!

Voted it up, but did not comment just so I can moderate it if it goes too far south.

3.1  Suz  replied to  Citizen Kane-473667 @3    2 months ago

Thank you!   CK, I found this quite by accident.  I need to follow you or would that be a tad eerie.  :-)

Raven Wing
2  Raven Wing    10 months ago

Hi Suz, thank you. I am very honored for your Friendship.  jrSmiley_13_smiley_image.gif

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1      2 years ago

HI Suz, Better late then never " what was it you wanted me to delete?

 I have No control of My Blogs they have been " Locked " they must be extremely Dangerous :-)

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1.1    replied to  @1    2 years ago
it you wanted me to delete?

E.A Now if it was those HUGE Mars Vents, that I have posted for Decades about, and how we can use them from Catalytic Towers to Habitation Zones, err sorry can not Comply :-)