To Post or Not to Post - Why Even Ask the Question?

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To Post or Not to Post - Why Even Ask the Question?

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To Post or Not to Post - Why Even Ask the Question?

It's that time again, artists, photographers, lovers of the arts.  Thursday/Friday SHOWTIME!!!  Show us your talent.  And even if you have no artwork to post, come and see and comment on what you find here. 

For me, it's time to have a little editing fun:



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Buzz of the Orient
1  author  Buzz of the Orient    one week ago

It's time for trees to regain their leaves - and leave the bareness of winter behind.


2  Kavika     one week ago

I can't believe that it's Thursday already...I'll have to go hunt down some photos for this week.

Love what you did with the boats. From a single to a whole fleet. 

3  Kavika     one week ago

I may have posted this before. It's a painting that I have entitled, ''Spirit Horse''....


Buzz of the Orient
3.1  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Kavika @3    one week ago

You did, but it's worth seeing again.

Raven Wing
3.2  Raven Wing  replied to  Kavika @3    one week ago

That is so beautiful, Kavika. And Spirit Horse is indeed a perfect name for it. The ears, eyes, flared nostrils, and carriage of the horse's head, all give evidence of its true Warrior Horse Spirit.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful work with us. jrSmiley_13_smiley_image.gif

Raven Wing
4  Raven Wing    one week ago

I am truly looking forward to all the beautiful artwork that will be posted here this week. Thee are so many wonderfully talented folks who are kind enough to share their work here for us to enjoy.

Here is one of my Native American creations that I hope others will enjoy.


4.1  Kavika   replied to  Raven Wing @4    one week ago

Another beauty RW.

Raven Wing
4.1.1  Raven Wing  replied to  Kavika @4.1    one week ago

Thank you Kavika.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
4.1.2  Perrie Halpern R.A.  replied to  Raven Wing @4.1.1    6 days ago

Love it! Just beautiful use of subject matter and color. 

I would still like to know more about how you create these beautiful pieces. 

Raven Wing
4.1.3  Raven Wing  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @4.1.2    6 days ago

Hi Perrie,

I use CorelDraw to create the images, then use PowerPoint to blend the images with the background, and then enhance the them with the various tools in PowerPoint to achieve the combination I want. Then I join them all together into a single image and finish the enhancements from there.

It its a very time consuming process which involves a great deal of hits and misses along the way. The blending itself is a slow and tedious process. But, when I finally achieve the look I want it is all worth it.

I am truly happy that you like the new image. It represents some of the Spirit Animals and Spirit Guides of the Cherokee Tribe, as well as those of other Tribes.

I have listed some of the Spirit Animals and Spirit Guides and what they mean, some of which are included in the new image. You can find them listed down below here

Buzz of the Orient
4.2  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Raven Wing @4    one week ago

Your creations have the effect of leaving a person (certainly me) breathless.  That one is truly magnificent.  If there is a significant depiction, will you explain it?  There is the eagle, the snake and I'm not sure what the other winged creature is.

Split Personality
4.2.1  Split Personality  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4.2    one week ago

panther, hummingbird, eagle, snake

Buzz of the Orient
4.2.2  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Split Personality @4.2.1    one week ago

Thanks, I should have guessed it was a hummingbird, but I had no idea about the panther.  Now, is there any significance to the combination?

Split Personality
4.2.3  Split Personality  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4.2.2    one week ago

no idea.

I also sense a person standing on the left holding a small shield or drum.

very interesting...

4.2.4  Kavika   replied to  Split Personality @4.2.3    one week ago

I can't speak for RW or the Cherokee but the Hummingbird is very important in the Cherkoee nation. 

There is a groups named, Walela which is hummingbird in the Cherokee language. 

You may not recognize the group but you should recognize the lead singer, Rita Coolidge and singing with her is her sister and niece. 

"I have no Indian Name''....Enjoy.

Here they are singing Amazing Grace in Cherokee.

Raven Wing
4.2.5  Raven Wing  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4.2    one week ago

Thank you for your kind words, Buzz. The birds and other animals shown in the image represent some of the Spirit Animals, or Spirit Guides, of the Cherokee Tribe, and perhaps some of the other Tribes. 

Here are 8 common Spirit Animals and what they mean. However, they are only a few of them, and vary from Tribe to Tribe:

Reference the spirit animals below and pay special attention to any of the animals that you may have encountered recently. Their meanings may help determine their purpose for crossing your path . . .

The Butterfly
When a butterfly enters your life, it is believed to be one of the most symbolic signs pertaining to transformation and profound change. You might be moving through different life cycles, and literally changing from the inside out.

Death and rebirth are present here – perhaps something in your old self dying away so a newer version of you can present itself. Butterflies also carry the message of “being light” and floating above earthly matters.

The Spider
When you notice a lot of spiders coming up in your life or in your dreams, it is a reminder for you to create the life you want to lead. Spiders are known for creating intricate webs and patience for capturing their prey so these guides are here to tell us when to start building the life we want.

Spiders also represent the feminine, and the power behind feminine energy. If this is your guide (for now), tap into your creative side and be patient with yourself. Projects, careers, and achievements all take time, and it is the journey that is where the magic is – not the end result. 
Like a spider, imagine yourself weaving a web that you want to create for yourself, and patiently wait for the fruits of your effort to become a reality.

Looking for a way to kickstart your creativity? Practice This Yoga Sequence to Boost Your Creativity

The Crow
The crow may not seem like an ideal spirit guide, but the crow actually brings a lot of magic and mysteries. Crows are known for their higher perspective, flexibility and mostly their “trickster” personality types. If the crow has been coming to you – whether in an awakened state or dreams – consider your connection to life and its magic.

Invite a heightened awareness into your life and try to shift your point of view to a higher perception to recognize the magic in everything that is happening to you and around you.

Because the crow is correlated to life’s magic, the crow is seen as the spirit animal of choice to those who use magic and have the power to manipulate our universe.

The Owl
The owl is one of the more rare spirit animals. If you happen to cross paths with an owl, it is a true sign from the universe. The owl as a spirit guide that represents wisdom, deep connection, and intuitive knowledge.

When this guide comes to you, you might be at a time in your life where you are exploring the unknown – perhaps going through a transition or about to embark on a journey.

The owl has the capacity to see beyond deceit. The owl has intuition and can see what others usually cannot see. When the spirit of this animal is present for you, you are able to see beyond the illusions created by our minds.

The Hummingbird
Hummingbirds are full of lightness, connection and speed. When hummingbirds come into your life, it is a sign of connection, playfulness and adaptability. Hummingbirds connect flowers and plants and they are capable of amazing feats despite their tiny size. They can adapt to anything, and fight while still having a playful and light spirit.

When a hummingbird is present for you, whether for your long periods of time or just for a day, try to connect with the enjoyment of life and try not to take things so seriously. They are here to remind us to be playful and that ultimately, connection is what really matters – whether it is with loved ones or a higher power.

Hummingbirds can help lift you up from negativity and show you that everything happens for a reason. Adapt to your surroundings instead of trying to control outcomes. Looking for help letting go of negativity? Read these 5 Tools to Overcome Negativity and Take Back Your Power

The Hawk
The Hawk represents courage, self-awareness, truth, and perspective. Hawks are a revered spirit guide for their ability to see things from a higher perspective – to recognize the truth in any situation for what it is. The Hawk also represents intuition and inner wisdom.

When you see a Hawk, you are being shown that the time is now for you to take an inventory of where you’re at in life and what your next step is. Channel the Hawk’s keen eye to view your life from a heightened perspective, and then tap into your inner wisdom and intuition and allow these things to guide you.

The Grasshopper
When this little guy steps into your life, you are being asked to take a leap of faith. Grasshoppers are innovative and don’t miss opportunities to move forward in life.

Grasshoppers are considered good luck, and they are recognized as good omens. They carry messages, which is why they are constantly moving and going on. If you are running into the grasshopper, it may be a sign that you are struggling with a decision and it is time to make a choice and move forward confident that the outcome is will be okay.

The Eagle
Eagles are signals that is time to reconnect to your spiritual path. They are here to remind us to listen to our hearts and not rely on our minds so much. If an eagle is your personal totem animal, it means that you have lightness in you, but need to stay grounded.

Eagles represent light, spirit and healing – healing yourself so you can connect my deeply to your spiritual journey. This spirit animal carries knowledge of magic and gifts from above.

Spirit animals are here to help guide us in our journeys. We are human and it is easy to forget that there is always a universal power that is here to protect us and guide us. Everything we experience in life is a lesson. Guides are here to remind us how to get back on track, to show us that we are loved and to remind us to play, create, nurture and connect.

As you step into your day, remain aware of your surroundings, and notice if any animals cross your path. You’ll be surprised just how synchronistic these encounters can be, and knowing what these animals symbolize can provide you meaningful insight and understanding in your life.

Your Spirit Guides will also change throughout your life as you grow and mature, and experience various stages of life.

Raven Wing
4.2.6  Raven Wing  replied to  Kavika @4.2.4    one week ago

Thank you for stepping in and helping to answer the questions, Kavika. You are indeed correct. (smile)

A. Macarthur
4.4  A. Macarthur  replied to  Raven Wing @4    one week ago


Raven Wing
4.4.1  Raven Wing  replied to  A. Macarthur @4.4    one week ago

Thank you Mac. I am happy that you enjoy it. 

5  evilgenius    one week ago

Drogo the Betta Fish


5.1  Kavika   replied to  evilgenius @5    one week ago

Great photo EG, but where is Rocky?

5.1.1  evilgenius  replied to  Kavika @5.1    6 days ago

I think B (my gf) named him after Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones and because he's a dragon scale beta.

Raven Wing
5.2  Raven Wing  replied to  evilgenius @5    one week ago

That truly is a beautiful fish!

Buzz of the Orient
5.3  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  evilgenius @5    one week ago

It looks like you could use it as a whisk broom.  Is it a denizen of your aquarium?

5.3.1  evilgenius  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @5.3    6 days ago

Yes, Buzz. I now have 3 aquariums. The smallest is a 10 gallon for Drogo by himself. I am working on getting a new 45 gallon tank setup (a few new plants arriving today) where I'll move most of the fish in from my 29 gallon. Once that's complete I'll make some minor modifications to the look of that tank and make add a bunch more shrimp to it. 

Buzz of the Orient
5.3.2  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  evilgenius @5.3.1    6 days ago

You're a serious collector.  I once had 4 little goldfish, one was black.  One day I saw only 3, including 'Blackie' who was a little bigger.  Then there were two and 'Blackie' was a lot bigger, then one, and so I got rid of him and never tried to keep fish again.  I hope nobody thinks I'm a racist because of that. 

A. Macarthur
6  A. Macarthur    one week ago


Buzz of the Orient
6.1  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  A. Macarthur @6    one week ago

Mention the name "Rocky" and I picture him reaching the top of the staircase of that building (main library in Philadelphia?), throwing his arms up in the air.

Split Personality
6.1.1  Split Personality  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @6.1    one week ago

Philadelphia Museum of Art


Buzz of the Orient
6.1.2  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Split Personality @6.1.1    one week ago

Aha! I was pretty sure it was a large public building in Philadelphia.

It's pretty rare that a statue is put up to commemorate a movie.  If they put one up for The Godfather, would it be a horse's head?

Split Personality
6.1.3  Split Personality  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @6.1.2    one week ago
If they put one up for The Godfather, would it be a horse's head?

Brando, maybe, horse parts, not so much, I hope.

Nowhere Man
6.1.4  Nowhere Man  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @6.1.2    one week ago
It's pretty rare that a statue is put up to commemorate a movie.

Philly Museum of the Arts, was center top of the stairs as shown in Rocky III, stairs that have now become unofficially known as the "Rocky Stairs"

They moved it several years ago to the lower right of the stairs........ After all, it was a movie prop. (all ten feet and two tons of bronze)

A. Macarthur
6.1.5  A. Macarthur  replied to  Split Personality @6.1.1    one week ago

Hey! That's my neighborhood!

Split Personality
6.1.6  Split Personality  replied to  A. Macarthur @6.1.5    one week ago

Fairmount Park?

6.1.7  zuksam  replied to  Split Personality @6.1.1    6 days ago

I love Philly and I love the Rocky Movies and I've gone to that Museum and of course I ran up the steps and jumped up and down with my arms raised. I wonder if you sat there all day how many times a day would you see people do the Rocky Dance. I have a friend who used to live two blocks from the building that was used as "Mighty Micks Gym" so I've been there and the sign was still on the building (I wish I had my picture taken there but back then we didn't have cell phone cameras) the paint was pealing but I saw they repainted it in the Creed Movie.

6.1.8  zuksam  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @6.1.2    6 days ago

The Rocky Statue wasn't there when I visited but they brought it back and installed it at the bottom of the stairs. The Museum didn't want it when it was first put there because they didn't think a movie prop was art but I guess they changed their minds. 

7  Kavika     one week ago

Here is another painting that I have entitled, ''The Herd''. Didn't come out that good. A bit tilted.


Nowhere Man
7.1  Nowhere Man  replied to  Kavika @7    one week ago

Here ya go my friend....

The Herd .......


Buzz of the Orient
7.1.1  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Nowhere Man @7.1    one week ago

LOL.  You beat me to it.

You have in the past posted some really great photos (I'm thinking of the ones on the comment wall).  Have you any more?

7.1.2  Kavika   replied to  Nowhere Man @7.1    one week ago

Thanks NWM

A. Macarthur
7.1.3  A. Macarthur  replied to  Nowhere Man @7.1    one week ago


Color corrected.

Raven Wing
7.1.4  Raven Wing  replied to  A. Macarthur @7.1.3    6 days ago

That is a really unique change of color, giving a different aspect of the horses.

Raven Wing
7.2  Raven Wing  replied to  Kavika @7    6 days ago

WOW Kavika! That is a beautiful picture. It reminds me of the wild horses of the Plains. Free spirited, roaming the hills and valleys, and managing to survive in all kinds of weather and environments. They are the true spirit of Mother Earth.

9  Kavika     one week ago

I like that one Mac. What is it that the bird is sitting on or in?

Nowhere Man
9.1  Nowhere Man  replied to  Kavika @9    one week ago

I was about to comment on it, but it disappeared.....

Buzz of the Orient
9.1.1  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Nowhere Man @9.1    one week ago

Yeah. I never even got to see it.  I was eating breakfast.

A. Macarthur
10  A. Macarthur    one week ago

The image had a typo in the caption below it; I'm in the process of correcting it and will repost it with the information about the bird.

A. Macarthur
10.1  A. Macarthur  replied to  A. Macarthur @10    one week ago

The image had a typo in the caption below it; now corrected.


© A. Mac/A.G.

The bird is a Downy Woodpecker; her posture while sitting on the feeder looked "centurion-like" to me and hence, the "Protector" idea.

Nowhere Man
10.1.1  Nowhere Man  replied to  A. Macarthur @10.1    one week ago

I like the specular effect brother, well done. (apply it but still keep it in focus is not easy) It adds to the ethereal feel of the pic...

Raven Wing
10.1.2  Raven Wing  replied to  A. Macarthur @10.1    6 days ago

The bird is awesome! It looks so regal and and ready to stand its ground. The Woodpecker is one of my favorite birds. 

Nowhere Man
11  Nowhere Man    one week ago

To Post.....



Not to Post......



What is the Message?


Only you can decide........

Image credits: 1. James Campbell, 2+3 Banksy. 

Buzz of the Orient
11.1  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Nowhere Man @11    one week ago

Or other possible captions:

1.   Rereading yet again a letter from a loving daughter who is living overseas.

2.   Be careful of what you say - Big Brother is listening to you.

3.   How else did Picasso start?

12  Kavika     one week ago

I don't know if this should be posted here, but it is art, musical art. This is one of the most unique collaborations I ever seen or heard. If not please feel free to delete it. 

John Two Hawks, traditional American Indian music and the rock group, Nightwish.  John lived a bit down the road from me when I lived in MO and he lives in Arkansas. He plays a dozen or so instruments, is a writer, author and motivational speaker. 

Let me know what you think on this unique piece entitled, ''Creek Mary's Blood''. A book written by Dee Brown who is the author of ''Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee''..

Raven Wing
12.1  Raven Wing  replied to  Kavika @12    one week ago

Beautiful music, Kavika. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. 

Buzz of the Orient
12.2  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Kavika @12    one week ago

Someone "created" that music, did they not?  Is composing not an art?  Is music not an art?   A.Mac will tell you that I have in the past posted music on this group as well. 

13  Kavika     one week ago

As some of you know I'm something of an art collector. Everything from James Bama to Michael Delacroix...

I currently have this piece on order. It's by J.D. Challenger and is entitled, ''My Warrior Has Fallen''....


This is one I'm been looking for on the resale market. I really screwed up when this was first published. A limited signed edition by James Bama could have been had for $800. I passed on it and for the life of me I cannot understand why I made such a stupid mistake. LOL Currently that limited edition is a hell of a lot more expensive than that.....perhaps I can find someone that is in dire straights and needs to dump it quick for a more reasonable price.

It's entitled ''Young Plains Indian''...This is what James Bama had to say about it. 


“I saw this young man in the grand entry at a Crow Fair and photographed him during a moment when the parade halted,” Bama explains of "Young Plains Indian." “I was struck by the symbolism of the wings tied across the brave’s back, making him look like a messenger of death with the feather in his hair crossing the wings as a counterpoint. The combination of outfit with dramatic attitude was a happy accident, as most Indians today don’t have quite the look of those photographed around the turn of the twentieth century. But this brave could have been living in 1879. It is something you could never get in a pose —the look in his eye was positively mesmerizing.”

13.1  Kavika   replied to  Kavika @13    one week ago

I currently have three of Mr. Bama's painting. Ken Blackbird, At a Mountain Man's Wedding, and At the burial of Gallagar and Blind Bill.

Nowhere Man
13.1.1  Nowhere Man  replied to  Kavika @13.1    6 days ago
Mr. Bama's painting. Ken Blackbird, At a Mountain Man's Wedding, and At the burial of Gallagar and Blind Bill.

And here they are....


Ken Blackbird is a young Assiniboine Sioux Indian who spent three summers working for the Wapiti, Wyoming, Ranger Station, clearing and maintaining trails in the Shoshone National Forest. The occasion for his wearing the period Indian dress was a mountain man memorial event at Old Trail Town, in Cody, Wyoming.


It should have been the mid-1800s but the time was actually Memorial Day, 1980. The place was Cody, Wyoming. The people were mountain men - 300 of them from all different regions - who had gathered for a three day rendezvous. All lived in tents and wore authentic mountain man costumes. The highlight of the final day was the wedding ceremony. The groom, Richard Briggs, was dressed in a French Canadian trapper outfit from the 1820-1840 period. His entire outfit, including his voyageur hat, was handmade. All 300 were in attendance, and, of course, all were authentically attired - including the minister.


Gallager and Blind Bill were two wild cowboys who lost out in a feud on the Meeteetse Creek. That was in 1894. It was some eight decades later that they reached real notoriety. For they were among the Old West characters reburied at Old Trail Town, Bob Edgar's Museum of the Old West near Cody, Wyoming. Bob has gathered buildings, wagons and Western memorabilia to create an authentic Western town - complete right down to the graveyard. Now, Gallager and Blind Bill are part of Old Trail Town, too.


Notable that these are paintings, not photographs...... Gives you a good idea of the artists skill......

13.1.2  Kavika   replied to  Nowhere Man @13.1.1    6 days ago

He is an extremely skilled artist. 

The old west, Indian, Cowboys and the like are not the only thing that I collect. I have LeRoy Niemans, Michael Delacroix, R.C. Gorman, Rodo Boulanger, Jacquie Vaux, Andrew Wyeth, Howard Terpening, sculptors by Fredrick Remington. Photos by  Roland Reed and more artwork by Charles Banks Wilson. 

LOL, I'm addicted.

Raven Wing
13.1.3  Raven Wing  replied to  Nowhere Man @13.1.1    6 days ago
Gives you a good idea of the artists skill......

It does indeed depict the awesome skill and eye of the painter. The one on the top reminds me of some of the young men who attended the POW WOWs in No. Virginia when I lived there. There were attendees from many various Tribes, and all in original regalia. 

Raven Wing
13.3  Raven Wing  replied to  Kavika @13    6 days ago

The young man does indeed have the look and presence of a Warrior. A wonderful photo, and he does look ready for battle.

A. Macarthur
14  A. Macarthur    6 days ago


© A. Mac/A.G.

14.1  Kavika   replied to  A. Macarthur @14    6 days ago

The perfect quote and photo Mac.

15  Kathleen    6 days ago

Some color here.


Raven Wing
15.1  Raven Wing  replied to  Kathleen @15    6 days ago

That really is a beautiful flower Kathleen. Is it one of your own? It looks like a Tiger Lily, or similar. Love the color.

15.1.1  Kathleen  replied to  Raven Wing @15.1    6 days ago

Thank you...

I bought the lilies at the grocery store and put them in my kitchen last year. They smell so good too, sort of like nutmeg. : )

16  Ender    6 days ago

Great pics everyone. I cannot come close to any of these so I will just roll myself up and enjoy.


16.1  Kavika   replied to  Ender @16    6 days ago

LOL, too darn cute Ender.

Raven Wing
16.2  Raven Wing  replied to  Ender @16    6 days ago

Awww....that's adorable, Ender. jrSmiley_15_smiley_image.gif

A. Macarthur
17  A. Macarthur    6 days ago

This afternoon, my wife and I did a short walk in the woods (very soothing), then went to a supermarket. 

Nothing beats "normal".

Good night all.


Osprey … not actually getting ready to fly, rather discouraging a gull flying towards its nest.

© A. Mac/A.G.

charger 383
17.1  charger 383  replied to  A. Macarthur @17    6 days ago

nice picture, hope things get back to normal and go well

A. Macarthur
17.1.1  A. Macarthur  replied to  charger 383 @17.1    6 days ago

Many thanks, charger.

Raven Wing
17.2  Raven Wing  replied to  A. Macarthur @17    5 days ago

Beautiful picture. Love the color combinations and attention to detail on the wings.

Buzz of the Orient
17.3  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  A. Macarthur @17    5 days ago

Perfect timing, perfect composition....great photo.

Buzz of the Orient
18  author  Buzz of the Orient    4 days ago


A. Macarthur
18.1  A. Macarthur  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @18    4 days ago

Texturally, it has a Howard Pyle/N.C. Wyeth feeling.

Raven Wing
18.2  Raven Wing  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @18    4 days ago

Beautiful picture, Buzz. Love the bright colors.

A. Macarthur
19  A. Macarthur    4 days ago

One more for sanity's and serenity's sake.


The Big Thompson River, Colorado Rocky Mountains

© A. Mac/A.G.

Buzz of the Orient
19.1  author  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  A. Macarthur @19    4 days ago

Yes, it would have that effect on me.  It's been decades since I've sat and cooled out beside a wooded stream.

Raven Wing
19.2  Raven Wing  replied to  A. Macarthur @19    4 days ago

A very soothing and calming picture, Mac. Small rills like this one are my favorite to visit. If one is patient and looks close enough, they can see all the small life that calls that area home. It is very Spiritually uplifting. Thank you for sharing.


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