Getting My "Fill" ~ An Experimental Image Style

By:  A. Macarthur  •  4 months ago  •  15 comments

Getting My "Fill" ~ An Experimental Image Style

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Having fun with this … but not sure of its future.


© A. Mac/A.G.


© A. Mac/A.G.


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A. Macarthur
1  author  A. Macarthur    4 months ago


Buzz of the Orient
1.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  A. Macarthur @1    4 months ago

Looks like fun, and it IS an effective presentation.

A. Macarthur
2  author  A. Macarthur    4 months ago

I can come back another time.

2.1  dave-2693993  replied to  A. Macarthur @2    4 months ago

MAC. !!!

They are some of your best in my opinion.

†hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh
3  †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh    4 months ago

Beautiful images sir. I wish i didn't have to work all the time and I could explore that more often.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
4  Perrie Halpern R.A.    4 months ago

I really like the concept, Mac and how you execute it. They are beautiful images. Obviously, more cellists are going to like the first one (my daughter play) and people into butterflies are going to like the other. 

Buzz of the Orient
4.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @4    4 months ago

I'll bet Yo Yo Ma would be very pleased.

5  Kavika     4 months ago

Very very cool Mac.

Raven Wing
6  Raven Wing    4 months ago

Beautiful images, Mac. Very well done. The Butterfly is truly exquisite. The cello speaks to the heart. Great variations and new concepts to your lovely artwork. 

A. Macarthur
7  author  A. Macarthur    4 months ago

One more … and saying "good night" for now.


 A. Mac/A.G.

Raven Wing
7.1  Raven Wing  replied to  A. Macarthur @7    4 months ago

I very much like what you are doing with the variations of your artwork, Mac. A lot of imagination and inspiration going into them. Well done.

A. Macarthur
8  author  A. Macarthur    4 months ago

Thanks to everyone for kind words (which imparts confidence to try additional images); here is the newest.


© A. Mac/A.G.

Raven Wing
8.1  Raven Wing  replied to  A. Macarthur @8    4 months ago

A great image Mac.  I found that experimenting can lead to the opening of new doors that I have never thought of before. Shapes, colors, blending, etc. can lead to new ideas. The folks here on NT have been a great inspiration to me, and their encouragement truly valuable in allowing me to try new techniques as well.

I hope that you will continue to experiment, as your current ones are proving very successful. (smile)

A. Macarthur
9  author  A. Macarthur    4 months ago

Many attempts at these fall flat … the overriding, basic technique, does not always successfully portray the concept I have in mind … and, sometimes the "negative shapes" dominate the "positive shapes" as a work progresses … or fails to do so.

Positive shapes  occupy positive  space in a composition, that is, shapes that generally are "representational" in that they portray objects. Negative shapes become the t he areas around positive shapes … the background is negative space

And some … are kind of in-between and almost abstract or purely conceptual as opposed to representational. Below is one such example … 

I like it but don't know how I'd describe it in words.


I think it would make a nice decorative ceramic wall tile design.

© A. Mac/A.G.

Anyway … good night and hopefully more tomorrow.

Raven Wing
9.1  Raven Wing  replied to  A. Macarthur @9    4 months ago

A very lovely design and depiction of a flowing river. The colors are very well coordinated and fit well in the various shapes. Very nicely done.

I've often worked for hours on a creation only to find in the end that it just does not turn out to the results I want. Blending the images and backgrounds in always an experiment in progress, as there is the case of color combination, contrast, warmth, cold, rhythm, feeling, etc. that are all part of the end results of a successful creation or a failure. 

When I first started I was not sure just how to work the various parts together, and there were a lot more failures than successes. But, the longer I let my imagination lead the way instead of trying to keep everything in control, the more I learned to work all the various parts together for a successful result. 

Once that was achieved I was able to expand further into the use of shapes, designs, shadows and lighting. It's all a labor of love and enjoyment. 

I can see that your own creations are also a great deal of enjoyment for you. 


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