Why I Dine With, Do Business With and Pray with Women and Men Alike

By:  @enoch, 5 months ago
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Because we are all children of the same G-d.

Because we are all equally beloved in the eyes of the Divine.

Because it puts a smile on the Holy Countenance when we get along because of, not in spite of our differences.

Mesechet Sota 17(a) When husband and wife are worthy the Divine Presence is with them.

Pirchay Avot 3:13. He (G-d) delights in those who delight in the spirit of their fellow creatures.

In your tradition, religious or secular, what is there which supports the idea that getting along by considering each others as equals is the highest form of interaction that can obtain between people of any group, be it religious, secular, gender based, political. economic, ethnic nationalistic, socio-economic, cultural, intimacy orientation or otherwise?

Please share. to promote harmony.

Come let us reason together in peace through mutual respect. 

Red Box Rules and the Four B's are in Play Here. Kindly see the first comment I post for the Four B's. 

We look forward to learning from and working with you. the wisdom of your heritage and original ideas. We seek this on how to leverage the wisdom of Diversity in the Divine plan for us to best do the business of furthering humanity in our own time.

Peace and Abundant Blessings via Mutual Respect and Acceptance of those and things like and unlike us.




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link 04/01/17 07:21:00PM @enoch:

Red Box Rules  and the Four B's Obtain in Responses to This Discussion.

Be On Point.

Be Respectful.

Be Positive.

or Be Gone!

That said, please contribute to acceptance and respect for others who are and are not like you in any way.

Shalom U'vrachem Tamid.

Peace and Abundant Blessings Always.


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link 04/01/17 07:59:03PM @kavika:

Niijii, we have a tradition when there is a meeting, all members voices will be heard without shouting down, insulting, etc. When all members are present, a ''Talking Stick'' is given to one member. He/she is allowed to express they opinion/thoughts without interruption.

When that person is finish, he/she will hand the ''Talking Stick'' to the next person. While the person is holding the Talking Stick they have the floor.

Whether a person (s) agrees with the speaker, the speaker must be treated as an equal and with respect.

When everyone is heard, a vote will be taken and the majority will is followed.

This custom allows everyone to have there voice without interruption or being shouted down.

It works for us.

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link 04/01/17 10:23:55PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Kavika: It is a wonderful custom.

It would work well for any group.

I saw this used at the Long House in Victor, NY.

That is where the Iroquois Confederacy took place.

The original nations and one non voting nation, (the Tuscarora meet annually to commemorate the treaty signing. 

The Wampum is passed from one nation to another at that time. 

I was honored to be invited as a guest.

There are things I did and do for Native Americans in and outside of the nations represented in the Confederacy.

When two or more people always agree on everything all the time, all but one of them is unnecessary.

As that great poet, philosopher, Saint and Catcher Yogi Berra once observed, "You can hear a lot by listening".

Enoch, Listening.

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link 04/01/17 11:26:36PM @kavika:

Indian talking stick.

There is no set design for the talking stick. They can be very ornate or very simple, it's up to the owner to decorate or not decorate as he/she she's fit.

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link 04/02/17 08:13:57AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Kavika: Good point.

Thanks for sharing it.

I should add that Wampum is not a form of currency.

Those who settled in North America from Europe and other places mistook Wampum for money.

It is not.

It is a decorative ceremonial piece to commemorate a specific important event, movement, or person.

In this sense. the Stanley Cup in Hockey is a very loose but better analogy.

The Wampum at the Iroquois Confederacy goes from nation to nation each year.

It commemorated the confederacy treaty that brought peace and harmony to the Native American Nations involved.

Some say it is the ground work upon which the US system of government is based.

Various branches.

Checks and balances.

Separation of powers, roles and responsibilities.

Great post, my good friend.


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Buzz of the Orient
link 04/02/17 08:54:40PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Although I have long been familiar with the Walking Stick and its purpose, the only thing I'm not aware of, having read Kavika's description of the procedure, is, before the vote, is there a time for voicing disagreement with or a different opinion about what one has said (in the event that the person disagreeing has already had their turn), or is such disagreement indicated only by the individual participant's vote? In such an event can the stick go aound the group again?


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link 04/02/17 09:01:15PM @kavika:

Buzz, each person can voice his support or non support of what is being discussed and present his/her case or another solution.

Yes, a person can have a second turn with the Talking Stick.

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link 04/05/17 10:21:01AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Buzz: Good points.

Interesting question.


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link 04/01/17 10:27:17PM @dowser:

Dowser, listening, too!

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link 04/02/17 08:14:28AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Dowser: Smiles.


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link 04/02/17 06:28:46AM @randy:

There is actually a golf course on the Pima Indian Reservation next to Scottsdale Arizona called "Talking Stick".


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link 04/02/17 08:16:29AM @enoch:

Dear Friend Randy: Thanks for letting us know.

There is a golf course at a local country club here.

Its called, "Overcharging Members".

Not much of a tradition.

They like it.




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link 04/02/17 12:31:17PM @kavika:

There is a golf course close to us named, ''Flog Village''....

A painful place to play golf.

Kavika, out of bounds.


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link 04/02/17 01:49:23PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Kavika: Visotrs to our nation went home.

They talked about all the wonders they saw in the USA.

One mentioned that here in America we play a game.

We place a small white ball on top of a giant green one.

The object of the contest is to hit only the white ball with a club.

The name of the sport is called, "Aw Darnnit!"

E. Wearing Argyle Socks

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Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 04/02/17 10:45:28AM @perrie-halpern:

Thank you for you insight on this topic Enoch. 

Words like self control, trust, friendship entered my mind this week. I do share in the delight of the company of all my friends, both men and women. In fact, I would say, most of my friends are men. 

I have spent the first part of my working career as being the sole woman in a man's world. If they had respect for me, I gave it back to them. If they didn't, I set them straight. 

We are all captains of our own ships. We know the difference between right and wrong. 

I'll hand the talking stick back to Kavika now. 

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link 04/02/17 01:53:40PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Perrie: Well said.

Thanks for a most enlightening and inspiring contribution.

We all matter, each in out own way. Everyone equally. .

High time our conduct reflected that.

E. (Doing a Shtick with Kavika's Stick)

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link 04/02/17 10:58:01AM @jwc2blue:

I try to follow a simple principle.

I don't care what color you are, what religion you practice if any, your gender or sexual preference, even your politics.

In other words, I don't care "what" you are, but "who." If you are intelligent and respectful, if you clearly put some thought into what you believe, then I'm happy to know you even if we disagree.


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link 04/02/17 01:55:52PM @enoch:

Dear Friend JWC2Blue: Very well said.

We are grateful for this fine thought.

We all all happy to know you.


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Buzz of the Orient
link 04/02/17 10:10:54PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Times have changed, though. Although there has not been much difference between different gender, religion, race, ethnicity, political view, etc. sitting together, it is the activity which is different now.  Years ago one could see people sitting together at a table and talking to one another. Nowadays, one looks and sees everyone silently staring into their iPhones. There is a Starbucks in my complex, and as I walk by it, I rarely see people who are sitting together actually speaking to each other, because they are engrossed in their mobile phones.

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link 04/04/17 10:52:41AM @enoch:

Dear Buzz: Great point,

Not every thing that is new is good.

Not everything that is good is new.

As the Hebrew Hymn goes, "Henei Mah Tov, U' Mah Nayim, Shevit Achoimg Gam Yachad"

"Behold, How good and nice it is to sit together as brothers".

We need more fellowship among us all.

Sitting, walking, mostly listening and sharing.

Our best shot at spiritual elevation is interpersonal communication by people of good will. 

Great contribution Buzz.

We are indebted.

Shalom U'vracha.



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