Inner Moral Compass and Help Using It

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This week's Torah portion Mikeitz (Genesis 41: 1-44:17) raises an interesting point relevant to all in this site.

It relates that Pharaoh asked his advisor's to interpret his dreams of seven cows and sheaves of grain. Among the things he heard were seven daughters will die, and seven kingdoms in his empire will rebel. He rejected these ideas. Why?

The verse in question implies he also dreamed the correct interpretation. It specifically says that no one was able to "interpret for Pharaoh". 

This gives us a valuable lesson for this site, and in our lives. No one ever convinces anyone here of anything. The best that happens is that sometimes  we can get each other in touch with an inner truth we already know.

Each of us has an internal moral compass. We can all use family, teachers. clergy, and friends to aid us in using that compass for the greater good.

Later in Parshat Mekeitz Joseph tells his brothers of his true identity as their kin. He doesn't do this until they realize on their own they erred by selling him into slavery.

Joseph is a good role model for us here. When we realize a truth on our own that is always more relevant and powerful than being told anything by others.

When using the news talkers, by pass those who try to impose their positions on you. Instead, look to those whose writings help you discover your inner knowledge and values. You already have what you need. Real help comes from those who assist you in bringing it out.    

Red Box Rules, site C. o C. Guides, and The Four B's will Be Enforced.

Be On-Point.

Be Respectful.

Be Positive.

or Be Gone!

What inner truths from your moral compass have you brought out from an original article you read here? 

What have you written that helped others here actualize their inner wisdom?

What projects do you have planned for the New Year to do either or both?

Maybe we can look forward in 2017 to more jointly written original works that enhance and elevate us.

I am all in with that.

Peace and Abundant Blessings as we close out 2016, and enter 2017.                


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link 12/28/16 07:25:37PM @enoch:

See the article for the Four B's, Red Box and C. o C. advisories.

As the article requests, feel free to share with us how you gained from and assisted others here with bringing out what you and they already know and have.

Tell us what you want to add to the site that enlightens and inspires.

Maybe a match of new author partnerships can help us fulfill the goal the news vine abandoned in 2017.

Namely, make this a place to get smarter (and better) by working together in harmony and fellowship.

Here is to a 2017 that raises eyebrows with what we can do co-operating with each other.  

Onward and upward in the New Year.


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link 12/28/16 07:45:30PM @kavika:

Niijii, I have to go back a few years to an article that we co-authored  and actually brought justice to a First Nations child. That stands out as one of the highlights of life.

Agreed that there is a lot of nonsense seeds and articles, there is more to life than politics. As an advocate for life long learning, and for me nearly any subject is fine, I would love to see more articles that are authored by a member.

Hopefully some of the stories that I've written and those that I have co authored with you have brought a laugh to some, a tear to others and maybe, just maybe a little introspective look into the readers soul.

To a new and adventurous 2017.


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link 12/28/16 11:16:26PM @enoch:

Dear Friend and Treasured Writing Partner Kavika: In more than half a century of writing the single most effective piece in which I played a role was what you and I did for the First American children of Canada. That was our finest hour.

Other collaborations were also good advocacy, humor, introducing others to our cultures and spiritual heritages.

In each and every case we also led by example. 

We work so well together. Some people fixate on differences, reduce discourse to attacks against the person, speak in sound bytes rather than fact based and logically structured cases. We did harmony, not acrimony.

All we can do, you other like minded people and me is to continue to lead by example. To take the high road and hope against hope enough follow to make the site actualize its fullest potential.

To 2017, and its chance to improve things here.


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Buzz of the Orient
link 12/28/16 09:21:58PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

A wonderful sermon, Enoch. If it doesn't cause one to think of how it applies to themself and to consider complying with its lesson, then the person on whom it is lost will remain a loser.

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link 12/28/16 11:18:18PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Buzz: As ever, you said it best. Clearly, Accessibly and compellingly, 

Well done, my sagacious friend.

To a better climate here in 2017.



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link 12/28/16 11:59:05PM @katpen:

Dear Brother, Teacher---  I have learned from a few (nameless) members, here, that to admit they don't understand something, or they are truly trying to learn, is the best lesson for me.  We mostly see "You're wrong!" (For example) instead of questions like, "Can you explain that to me?"  I think we can all learn from each other's opinions and experiences if we'd only let our inner moral compass, like you so wisely put it, lead, instead of our "need" to be "right" all the time.  Follow your heart, instead of expecting others to follow your lead.  

Peace and warm wishes for the new year, to you, Mrs. E, and to ALL of us.  



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link 12/29/16 12:07:23AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Katpen: Reciprocal and most heartfelt wishes you you and yours for a 2017 that makes all previous years green with envy. Smiles. 

Great points. We are indebted.

When everyone is too busy trying to win rather than listen with an open mind, everyone loses.

The heart, the soul are most important in learning where others come from.

Generosity of the spirit leads to harmony.

Let's hope the New Year here brings more harmony, understanding, learning, teaching, and reaching out.

Winning is done to try to feel special, superior.

We are all the same, None greater or lesser than the other. Evey soul equally valued and loved by G-d. 

For those who wish to feel special. go do something for someone else they need and want on their terms.

No feeling like that.

Peace and Abundant Blessings Always.

May the New Year see you and I co-authoring more original articles. For the greater good.


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link 12/29/16 01:27:14AM @katpen:

Agree 100%.  Opening our minds and hearts and building bridges is what makes us more fulfilled.   No feeling like it!  

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link 12/29/16 08:43:29AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Katpen: Well said.

So well said I have nothing left to add.

Great post!


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link 12/30/16 09:21:49PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Katpen: Very well said.

And a most important idea.


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Nowhere Man
link 12/29/16 01:41:49AM @nowhere-man:

Brother Enoch,

To be honest I don't know of anyone that has taken anything from my writings here, I have faith that some have. That's all I can ask for. I unfortunately cannot read minds.

AS for 2017, I intend to speak truth to power, truth to dissension, and hopefully bring light where ever I'm at. The last three months have been very difficult. Until a few days ago.

And I now see that we must make ourselves into givers and not takers. that is the point of god, the point of religion, the epitome of spirituality. Lets not suffer the fools and not allow them to dissuade us from our task, for they will learn this soon enough themselves, in gods time, not ours...

God is love, and we aspire to be as much like god as possible given our limited means, shouldn't we start the same place he did?

With Love?


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link 12/29/16 08:59:30AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Nowhere Man: We may never know what benefits are derived from what we write and speak in our time.

I recall clearly the moral instruction and wisdom of my teachers, going back to my early youth.

Those educators are long transited to the world to come.

They will never know how much I profited from their keen moral insights.

I did anyway. I am not alone in this.

By all means do keep caring by sharing.

"Being givers, not takers". This is indeed the focal point of religion. Not winning. Helping.

"Yesh yavoh yom ha din, baruch Dayan Emet".

"There will come a day of judgment, blessed be the True Judge".

I totally agree with and support your keen insight into cosmic justice.

I also stand in awe of our G-d filled with mercy.

I do not believe in being a doormat to anyone for any nefarious purpose.

I do strongly encourage all to repent and atone.

As He forgives, so should we.

As He sets the right example, so should we.

We need always to be open to those who want to elevate themselves.

We should also always fight the good fight.

The alternative is to allow the wicked to prevail.

That does nothing to establish the Kingdom of G-d, or to do His will.

In this battle for the soul of this site on the micro level, and the collective soul of humankind on the macro level the following are our most potent weapons.

Love, kindness, understanding, service, assistance, piety, encouragement, positivism, knowledge, learning, teaching and acceptance.

You get religion in its highest form, my dear friend.

Its not about us winning by making others lose.

Its about all of us banding together, each as the Holy Spirit so moves us so that we may all live our lives most abundantly, fully, ethically and productively.  

I look forward to reading and benefiting from your posts.

I would like for us to co-author an article or more here.

Peace and Abundant Blessings to you and yours in 2017 and thereafter for many years to come.





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Nowhere Man
link 12/31/16 03:37:41AM @nowhere-man:

Brother, I know you have asked this question before and I never responded to you.

"I would like for us to co-author an article or more here."

I think I would enjoy this very much at this point. But to be honest I wouldn't know where to start.

And I have a time issue.

Long about the latter half of January I will be going in for surgery to remove a tumor in the brain. Recovery is expected to be about three weeks. they are telling me that everything will come out fine and I'm only going to lose the bad brain matter. Nothing else will be effected.

A lot better than the original diagnosis I was given. (scared the you know what outta me and the wife)

But I think I would enjoy it very much...

Thank you for asking again. (and I apologize for not answering the first time you asked)

Your friend and brother.


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Dean Moriarty
link 12/31/16 07:09:47AM @dean-moriarty:

Best of luck with the surgery. We will be thinking about you. 

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Nowhere Man
link 12/31/16 02:02:12PM @nowhere-man:

Thank you Dean, all prayers are warmly accepted.

According to the Doc, this should be a piece of cake, relatively speaking.

The other doc, the one that told us I was going to die in six months, has had his life saved. (I think I've convinced the wife not to kill him, {chuckle} Man she is pissed.)

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link 12/29/16 09:02:43AM @spikegary:

My Dear Friend Enoch,

It seems people here are too intent on pushing an agenda rather than opening themselves to new thoughts.  It's sad to see.  I remember when Newsvine's Motto was 'Get Smarter Here' and you actually could.  That changed and many of us left (some were were ushered out that door).  I think if all of us posted good, thought provoking articles, we could push the trash out the door, or at least off the homepage.  The key is doing it everyday for long enough for it to become normal here as opposed to an aberration..........

I wish you and the Missus a wonderful, safe, happy, healthy New Year!

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link 12/29/16 09:12:17AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Spikegary: Notice how there us rarely ever any day light between us.

That isn't merely a coincidence.

Excellent points.

May 2016 finish well for you and yours.

May 2017 be your best year yet.

May succeeding years be even better, unto the thousandth generation.

Mrs. E. and I wish you, your family and special someone joy, fulfillment, meaning, success and the good health to maximally enjoy them.

As the state defrost we will be headed out west again.

Let's do a four person dinner.

Meanwhile,. I shall be traveling 31 West even with snow and ice on the ground.

As I know and have advanced information, perhaps you and I can tie on the feedbag when the I take the Enochobile out for a skid.


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link 12/29/16 12:49:15PM @spikegary:

Always, My Friend.  My friend's Italian Rest. didn't survive, unfortunately, but there are always other places (except on holidays, as we've found!).


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link 12/29/16 08:02:59PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Spikegary: Most sorry his Ristorante didn't make it. 

It was a good place for us to eat.

The food, service and ambiance was extraordinary.

A rare combination of value and quality.

We will find an alternative I am sure.

We did indeed find that holidays aren't the best of times to dine out.

Perhaps we can find a NY State trooper in an off state route parking lot as we did last 4th of July. His directions and suggestions got us back to Medina, the dining capitol of upstate Western NY.

The food there is world famous for about 500 feet.

It was a meal that gave us memories that surely will last a dinner time.

Where ever we go, I know it wil be great.

With company like you failure is never an option or even a theoretical possibility.

Call and/or email you soon. 

All the best in 2017.

Enoch (Consulting with Vegans on the proper use of steak knives).   

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link 12/31/16 09:58:39AM @deepwaterdon:

Enoch.... teacher

Thanks you for the article, the inspiration to take something useful away from your teachings as always.

May you and Mrs. E. have a prosperous, healthy, and fruitful, emotionally and spiritually, 2017. May the Higher Power bless and bestow on you, all things good.

Don and Smokey, the beagle.

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