Border crossing into Canada in the movies

Buzz of the Orient
02/13/17 01:36:38AM

Border crossing into Canada in the movies

I can think of two movies offhand that refer to or have examples of Americans crossing the border to find freedom. I am not thinking of movies that have people holidaying in Canada or just visiting for business or pleasure, or having to do with the Underground Railroad from yesteryear, but because of the news that I see these days of illegal aliens or refugees seeking sanctuary in Canada it made me think of this.

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest


Jack Nicholson, as McMurphy, planned to escape to Canada with "Chief" (Will Sampson, the BFI - an acronym that stands for a description of a very big Indian that I learned from Alanis Obamsawin, who is a very beautiful, intelligent and talented Abenaki Indian) until, unfortunately, McMurphy was given a lobotomy ordered by the bitch Nurse Ratchid, but it appeared that "Chief" took off for the north country.



Huey Walker, an old hippie played by Dennis Hopper, is arrested by FBI agent John Buckner, played by Kiefer Sutherland, and due to Buckner's roots is converted into helping Huey on the way to escape to Canada.

As these were all I could think of among classic movies at this moment, who has some more suggestions?