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Notes from the Hermitage

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Notes from the Hermitage
The more things change, the more they are the same. - Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

Recreational Boat sales

In my area, boat dealers are saying sales are brisk and supplies are tight. I guess social distancing, free time and free money has something to do with this. Not sure there is any correlation, but drownings have picked up significantly from previous years.

Food prices

Yes, they are rising, but let me be clear… this is not due to shortages, but rather distribution of abundant supplies. However, the current farm prices suggest a thinning of herds, acres, etc. which could stress the supplies at origin... down the road. Don't empty the pantry just yet. On the plus side, I can now get everything I need via pickup, so no need to venture inside a grocery store. 

Gun sales

They have picked up considerably and even supplies are tight, just as boats and boat supplies. Here is hoping the outcome does not mirror the boats sales. Apparently, there is still a lingering ammo shortage. What troubles me is that gun locker sales have not picked up much, with all these new gun owners.  Generally speaking... people are stupid. I know... I am one, as I have been told so... at least the stupid part on more than one occasion. 

D.C. Statehood

Not really a bad idea. Congress will still have control, so actually having a seat at the table might be appropriate. Then this new state can even improve the situation for all of us by seceding and taking the whole “inside the beltway” gang with them. Just a thought. Hey, I never thought I would see a lot of what is taking place, so anything is indeed... possible. Although the virus is really the only thing I haven't seen.


My current projection D-267; R-171; Undecided-100. Obviously, the Dems have the edge, but I do wonder about my methodology or sanity, when both Georgia and Texas slightly lean Dem and Minnesota slightly leans Rep. 


Overall inventories of crude, crude products and SPR continues to increase, although the curve is slowly beginning to flatten. Current total inventory is 2.1 Billion barrels. I guess I am trying to say that demand has not out-stripped supply.

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1  Kavika     last year

1. Boat sales are increasing in my area of the country as well. The RV market it on fire right now. 

2. Agreed, distribution does seem to be a part of the price increases. 

3. Gun sales, I guess that some want to defend their right not to wear a mask.

4. Then this new state can even improve the situation for all of us by seceding and taking the whole “inside the beltway” gang with them.

A thousand thumbs up

5. Hmmm, I hope you're correct. 

6. Price of gas where I live is $1.56 gallon. 

In other news the market tanked today. 

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If you remove Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook from the equation... the rest of the market is not setting the woods on fire.

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2  Buzz of the Orient    last year

I always liked to be able to pick out the fruit and veggies that we purchase, but I've not been inside a grocery store/supermarket since January.  I do have to admit that my wife knows her veggies better than I do - she grew up on a farm.  However, she has now had the taste of having food items delivered to our door, and she likes the convenience.  Fortunately, as I have inspected what is being delivered, I was at first concerned the products would not be the best, but I've been surprised that they have been well chosen.  As well, although we used to order certain items over the internet for delivery, we are doing much more of that now.  I even get most of the medicines I require that way now. 

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I deliberately don't complain about what the store selects, as the alternative is to do it myself. Most of our drugs are delivered via mail. Frankly, the whole donut thing almost requires it. Groceries - curbside and when a drug is needed for a current illness, it's drive thru window just like McDonalds. For that matter, most of the restaurants will deliver to the car. I hope that continues, although I am moving towards a delivery service. I tried the grocery delivery, but not a fan of their payment system to drivers.