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Buzz of the Orient

'Gondolin' marks the end of Tolkien's reign

link Last Reply By @Cerenkov 3 months ago
    Yeah. I've read the trilogy dozens of times. The others?...

Sleeping Beauties - Stephen & Owen King

link Last Reply By @Veronica 6 months ago
    I don't know how I would feel if I had to leave my books...
Buzz of the Orient

The Casual Vacancy

link Last Reply By @Bob Nelson 7 months ago
     I'll send a PM to TiG, who seems to be managing tech...
Buzz of the Orient

Jane Austen's 10-pound bank note, not without irony, is revealed

link Last Reply By @Dowser last year
    Yep, it's been almost 50 years...  Not surprising that I...
Buzz of the Orient

Which Classic Literary Genre Are You?

link Last Reply By @Buzz of the Orient last year
    Pathetic? Hell! Privileged would be more like it.