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By: Baron Creek  •  33 comments  •  4 weeks ago
The Democratic Primaries are nowhere close to being finished, but it is never too early to talk Vice Presidential nominees, imo. Sure, many names come to mind, but who would help the ticket the most? BTW, I am ignoring the potential/actual impact of covid-19 and stock market gyrations. Making election predictions based on either of those would entail talking about the lives and livelihoods...
Mar 10 9:04pm @4 The Democrats eliminated all the women and blacks running for the nomination. Now they have to prove they're the party of diversity so the VP MUST be a person of color or a woman, preferably a...
Why Do Such Elderly People Run America?

Why Do Such Elderly People Run America?

Via: 1stwarrior  •  18 comments  •  one month ago
When Joe Biden climbed to the stage in California to celebrate his Super Tuesday comeback in the Democratic primary, three things happened in a matter of minutes. He basked in the thunderous applause from the crowd. He mistook his wife for his sister. And he delivered the sort of confusing, intermittently slurry, and occasionally indecipherable oration that has defined so many of his...
Mar 06 1:59am @5.1.2 "..." You're right, my bad. Of course, Sanders is older than Biden. Sanders went to school with Karl Marx.
Mar 06 1:01am @5.1 "..." In the 2016 election, we had Trump and Hillary, where were the young people? Buttiplug and Klobuchar were the only young people left running on the Democrats side. Amy was the only sane...
Mar 06 12:44am @4.1 "..." LMAO Sad, but true
Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the presidential campaign

Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the presidential campaign

By: JohnRussell  •  81 comments  •  one month ago
Elizabeth Warren's office says that she will make a speech announcing she is ending her efforts to win the Democratic Party nomination for president. 
Mar 06 1:27am @3.3.8 "..." After threatening two Supreme Court justices yesterday Chuck Schumer burnt all the pictures.
Mar 06 1:12am @3.3.6 "..." Jos is getting so forgetful it's a real possibility he would mistake the nuclear button for his bathroom scale. OOPS !
Mar 06 12:52am @3.3.5 "..." Democrats could limbo under a pregnant ant.