Who Is Your Non-Hero and Why? by Enoch

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There are many super heroes. They are the stuff of which comic books and movies are made. 

In literature and movies there are also anti-heroes. Interesting characters they.

The following is a list of six non heroes.

These are just ordinary folks. Nothing of note one way or the other.

In other words, well more than 99% of the world's population.  

We need those too, and probably most of all.

1. Moderately Virtuous Man. One who never achieves moral greatness because he takes moderation to the extreme. Being moderately virtuous is not being virtuous at all.

2. Pretending I Can't Cook Because I Don't Care to Wish Dishes Lady. The fast food industry needs her more than they can say.

3. Mildly Better Than I Appear Man. Never judge a book by its cover. This one surprises you, in spite of being image impaired.

4. Greater 55555 Zip Code Lady. This one has qualities which go beyond her mailing area, but not much farther. Well done, to a point!

5. I Can't Believe I Wore This To A Job Interview Person. Keeping the limited job market open for the stylishly gifted.

6. Buy One, Get Another Of Equal Or Lesser Value Individual. Stimulating the economy through purchasing unnecessary goods and services just because a coupon is involved.  

What non heroes are your choice? Why?

Feel free to add illustrations of any of these non heroes or your own.

This is a lighter side humor column.

Be nice, play nice, Have fun.



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link   Enoch    10 months ago

In his seminal article on what should happen if North Korea nukes the USA our good friend Kavika asks that someone write a non-political article.

Here it is.

By the bye, his article is a must read.


link   Kavika    10 months ago

LOL, great choices niijii.

My personal favorite is, Mr. Irrelevant, a truly less than average person.

Mr. Irrelevant is the 487th and final pick in the NFL draft. In fact it's difficult to call him a draft pick, more like a person that stumbled on the stage looking for Mickey D's.

link   LUCIFER  replied to  Kavika   10 months ago

That invokes my memory of being the last boy picked for a team on Sunday neighbourhood softball games on the schoolyard. Would that have made me an anti-hero?

link   Enoch  replied to  LUCIFER   10 months ago

Dear Friend Buzz: Not an anti-hero at all.

I recall my drum teacher, Mr. Germansky when I was growing up. HE told a student before my lesson that the lad need not worry about not being the next Buddy Rich. Mr. Germansky wisely conveyed that it takes one world class drummer to do a solo. It takes an auditorium full of patrons to make a concert economically viable.

Whoever picks up a pair of drumsticks and hs at a snare drum is a winner. Not everyone will make the Jazz Music Hall of Fame. It exists because people listen to music. They relate to it because they played it. We all have a role. Each of us, no one more or less than the other.

In this, as so many other ways in life dear friend Buzz, you are a hero to us all.

Peace, Abundant Blessings, and Appreciating What All of Us Do for the Greater Good.


link   Enoch    10 months ago

Dear Friend and Chaver Ruach (Brother in Spirit): Great choice.

Love it!


Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    10 months ago

Dear Enoch..

You are missing one from the list. He is the most non famous Jewish cowboy, Irving. Here is his ballard. 

link   Enoch  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A.   10 months ago

Dear Friend Perrie: Delightful.

Great choice.

After hearing this, I'm a headin fer the prairie, where the laws are dietary. 

Where a cowboy never joshes, when he's askin his Vier Kashas.

Heim, heim oifen range.

Where legin tfillin seems to some strange.

Where seldom is heard, a lishon ha rah word.

And shemayim is like yayin all day.

Enoch, humming a tune in a succah under the stars.  

link   LUCIFER  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A.   10 months ago

Where would you put another Jewish cowboy (folksinger) Ramblin' Jack Elliott? Hero or non-hero?

link   Enoch  replied to  LUCIFER   10 months ago

Dear Friend Buzz: Am not familiar with Ramblin Jack Elliot.

Please post an audio video link of artistic work examples.

I would like to give them a spin.

Some of the songs of Kinky Friedman are classics.

He is definitely a hero to me.


link   Enoch  replied to  Kavika   10 months ago

Dear Friend Kavika: Thanks for the link.

Great music. Listened to several of them.

Appreciate the heads up.

Buzz, you scored yet another winner.


link   Enoch  replied to  LUCIFER   10 months ago

Dear Buzz: Ramblin Jack Elliiot: Super hero.


link   Kavika    10 months ago

On a more serious note.

The unsung water protectors at Standing Rock...Just regular folks of all ages and races trying to protect their water supply.

Tonight they were attacked by LEO's using mace, gas, rubber bullets, high power water cannons and concussion grenades...

During the attack the temperature was well below freezing...23 degrees.


Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.  replied to  Kavika   10 months ago

You are right Kavika... those are real heros. 

link   Enoch  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A.   10 months ago

Dear Friend Perrie: Well said.


link   Enoch  replied to  Kavika   10 months ago

Dear Friend Kavika: Ordinary people do extraordinary things once organized and motivated.

Good cause, good people.


link   Randy    10 months ago

I have four who will never be remembered by anyone except the people who were touched by them. One was SSsgt Agnew who recruited me into the USAF at the young age of barely 17. The other two were SSgt Turner and TSgt Bales who would except nothing but the very best effort and would hear no excuses in Basic Training. They made me believe in myself for the first time in my life and demanded that I live up to that belief. I did.

The last is Lt. Col William King, my office commander, who forced me to fulfill my promise to my father and to go to the base education office and complete my High School and get my diploma. I was a child when I entered the Air Force less then two months after turning 17, but was an adult man when I came out 4 years later at 21. These men would accept nothing less.

link   Enoch  replied to  Randy   10 months ago

Dear Friend Randy: Mentors are heroes indeed.

Your four are a great choice.

Those of us who are veterans, and in particular were engaged in hand to hand combat know that the good people who don a uniform to lay it all on the line for our freedoms are the best of us.

Peace, Abundant Blessings, and Special Recognition to Those Who Serve at Great Sacrifice, In Whatever Ways Done.




Larry Hampton
link   Larry Hampton    10 months ago

Not enough time guy is innocuous and played out...


link   Enoch  replied to  Larry Hampton   10 months ago

Dear Friend Larry Hampton: Smiles.

Good one!

Is he part of the chronologically correct movement?

They take a licking, and keep on ticking.



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