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Can It Be True-s-day?

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Can It Be True-s-day?
If I had a dollar for every time I erred, I could retire. – Me (now retired)


...I have managed to pull off some bone-headed mistakes over the years, yet somehow managed to come out smelling like a rose. Pure dumb luck? I will NOT elaborate on any of the more memorable misadventures.

I got a call yesterday

...from a former co-worker. He mistakenly believed I had been some kind of stock guru and he wanted some investment advice. I was unable and unwilling to provide any such advice. In fact, I never did offer advice, although I did talk of broader market issues when it arose. In my opinion, stocks are an individual investment, although sectors play a role in determination.  I always got scared, well before market tops and was always a bit slow in rejoining the party. Sure, I made a little money along the way, but hindsight indicates it might have been pure dumb luck. Please spare me your version of guidance, as I always thought those that can... do, and those that can’t... talk endlessly.

Now to talk endlessly

Everything being done by the FED and our fearless leaders in Congress, is to bridge a shutdown and fervently hope everything rapidly returns to normal... on the other side. The old V-shaped recovery. I hope for that as well, but I suspect it would require some pure dumb luck.  

I think Trump has alluded to a return to “normalcy” and even Cuomo has hinted at much the same. A clearer picture of what might take place was provided from across the pond. It was an idea that has yet to be implemented.

There are many, such as me, that need to remain self-isolated and the heartier souls among us would go back to work and spread the virus around until they develop an immunity. The thinking being it would not be as deadly or require extreme hospitalization among that part of the population. It’s one of those things that looks good on paper... like Family Thanksgiving get togethers. 

I see where Wuhan, China’s lockdown will be rescinded on April 8th... two months after the original lockdown. I doubt very seriously the USA will be on lockdown that length of time, which likely brings the previous paragraph into reality.

Local TV news

I get the social distancing on their broadcasts, but can they pull the cameras back a bit. I suspect they are 2 meters apart, but they are trying to make it seem they are in two different locations.  Apparently, makeup is most effective at a distance. Or maybe there is a nationwide shortage on makeup. 

As our weather forecasters are now set up at home, how long will it be before until they are doing the weather in pajamas? But with the governor and now president interrupting the local news broadcasts, why bother to dress at all?

Sport’s Reporters... talking about your lost ball in high weeds. Skyping with someone who is wearing pajamas (at least tops) is becoming the new norm.

I do feel sorry for the local news. They make their money from ad revenue, such as car dealerships, furniture stores, fine dining establishments, clothing stores, department stores, etc. Places that are now shutdown. Of course, paid political ads are also a big revenue stream. Not seeing any of those currently.

As far as I can tell, all serious crime has stopped and what little crime there is... seems to be centered around the toilet paper aisle. 


I hope this is not true, but my spidey sense tells me it is possible, and it is only going to get worse. 2nd and 3rd hand reports indicate people are not quite so chill in grocery stores. It is hard to imagine some of the stuff taking place until I recall those Black Friday stories. I won’t detail some of the things that are being told as taking place at my local grocery venues, but if you use a personal shopper or whatever, they might not be at fault if some of your items are missing and you were still billed.

As for the people allegedly knocked down... I doubt they had any squeezably soft Charmin to break the fall.  

Maybe some of the hysterics will subside as we progress deeper into this crisis, but my spidey sense tells me it could get worse. If the police must patrol the grocery aisles, who patrols the neighborhoods?

Happiness shall prevail

Enough with the gloom and doom. The sun is trying to peak out and I have yard work to do. Yeehaw!!


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Baron Creek
1  author  Baron Creek    4 months ago

My prediction on what's about to happen... I will be sore tomorrow!!

Greg Jones
2  Greg Jones    4 months ago

Kroger is giving us old goats special shopping hours... 7-8 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I believe other stores are doing the same thing.

Been having a good time doing spring apartment cleaning and going for walks in the parks and on the foothill trails.

Some groceries in good supply...milk, eggs if you go early, same for bread, but spuds come and go.

Canned goods aisles are quite bare but there always seems to be a few cans of soup and chili (with beans) available.

All I really need tomorrow is laundry soap, hopefully there will be some left.

I do hope the morons in Congress finish their work and go home and shut up.

Baron Creek
2.1  author  Baron Creek  replied to  Greg Jones @2    4 months ago

The cupboards are mostly full and so is the refrigerator. We will hunker down for awhile, although doctor's visits are looming. Maybe when the working stiffs go back to work (infecting each other), I can sneak in and get a few things. Although this pickup thing sounds promising. It might work now, but from the time you order to when they pick, a bunch of stuff seems to run out. I guess I could roll the dice by ordering everyday. 

Our elected officials have always been akin to herding cats and now they are trying to do the same for the public. I don't have great expectations and it would surprise the dickens out of me... if it were successful.

Release The Kraken
3  Release The Kraken    4 months ago

Screw my homeowners association I just bought a milk cow.

Baron Creek
3.1  author  Baron Creek  replied to  Release The Kraken @3    4 months ago
I just bought a milk cow.

One man's milk cow is another man's freezer full of beef. 

4  Nerm_L    4 months ago

The virus is being spread around now; that's why the number of cases keep growing.  People who are not working have a lot of free time to make other people sick.  Obviously Al Gore's lock box isn't working.

If people get infected at work then, at least, they can blame the business.  As it is now, we only have ourselves to blame.  Finding scapegoats is the most important thing in any crisis.