Christian issues, beliefs, and news

Christian issues, beliefs, and news

This is a group where Christians and others who believe in a greater power or God can discuss issues, beliefs, news relating to religion, comparative beliefs, prophecy, free will,  end times, heaven, and persecution issues.  This is not a place for atheists to come to bash believers or complain that our mere presence here is cramming our beliefs down their throats. 


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Hal A. Lujah

The pagan roots of Easter

Last Reply By @ambivalent 2 weeks ago
     Me! Me! (waving wildly) I know how to cook it - in a...

China's War On Faith Continues

Last Reply By @Hal A. Lujah 2 weeks ago

Children's fairytale book normalizes the abnormal

Last Reply By @XXJefferson#51 2 weeks ago
     " A scientist says a new children's book about a prince...

Princeton bows to belief that orthodoxy is unwelcome

Last Reply By @XXJefferson#51 4 weeks ago
    The vast majority of Christians believe that the Holy...

This Week's Torah Portion: The Importance of Shabbat

Last Reply By @XXJefferson#51 one month ago
    an interesting perspective and an informative read.  

Wait Is a Four-Letter Word

Last Reply By @Hal A. Lujah 2 months ago
    Lol.  There is zero chance anyone is going to read that....

CA tells pro-lifers to promote death

Last Reply By @XXJefferson#51 2 months ago
    I will leave as soon as Jefferson becomes our next state....


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