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A Normal Day - Oddly insane thoughts

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A Normal Day - Oddly insane thoughts
Does social distancing mean not voting for a social democrat?


My life is so exciting!! I checked the inflation report this morning, which always provokes trips down memory lane. Yep, I can remember when things were cheaper. Although I can also remember when some things (very few) were higher. Gasoline looks to go lower than current, as does restaurant spending. 

I don’t drive very much, and restaurants are fast becoming a thing of the past. You can have just about anything delivered. That might become the norm for many, as social distancing seems to be taking hold. Strange how we must come up with terms like “social distancing”. My wife of 50 years and I have been doing that for some time. She sits on one end of the couch and I sit on the other. 

Out and About

Yesterday was doctor and grocery shopping day. My wife and I are big financial supporters of the medical industry. I am always a tad nervous about going to a doctor’s office this time of year, but maybe a bit more due to recent “events”. Both offices’ waiting rooms were empty and there was little to no wait time in the waiting room or back in the room. From the time I left the house, drove 3 miles to and from... less than 40 minutes each. I did ask and was told there had been a "few" cancellations and no shows. Not sure of their definition of “few”.

Next up... Blood tests on FRIDAY THE 13TH!!

Between and around all that, I did go to a couple of grocery stores. Kroger and Walmart to be precise. Kroger rarely has a large stock of our favorite toilet paper, so was not surprised they were out. There were plenty of other brands. Otherwise, Kroger shelves seemed to be fully stocked, with the exception of the pasta section. I got what I usually get and moved on. Walmart did have our brand of T.P. and everything else seemed fully stocked. We get specific brands of many things and a lot of those were absent. Where they were normally located was jam packed with store brand items that don’t quite meet the test taste, imo. Both stores, in and out, looked like a normal Tuesday.

Speaking of Tuesdays

I guess there was some primary elections and Biden is storming ahead. Oddly, by my estimation and relevant polls, it seems he underperformed a bit. I had recently mentioned he would hit the magic 1990 by late April. Might need to push that back a week.

I admit I am fascinated by the process and have fun making predictions, etc. ... I truly don’t care about the eventual outcome. Too cynical?

The headline reads "Sanders expected to announce he is staying in the race." Next up... The sun is expected to rise tomorrow. Ooos! I guess they realized how stupid the headline sounded and have changed it to Sanders is scheduled to speak? Isn't speaking expected of a politician? Again... too cynical?

The Sky is Falling

Another down day in stocks, likely to be followed with an up day on Thursday. The downs are bigger than the ups. My guess the DOW will slow the fall in the 22,000 range. Then I read Cramer’s statements of 21,800 and now consider him a guru. Just kidding. I arrived at my number by checking the Hang Seng’s fall from grace. Did he do the same? Normally when stocks fall, we hear of "rush to safety" and bonds go up and yields fall. Why is that not happening today? Can't wait to hear the spin on that! Okay, I just checked and bonds are starting to move downward, but still disconnected from stocks. Still curious.

Did read where the EU might be forced to do something as the Euro is gaining against the Dollar. It might happen as Germany is most impacted by this. If you weren’t aware that Germany ruled the EU roost, then shame on you. 

The U.S. Administration is considering a payroll tax cut. I wonder how many seniors understand what that means down the road? I suspect it is a relatively small percentage. It is promoted as putting more money in the consumers’ pockets. It also would help companies with potential cash flow problems. Win/win, right? Or is it robbing Peter to pay Paul? Can privatization be far away? Who cares? ... nobody? 

Pot stocks are going up in smoke. What person in their right mind didn’t see this coming? You cannot tax a widely used black-market product... without first getting control of the black-market product.

Need an excuse

Our governor had previously recommended we should not visit nursing homes, after most of the nursing homes had barred visitors. I didn't realize nursing homes were such a popular tourist attraction. Now he is recommending churches should cancel services this Sunday and prisons will no longer accept visitors. Seems like there should be some humor in that statement.

State health officials stressed... "for 80% of the people that contract the virus, you will be just fine. You'll either have cold symptions or no symptons. Vulnerable people need to be protected". Yes, that statement is so calming, soothing and reassuring, there is no need to get panicky. /s   

Completely Out of Touch

I see where something called SXSW has been postponed, along with Coachella and Stagecoach. Golly gee, I won’t get to see Pearl Jam, Madonna and Miley. /s


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Baron Creek
1  author  Baron Creek    4 weeks ago

I'm exhausted... time for a nap!

2  Ender    4 weeks ago

Did you read the idea of helping the poor oil companies?

The shale and fracking companies running on hard times is a hard pill to swallow. They need all the help and bailouts they can get.

Baron Creek
2.1  author  Baron Creek  replied to  Ender @2    4 weeks ago
Did you read the idea of helping the poor oil companies?

Yes and more. Airlines are deemed an essential national security industry. I've even seen the word bailout used.

3  r.t..b...    4 weeks ago

from the seed..."The U.S. Administration is considering a payroll tax cut. I wonder how many seniors understand what that means down the road? I suspect it is a relatively small percentage."

I suspect so too, given most of that population is way past reaping the benefits of a 'tax cut' and are totally dependent on their families and/or social agencies in assuring a comfortable life going forward. Though the most at risk, we continue to consider 'seniors' collateral damage (a cultural disgrace by the way).

And yet, still no willingness to facilitate an open, truthful and totally transparent dialogue from the federal government. Shameful.

3.1  1stwarrior  replied to  r.t..b... @3    4 weeks ago

So, "if" such a thing were to go through, would folks have to "repay" the tax?  For a senior, that could be a serious issue.

3.1.1  r.t..b...  replied to  1stwarrior @3.1    4 weeks ago
So, "if"

No idea how this is to be implemented, 1st, nor the ramifications of doing so. It does seem a transactional attempt to assuage the markets rather than a focused effort to address the actual situation at hand. 

Baron Creek
3.1.2  author  Baron Creek  replied to  1stwarrior @3.1    4 weeks ago
For a senior, that could be a serious issue.

Unless the senior is employed it would not have any effect, as to repayment. 

Perhaps it would be better to provide the definition of " payroll tax ". Among other things it is the money taken from checks for Social Security and Medicare at both the employee's and employer matching funds.  There is certainly a short term gain to be had, as it puts more into the employee's pockets and employer coffers, but rapidly erodes already depleting trust funds.

Baron Creek
3.1.3  author  Baron Creek  replied to  r.t..b... @3.1.1    4 weeks ago

There was a temporary reduction of 2% back in 2011, I think. Considering a permanent reduction has been tossed about the past 3 years, I suspect that will be the talking point this time around. 

As for the Social Security trust fund, it is either an increase in wages subject to current tax rules, or increase of caps, to extend its 100% benefits date of expiration. A reduction pulls the date forward and with already extremely low treasury rates, the date is likely pulling forward regardless.  

Baron Creek
4  author  Baron Creek    4 weeks ago
Normally when stocks fall, we hear of "rush to safety" and bonds go up and yields fall. Why is that not happening today? Can't wait to hear the spin on that! 

Ruh-roh!!! The spin was the wrong kind. It was the kind of spin you see... when you flush the toilet. This is getting ridiculously bad in a hurry. Dow 21,400 anyone?

4.1  igknorantzrulz  replied to  Baron Creek @4    4 weeks ago

Ruh-roh!!! The spin was the wrong kind. It was the kind of spin you see... when you flush the toilet. This is getting ridiculously bad in a hurry. Dow 21,400 anyone?

wouldn't that 'spin' be dependent on which side of the equator one is on ..? or would it be more of the dizzying that one feels when attempting to follow Trump as he reads from a teleprompter that leaves all sedated as he sounds like a hypnotist who just slid you a bill for his work, just B'Cosby style at 7:14, and you think you're gonna have a Rohering good time till you wake up,

the next day, with your pants around someones ankles, cause they were too big to fit their wrists that slashed taxes for the ones who needed it least as Trump only wished to feed the beast, as his itchy supporters know not where to scratch DJT, cause he needs their support, especially with the inevitable end of his insecurity driven pep rallies as he requests payroll tax relief only till the election while he can't fight off the infection as virus's are smarter than the gullible that support his foundation of lies, he has built his Trump house of cards upon, and he blows too many

falsehoods to those who cover their ears as they have significant fears when it comes to the TRUTH they refuse to hear.

I'm not educated on econimical matters of money, but common sense tells me he has kept actions in place that were only called for after the  Bush /Obama bailout, as Taxes did NOT need to be lowered on corporations for the very wealthy and the corporations who certainly only benefit the very few while not being people too, will leave us in a financial stew poor

peoples and the middle class acts that are disappearing will leave our country in Dire Straits  as money for nothing and chicks for free ,

ain't happening, as Trump pays $130,000 per pu$$y grabbed as of late, as he can afford to date, as he fleeces US ALL.

Sorry, long day and night, not feeling alright, as our Country IS IN TROUBLE and we have a Mental Midget at the Helm, who makes all other mental midgets Dwarf in comparison as his mental deficiencies seem to know no boundaries, and that's a know no, no ?

4.1.1  igknorantzrulz  replied to  igknorantzrulz @4.1    4 weeks ago

Sorry Baron

was just keeping with the theme

nonsense ramblings

Baron Creek
4.1.2  author  Baron Creek  replied to  igknorantzrulz @4.1.1    4 weeks ago

No problem. For the past few weeks, Trump has downplayed the risk of coronavirus, yet last night seemed to be a bit more edgy. One particular item caught my attention... he specifically said the financial market was in good shape. This was just a few hours after treasuries and stocks went wildly in different directions. Today, they are in the acting in the same direction, but after yesterday's warning shot... no, the financial markets are not in good shape, imo.

4.1.3  igknorantzrulz  replied to  Baron Creek @4.1.2    4 weeks ago

No, and one need not be a Financial guru to see we are in trouble. If he hadn't of told over 15,000 lies already, and been up front about everything via our scientists, it would be a more controlled mayhem, but the man cannot be believed, on ANYTHING, and that is a sad state of affairs for us all.

Baron Creek
4.1.4  author  Baron Creek  replied to  igknorantzrulz @4.1.3    4 weeks ago

The treasuries and stocks are starting to diverge again. Even gold is falling. All the stock futures are in freefall, including the Hang Seng. There is nothing on the boards to even suggest a turnaround in the short term.

Unless something is done quickly today, the Dow will be nearing 20,200 on Friday the 13th. Frankly, this is a straight up liquidity issue, which is financial stress. 

4.1.5  igknorantzrulz  replied to  Baron Creek @4.1.4    4 weeks ago

don't worry,

Trump has 'his' economy cheerleaders out there 

with pom poms