Trump Invites a Cesspool of Fake News, Half-wits, and Extremists to Cover the White House.

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Trump Invites a Cesspool of Fake News, Half-wits, and Extremists to Cover the White House.


...The White House does the American people a great disservice by inviting Gateway Pundit in to the press briefings. I’m not sure there is a greater purveyor of fake news on the left or right than that site. Inviting in a known purveyor of fake news gives that purveyor a credibility that is not deserved. It gives a credibility that will most assuredly be abused to spread even more fake news.

From malarkey about terrorism to showing NBA fans as Trump supporters to you name it, Gateway Pundit runs nonsense and I still have not determined if it is intentional or just because of some level of insanity.

Gateway Pundit wrote that John Podesta was encouraging illegal immigrant voting based on an email that actually did not mention illegal immigrants.

He posted a picture of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ victory parade and claimed it was a Trump rally.

Then there was the confederate flag campaign button for Obama that actually was not from the campaign .

There was the time he claimed an asian Washington Post reporter had been taking pictures of Rex Tillerson’s notes. Not only did he not apologize after trolls started sending the reporter death threats, but then he blamed the media for not properly outing who it was.

My personal favorite was Gateway Pundit confusing closed captioning of applause with it being a command from Obama to applaud at his speech.

Gateway Pundit has not only misled a ton of people through fake news, but relying on him has gotten others into trouble too. In October, Gateway Pundit ran this story about a postal worker bragging about ripping up absentee ballots. Multiple conservative outlets ran with it. But it was not true. The twitter account was from a comedian trying to bait people. It worked and Gateway Pundit running the story roped in other conservatives who the left was able to attack as purveyors of fake news.

The list goes on and on.

I try to ignore this, but I think people on the right need to stand up for integrity on our own side. Whether there’s a traffic obsession and that site is willing to publish nonsense knowingly or a mental issue and that site is publishing nonsense they really believe or something else, it is still a problem.

There has been a lot of reporting out there in the past few months about websites knowing they can throw out the most absurd stories and generate loads of cash for themselves off the suckers who believe because they want to. It has, unfortunately, become a profitable business. Whether it is that or something else, folks on the right are ruining their own credibility by defending this sort of stuff and it opens all of us up to attacks from the left that we promote fake news.



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link   seeder  JohnRussell    3 years ago

The Gateway Pundit now has a white house press credential to attend Sean Spicer's daily briefings. The nation should cringe every time the GP white house "correspondent" gets called on to ask a question. It is all a farce.


"Trump has opened up the White House press corps to all manner of extremists and halfwits, including giving press credentials to Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit blog. Hoft is one of the dumbest and most dishonest bloggers alive. So let’s meet his new White House correspondent:

The internet’s most hapless political blogger now has his own White House correspondent — a regular contributor with little reporting experience but ample ties to “alt-right” harassment — sitting in the White House press briefing room.

At the January 19 “Deploraball” event before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Gateway Pundit founder and “dumbest man on the internet” Jim Hoft announced that his outlet would have a White House correspondent with the Trump administration, and that Lucian Wintrich would fill the position. On February 13, Hoft posted a “reader alert” that Hoft and Wintrich will be attending the day’s White House press briefing. Hoft confusingly wrote, “Please look for us and keep your fingers crossed that one of us is asked a question.”

Hours later, Hoft tweeted a photo of himself and Wintrich standing behind the lectern in the White House press briefing room, displaying a hand signal associated with the racist “Pepe” meme. The tweet itself also included the hashtag “Pepe” and a frog emoji, commonly understood to invoke the hate symbol.

Here’s the tweet:

Jim Hoft and Lucian Wintrich at White House Press Room #Pepe @gatewaypundit @lucianwintrich "


Dean Moriarty
link   Dean Moriarty  replied to  JohnRussell   3 years ago

Don't get depressed JR you can beat Hoft this year. You've got my vote.

Hal A. Lujah
link   Hal A. Lujah    3 years ago

My personal favorite was Gateway Pundit  confusing closed captioning of applause  with it being a command from Obama to applaud at his speech.

Wait ... you mean ... oh boy, do I feel stupid.  /s

link   Kavika     3 years ago

We are doomed...

link   seeder  JohnRussell    3 years ago

The photo in the seed is of the Cleveland Cavaliers victory parade after they won the NBA championship last June. Gateway Pundit ran an article claiming the photo was of a Trump rally in Maine. There is no way this is an accident. It is the epitome of "fake news". For Trump to give them a white house press credential shows us how little this white house cares about the truth.

Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom
link   Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom  replied to  JohnRussell   3 years ago

Forgive the derail, but Andrew Puzder,Trump's choice for labor secretary, just skedaddled.


link   Kavika   replied to  Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom   3 years ago

That's good news, most anyone would have been better than Puzder.

link   seeder  JohnRussell  replied to  Kavika   3 years ago

He didnt have the votes. He didnt drop out from a guilty conscience, he dropped out because four republicans abandoned him.


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