Help! I Want to Discover More About this Artist and This Tune!

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Help! I Want to Discover More About this Artist and This Tune!
And there is a river flowing from the throne of heaven, and the waters make the city glad."

Hello NT! In the nineties I heard this song on Family Radio and sent off to the station for a cassette copy. Well, that was the nineties and as of 2019 I have solidly misplaced the cassette version—if not lost it outright. The song and its writer does not appear in-print online. No picture. No website. (Luckily, I have been able to find this audio version. I want another casette or cd copy for myself.)

Anyway, Mr. Scott Smith and this song are not showing up and any internet search I 'craft'! Against hope, I am seeking to find out more about this song and its writer (Scott Smith).  I am posting this amazing song below and I solemnly hope somebody can recognize it and point me in the direction of securing another personal copy of it.

This song is important to me, because one day I wish it to celebrate my ending . It's musical arrangement choices are 'choice.' I do hope somebody can help me with info about this author and song. And, enjoy it too!

Credit to: http://suppressing-the-fire.blogspot.com/2012/06/of-music-and-worship.html


There's a fear among the nations and rumors of war.
We feel the hunger and pain and shadows we've known before.
And though the mountains may tremble, I will remember that the
Lord God Almighty, He is the Strength of my soul.

And there is a river flowing from the throne of heaven, and the waters make the city glad. Come to the fountain knowing the Father loves His own. And the river keeps us strong, 'til the joy of morning comes, for the promise lives where there is a river.

The saints are standing, watching, waiting.....How long, Oh Lord, until Your Kingdom come(s)....call your children home? Amid the cries of creation the prayers rise to the Heavens as we long to be clothed in the righteousness, born from above.....

repeat Chorus.... Be still and know.....I am God.


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1  author  CB     7 months ago

The last words to this song (in blue above) with that "pregnant pause" sealed this song in my heart.

2  JohnRussell    7 months ago

Looked on you tube for you. 

There are a lot of "There Is A River" videos, but they all appear to be a different song. 

2.1  author  CB   replied to  JohnRussell @2    7 months ago

I noticed that too! It added to my mild frustration. That and the problem that I can't see his face to determine it is truly 'the voice.' Although, this song is about me and my feelings, I am curious John Russell; did you listen to the song? Did you like it? Dislike it?

3  PJ    7 months ago

The only thing I could find was his full name, Scott Vincent Smith from the below website link.



Good luck with your search

3.1  author  CB   replied to  PJ @3    7 months ago

Hi PJ! Yes, I saw that Scott V. Smith, but his voice sounds different. Do you think? So, I am not sure he is this voice. God, I am listening to the song now as I type this and it is so strong.

4  JohnRussell    7 months ago

I'm not sure you're going to get the help you are looking for on a site like this.

Why dont you find a forum that discusses Christian music and ask there. I bet you get your answer. 

4.1  author  CB   replied to  JohnRussell @4    7 months ago

Y'all are my it-takes-a-village.png Y'all supposed to help me. And I am supposed to move heaven and hell to help you too, JR! th?id=OIP.92KQrJOiaLzxb0n9KIZX0wHaHa&w=2

5  TTGA    7 months ago

I think John's probably right CB.  That's something that a specialized site or sales site might have (also check Amazon).  Also it may be on YouTube and, possibly, available for download.  If so, be careful with the download app.  Some of those things are loaded with viruses. 

You seem to have a pretty clean version on this post.  I don't know the copyright status of that but, if it's not protected by copyright, here's something you might do.

  Check around various second hand electronic stores until you find a very old cassette player (the kind with a separate plug in microphone).  Get a double male plug wire that fits the receptacle where the mike plugged in and the speaker/headphone jack on your computer. You may need adapters.  Best Buy usually has a ton of those in various configurations. Plug the two together, put a cassette into the tape player and start recording.  Then hit the start button on the board above to start the version on this post.  After recording the song, switch the double male wire to the speaker jack on the cassette recorder and the microphone jack on your computer.  Start the Sound Recorder on the computer and play the cassette into it.  Using the sound recording on the computer, you should be able to burn a CD.

5.1  author  CB   replied to  TTGA @5    7 months ago

Interesting. He seems not to be on Youtube (I've checked multiple 'expressions' of the song and name. Albeit, you bring up a very good point. I should post the link to this audio version (will do it right after this post!).

I will have to check out the rest of the recording technique you shared! Thanks.

Do you think this song is beautiful? Just wondering. (I wanted to put it to a poll test) but don't know if I can do that with a blog!

5.1.1  author  CB   replied to  CB @5.1    7 months ago

Moment of victory! I have made a bit of success this morning after rereading your comment with my coffee! You said, "burn a CD." That got me thinking:

  1. The song is on my computer, downloaded from the blog. (Scanned it for bugs, too. 0.)
  2.  I searched for my 'burner' program - found it.
  3.  Made a copy of the song.
  4.  Most importantly, it plays in a CD player!

Well done, TTGA. I can have my moment of Zen. (Smile.)

5.1.2  katrix  replied to  CB @5.1    7 months ago

The album is out of print, according to namethathymn.com - so your best bet might be eBay or some other site. But here's a JPEG version for you.


Happily, Family Radio confirmed that the tenor is Scott Smith. The album containing the song "There is a River" is out of print, and they have lost touch with Scott, but there is a blogger who included an JPEG version of Scott's song in the following link:

5.1.3  author  CB   replied to  katrix @5.1.2    7 months ago

Thanks Katrix, I am so appreciative of your interest! The link is under the audio listing (see above). (Smile.)

I will do two things today on account of this (project):

  1. Visit my local Christian bookstore.
  2. Call Family Radio. Interesting it is them who turned me on to this song in the mid 90's or early 2000's? Where do the years go? Also, I bought the cassette tape through them back then. Let me see if they have another or have sold out.

Though the singer/songwriter is missing. I seem to have some options!

6  author  CB     7 months ago

Christian issues, beliefs, and news!  Greetings group members! I have a question for you about this song above, but I do not want to post it all over the site. If you read this, are any of you familiar with this songwriter/singer? I'd really appreciate an insight or two about it.

6.1  PJ  replied to  CB @6    7 months ago

Sorry CB, I am not a religious person but I respect those who choose to be.  I did listen to the song.  It was pleasing to the ear but I did not focus too much on the words. 

I am not familiar with the songwriter or the singer.  I am curious to find out why he faded from the spotlight.  Perhaps a personal choice.  I love a good mystery.  jrSmiley_82_smiley_image.gif

6.1.1  author  CB   replied to  PJ @6.1    7 months ago

You're so kind. I appreciate your sharing. I want to know why he faded from the spotlight too.

More importantly, how did he manage to stay off Youtube! I have found songs from nearly every singer spanning music's history on Youtube!

7  MrFrost    7 months ago

One option might be to take the song to a local radio station and ask around. 

8  MrFrost    7 months ago

Another option... get Sound hound for your cell phone. Play the song, activate the app and that may identify it. 

8.1  author  CB   replied to  MrFrost @8    7 months ago

Sound hound, you suggest? I used my Google music app to listen and it came back: "Nothing found." So there is a first time for everything! LOL!!

8.1.1  MrFrost  replied to  CB @8.1    7 months ago

Yea, it's an app that identifies music. Works pretty well. 

9  Jasper2529    7 months ago

Hello, CB. I'm not familiar with Scott Smith, but the song you posted is beautiful. His tenor voice is strong, yet gentle.

It seems that people have been looking for Scott Smith and this song for years ...


Here are other suggestions that may help your search:

  • Christian bookstores. When I taught Sunday School, they were very helpful and often had cassettes and CDs. Maybe they can direct you in your search, especially if you remember the name of the album.  

and ...

  • I found someone named Brandon Scott Smith on the following website. Could he be the same person? Due to my AdBlockers that I don't want to remove, I can't read anything on the site ...


Good luck in your search!

10  author  CB     7 months ago

Thank you Jasper! I am going to stop by my usual Christian Book Store when I am out today and give them the name and even let them listen to the song (with TTGA's suggestion I made a cd copy) in furtherance of this.

Brandon Scott Smith I found on Youtube. I don't think it is him. Song styles are different. But, who knows for sure?

I will share what I find out from the book store. (Smile.)

10.1  Jasper2529  replied to  CB @10    7 months ago

You're very welcome, CB! I hope that you find it!

11  author  CB     7 months ago

Well, today's phone search of Family Radio and car search of the local Bible bookstore yielded nothing about the author or this song. That's the bad news!

The good news is whether Scott Smith has left Earth or taken up a whole new career persona, or path - I have a 'working' copy of his song on CD and it sounds great on the store's speakers!

My search remains for the artist, but without the urgency. (Smile.)

12  author  CB     7 months ago

I still have no glue what became of this particular artist. How annoying: I have found a real internet mystery. I have located numerous records and artists from early decades online, but not this man's picture, other songs, a single album, only this song which comes from the archive of a Christian radio station; Family Radio. If anyone out there knows anything about Scott Smith reach out. . . .

12.1  evangeld  replied to  CB @12    one month ago

I too have been searching.  Let me share what I know:  I heard Scott Smith give a concert in Denver, Colorado in the early 90's and bought his CD afterwards.  I gave him some extra money because I really wanted to see his ministry continue!

The back of the CD says:

Produced and arranged by Tom Howard

Mixed by Tom Howard and Joe Bellamy at Peace in the Valley. Mastered by Hank Williams at Master Mix, Nashville, TN.

Musicians also include: Tom Howard, Scott Smith, Michael Faircloth, Randy Strom, Wayne Brasel, Dave Coy, Doug Matthews, Brad Dutz, Teri Desario, Pavel Farkas, James Lacefield, John Acosta, Dan Smith, Norman Hughes, Dimitrie Leivici, Ezra Kliger, Vladimir Polimatidi, Gail Cruz, John Clarke, John Mithcell

Concert information: Scott Smith Ministries, Inc,

P.O. Box 140,

Lutherville, MD 21093-01340


Now, where can we take it from here?

12.1.1  author  CB   replied to  evangeld @12.1    one month ago

What a pleasant surprise! You have a great pile of information there to backtrack on starting with ministry services and a phone number! I will get started today on it.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
12.1.2  Perrie Halpern R.A.  replied to  evangeld @12.1    one month ago

Hi Evangeld,

I will let CB know that you are reaching out to him. I think he will be very happy about this! 

12.1.3  author  CB   replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @12.1.2    one month ago

Thank you, Perrie! I am on it trying to make a connection to the song! (Smile.)

12.1.4  author  CB   replied to  evangeld @12.1    one month ago

Evangeld, can I impose on you for the name of the cd? (The phone number is not a working number, )

12.1.5  author  CB   replied to  CB @12.1.4    one month ago

Well, I am again stymied by this one for another round! Ladies and gentlemen! If you would like some intrigue while online, check out the song above which is extra-limited edition 99.99 percent everywhere online! I can find nothing about the artist (Scott Smith), those who assisted the artist in production even though I have names, or the song itself. A real mystery is afoot!