So how did you find your faith?

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So how did  you find your faith?

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So how did you find your faith?  Or how did you find your place in the world?

I was raised in the mid-west,  was active in my church as my parents like most parents at that time in small town America pushed their children to learn religion and interact with their church. During my high school years I was an usher in our Lutheran Church, which is the Lutheran equivalent to a Catholic alter boy. (seated people, ran the bells at the start and end of services, lit the candles, helped collect the offerings and assisted with communion).  And during that time got my fill of "Sunday Morning Christians". So when I turned 18 I joined the military and basically left the church behind.

That was many years ago. As I'm reaching that older time in my life, and recently having to bury my mother, I've started to try to find my place in life. Trying to find answers, why am I hear, what purpose do I have, things like that. I'm still not a huge fan of religion but I've always believed that there was something out there bigger than I was and recently I've started to re-read the Bible. Not to rejoin religion but to try to find answers that work for me.

So I guess the simple discussion is how do you find faith? What drives  you, what makes  you think and what possible questions and answers do you already know?


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