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To Be Tested, First Requires a Test!

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To Be Tested, First Requires a Test!
When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat. - George Carlin

Times have changed.

I saw my ophthalmologist as scheduled. In this new age, I sat in the parking lot, called the office and waited. When I got the call, I put on my mask and entered the vestibule, where I had my temperature taken. About the only things missing were a metal detector, being wanded, patted down and a cavity search.

But the trip to the hospital should be even more fun. I must get tested for the virus, just to get into the hospital. It must be done a week in advance, so the test results can come back. If it is positive, I can’t get in. That’s a Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) way to keep the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. Nothing worse than a bunch of sick people hanging around a hospital to give it a bad name. There might be more to the story than I mentioned, but I shortened it to fit my narrative. 

I got a call from my primary physician, wishing to schedule some tests and possibly see me. That was an absolute first. I have seen him via telemedicine, as has my wife. I can tell his business must be in the tubes as there is not any wait time. Then he calls me. A sure sign, don’t you think? If we all hold out, we might start seeing house calls. Of course, you might have to get tested first. Afterall, the doctor just wants you to get a bunch of tests at the hospital, which you can't do... if positive. See how my mind works?

Legionnaires Disease

Yes, I said it. A lot of places have been idle for some time. Standing water becomes a growth point for many bacteria, etc. Hopefully, those buildings that have sat idle will be thoroughly flushed prior to usage. At least do not drink from water fountains, until you are certain they have been thoroughly flushed. Also, hand washing rules should be strictly observed… with lot's of soap.

Improved efficiency

There are many drugs being touted as decreasing hospital length of stay. Make no mistake… this is about efficiency. Remember the mantra had been to flatten the curve, to prevent overwhelming the healthcare system. Some things may have been implied and some things we inferred. Increased efficiency translates to increased capacity.

Think about it… remdesivir decreases hospital stays by 31%. Most of the drugs you hear about, do not cure or prevent, but tout reduction in the length of illness. Which is a good thing, but don’t infer a bunch of other things.

I previously made mention of my state with 90% of reported deaths in the over 60 range. That is a pattern across many, if not all states. I’m starting to see that being pointed out in more and more places. While it appears to be in support of re-opening the economy, it will likely become more and more known as time passes. Us old folks need to keep our heads down, imo. Okay boomer! Silent generation! Greatest generation!


I read where there is more divisiveness in our society. We do seem to be united in one thing… being mad. As it is difficult to be objective and logical while being mad, our puppet masters must be ecstatic at achieving a near 100% utopia… for themselves.


I keep hearing about penalizing China. Great for mindless chatter, but nothing will take place. An example would be forcing the meat packing plants to stay open. Sure, those companies should pay more, be more aware of safety concerns and do a much better job of following rules and regulations and if those rules and regulations don’t exist, then they should be enacted. I agree fully with those sentiments, but I am also aware of the much higher cost of the product. I suspect that many expect prices to remain stable with all those additional costs being placed on the companies.

Why not just ship those jobs south of the border? Labor would be cheaper, less regulations, etc. A win for the American consumer and the plight of the worker is out of sight and out of mind.

Farfetched? Nope, companies in other industries have been doing that for decades. China is just the latest country to come along and take advantage of our screwed-up greed and selfishness.

Feel free to complain about China as I do and many issues might be legit, but the fact of the matter is… we created this mess and we are not going to do anything about it, other than whine and complain.

Okay, I am tired of whining and complaining… for the moment! 


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Baron Creek
1  author  Baron Creek    3 weeks ago

Lunch is over and it is a beautiful day. Back outside to soak up some of those virus killing UV rays.

Trout Giggles
1.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  Baron Creek @1    3 weeks ago

I soaked up enough rays for everyone to get skin cancer on Saturday.

2  Thomas    3 weeks ago
...many issues might be legit, but the fact of the matter is… we created this mess and we are not going to do anything about it, other than whine and complain.

I have made the same observation, repeatedly.

4  Kavika     3 weeks ago

Nationwide doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are being laid off/terminated from a lack of patients. Hospitals are having financial problems (lack of patients) so you can expect your GP to call you on a regular basis to drum up some business.

4.1  Thomas  replied to  Kavika @4    3 weeks ago

Here in NY the strictures are beginning to ease a bit and they are starting to do other procedures

Trout Giggles
4.2  Trout Giggles  replied to  Kavika @4    3 weeks ago

I just got a bill from my clinic for a visit I had back in September. I have no idea why it took them this long to send me a bill but I suspect it was haggling with TriCare to get paid. And when TriCare doesn't cough up the cash I get the ass kicking.

5  freepress    3 weeks ago

Republicans have gone all in on "divide and conquer" every since Karl Rove ran both Bush campaigns.It brought us the fake "tea party" and now it is using fake "nationalism" and fear of foreigners as their boogeyman. Funny how Trump supporters say nothing about how many foreign workers and even illegals work and have worked at Trump properties. They say nothing about how Trump has praised China since last year and then spouts lies about tariffs. They say nothing about his daughter getting trademarks from China. They say nothing about how Mitch McConnell got his wife into a prominent position as head of Transportation when she is from a wealthy Chinese shipping family. They say nothing about Walmart who went from Made in the USA to the biggest distributor of Chinese goods sold in America.

The virus is just an excuse for Repuplicans to keep pushing division, using existing divisions and avoid any responsibility.

They lie about when it started, how it started, lie about how and when we responded, lie and create confusion about tests, masks, anti-body tests, lie about which medications work instead of leaving it to doctors. We are on our own. And sadly the "no mask", reopen zealots are going to suffer and spread the virus among themselves first, and pass it on to anyone they come into close contact with. It will literally take getting the virus themselves, a family member dying before they come to grips with a new reality.