Harriet Tubman National Historical Park Becomes Reality

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Federal parks officials have formally established the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park in upstate New York.

Members of the state's congressional delegation joined U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell in Washington, D.C., for the official signing ceremony Tuesday that makes the park part of the National Park Service system. It encompasses the site of Tubman's old home on the outskirts of Auburn, about 25 miles west of Syracuse, and a nearby church where she worshipped.

The New York park will focus on Tubman's work later on in her life when she was an active proponent of women's suffrage and other causes. It will be a sister park to the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park in Maryland.

"These two parks preserve and showcase a more complete history of one of America's pivotal humanitarians who, at great personal risk, did so much to secure the freedom of hundreds of formerly enslaved people," Secretary Jewell said. "Her selfless commitment to a more perfect union is testament that one determined person, no matter her station in life or the odds against her, can make a tremendous difference."

Speaking of Tubman's heroism and courage, Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who pushed legislation to create the park says it will carry on her legacy.

"She didn't just secure the blessings of liberty for herself. She risked her life to secure it for others," Schumer said. "The Tubman Historical Park in Auburn, New York will be a magnet for visitors that will tell the amazing story of Harriet Tubman's life, an extraordinary American whose story deserves to be shared with our children and grandchildren. This park will serve that solemn purpose and preserve her legacy for countless generations to come."

The Maryland-born Tubman died in Auburn in 1913 and is buried there.

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link 01/11/17 10:59:36AM @spikegary:

I'm generally against Presidential National Monument Designations because they take away land and decisions form the state, but in this case, I believe there is a compelling reason.

Interestingly, a friend of mine's husband is deeply involved in the History of the Underground Railroad in Western New York.  Seems Harriet Tubman would escort escaped slaves across a suspension bridge over the Niagara Gorge-with a shotgun.  The crossers had never seen/heard the Niagara River near the falls and were scared-she wouldn't let them turn around and go back due to fright-she accomplished this with her shotgun as the 'convincer'.

She is truly an American Hero and the National Park designation is well deserved. 

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link 01/11/17 11:14:42AM @dowser:

I'm very glad to see this new historical park designation!  She certainly deserves it!

Not far from my home in Owensboro, KY, was the spot where the real Uncle Tom's cabin was located.  It's along highway 60, between Hawesville and Owensboro.  The river is not at all far, maybe 2-3 miles, and was the scene where Eliza crossed the river on the ice.  Harriet Beecher Stowe was a guest at the farm, when Eliza's escape occurred.  There was an underground railroad in many places along the river, where the escaped slaves could find food, shelter, boats to cross the river, etc.  Family legend had it that my great-great grandfather Wilhelm Julius Scherer kept a row boat tied to the bank, and anyone was welcome to use it.

Was she called Grandma Moses?  I know there was an artist by that name, who was popular back when i was a kid...  I just can't seem to recall what people called Harriet Tubman. 


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link 01/11/17 11:38:59AM @uptownchick:

Well deserved! 

Dowser...not sure if she was called Grandma Moses or not but I did find this...

Image result for harriet tubman

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link 01/11/17 12:20:49PM @dowser:

Thanks, Uppy!  I felt like there was a "Moses" in there somewhere... Grandma Moses was the artist, I guess!



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link 01/11/17 11:46:19AM @spikegary:

That's a cool find, UC! Dowser, I'm not sure if she went by other names or not.

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link 01/11/17 11:51:23AM @uptownchick:

The description is "priceless"!

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