Weak, sick and stupid: Neil deGrasse Tyson fears what Trump’s science-slashing budget will do to America

By:  @johnrussell, 6 months ago
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Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson took to Twitter over the weekend to unload on President Donald Trump’s proposed budget over its cuts to programs for science, health, and the arts.

Specifically, Tyson said that the proposed cuts to these programs would make America “weak,” “sick,” and “stupid.”

Additionally, Tyson said the president was thwarting “Earth’s life-support systems” by transforming the EPA into the “Environmental Destruction Agency.” Tyson also said that ignoring climate change would be “the fastest way to melt glaciers and flood the world’s coastal cities.”

And even though Tyson is a scientist, not an artist, he did stick up for federal arts funding.

“We can all imagine a land that provides no support for art,” he said. “But is that a place you’d want to live? To visit? To play?”

Read the whole tweet storm below.

The fastest way to Make a America Weak Again: Cut science funds to our agencies that support it.


The fastest way to Make America Sick Again: Cut funding to the National Institutes of Health


The fastest way to Make America Stupid: Cut funds to programs that support education.


The fastest way to thwart Earth's life-support systems for us all: Turn EPA into EDA — the Environmental Destruction Agency.


The fastest way to melt glaciers & flood the World's coastal cities: Ignore scientists and do nothing to stem the rise of CO2


We can all imagine a land that provides no support for Art. But is that a place you’d want to Live? To Visit? To Play?



We all want to Make America Great Again. But that won't happen until we first Make America Smart Again.

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link   JohnRussell    6 months ago

I wish Carl Sagan was still here to make sense of Trumpism for us. 

link   Randy    6 months ago

Neil deGrasse Tyson was a sort of protege of Sagan's, but you're right, Sagan (who was a personal idol of mine) was a bit better at explaining things then Tyson. In fact Tyson credits a visit to his school when he was still in I believe jr high as the reason he went into physics in the first place. Sagan invited him to visit his house and he did a few times. Though Tyson's books are nearly as good and some are better.

However as brilliant as Dr Sagan was, I don't think that even he could make sense of the pile of sub-human garbage that is Donald Trump.

link   Kavika    6 months ago

Someday the idiots will discover that many of earths gifts are finite....When it ends, drinking oil isn't going to be an option.

link   Randy  replied to  Kavika   6 months ago

There used to be an incredible anti-pollution ad on TV that showed a full glass of water. The moderator said something along the lines of this represents all of the water on the Earth. The next shot was the same glass, but a most of the water was missing and the spokesman said this is the amount of water on the Earth once you take away all of the salt water. The next shot was a very smaller amount of water in the same glass and the voice said this represents all of the available water once you take into account how much of it is frozen at the two poles. The next shot is the same glass, but with just a very small amount of water in it and the voice says this represents all of the available drinking water on the whole Earth. Then you hear what sounds like a cocktail party in the background and a man saying "excuse me" and dropping a cigarette into the glass. The voice comes back and says "Isn't it about time you got really mad?"

Very effective!

Sean Treacy
link   Sean Treacy    6 months ago

It's amusing watching pop science worshipers genuflect before the trite political opinions of a serial fabulist that can't withstand a moment of logical scrutiny. But I guess we should be happy ole Neal managed a couple tweets that don't need to be recalled because they  contain falsified information.

Good for him.  

link   Randy  replied to  Sean Treacy   6 months ago

pop science

Dr. Carl Sagan was one of the most Brilliant Space Physicist who has ever lived and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is in the same league. You could never hope to even begin to understand the way they think or to be a intelligent as they are. They are not "pop science" in any way, shape or form, but both are highly respected in the Physics community.

It's amusing to watch someone from the peanut gallery throw insults at people who they could not begin to compete with on any level out of pure jealousy.

Steve Ott
link   Steve Ott    6 months ago

I'm a bit of a curmudgeon, so I would ask Dr. Neil this, "How did science and art get paid for before it was the government's job?"

link   Randy  replied to  Steve Ott   6 months ago

For science there were universities and before, during what is known as the Dark ages, there were monasteries which were the only places of education of the time. Usually false education. Before the Dark Ages it varied from government to government and age to age. Some supported science in universities (Greece, Egypt) and some scientists, like most artists from ancient times until very recently, had patrons, usually a king or other wealthy person.

Steve Ott
link   Steve Ott  replied to  Randy   6 months ago

Basically, science was paid for in a private enterprise methodology. Government usurped that when it thought it could use science as a weapon. Please, never think the government does anything for anyone's good.

link   Randy  replied to  Steve Ott   6 months ago

I am afraid we will have to agree to disagree on that. It's rare, but the government occasionally does some good things for the people.

Steve Ott
link   Steve Ott  replied to  Randy   6 months ago

Does the good out weigh the bad? I don't think it does.

link   Randy  replied to  Steve Ott   6 months ago

I would rather have a government then not.


Anita Blackman
link   Anita Blackman    6 months ago

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the sexiest men alive. I have not Idea what he's talking about I just watch the man.

No Fear
link   No Fear    6 months ago

I saw a video this guy promoted a while back. He's a bonafide nut case.

Anita Blackman
link   Anita Blackman  replied to  No Fear   6 months ago

Oh I don't care about that, I bet he could fill a corn hole though.

link   deepwaterdon  replied to  Anita Blackman   6 months ago

Bet he could even fill a Great-Cornhole.


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