April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

By:  @randy, 4 months ago
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As a person who was sexually and physically abused as a child I can not tell you just how important it is to support this program and not just in April, but all year around. All Americans who really do care about helping not just the prevention of child abuse, but helping those who already have been abused, must write, call, email or even visit their Representatives to the House and Senate, to ensure that they will support continued funding for this vital program. In these days of seemingly wild and absurd budget cut proposals this is a program that not only should not be cut, but must have it's funding increased. Please, this is real and the abuse lasts a lifetime. It never really goes away. Trust me.


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link 04/09/17 01:09:11AM @randy:

It seems like today that every program, even ones as obviously as needed as this one, are on the chopping block and threatened. We can no let that happen to this one. There simply is no excuse whatsoever to even think about cutting funding and in fact funding must be increased for this part of this department. Call or write your Congressperson or Senator and make sure that, if they don't pay particular attention to this program, they will pay for it at the polls in 2018.

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link 04/09/17 01:12:06AM @kavika:

Thanks for posting this article, Randy.

Monday, both my senator and congressman will get a call and an e mail.

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link 04/09/17 01:16:14AM @randy:

Thanks Kavika. Mine already have. I hope everyone will make sure that this must be a program that is hands off.

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link 04/09/17 02:32:38AM @randy:

And do not forget who the HHS Secretary is. He not only is unqualified, he does not want the department to even survive. He wants it dismantled.


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Jerry Verlinger
link 04/12/17 03:02:03AM @jerry-verlinger:

Thank you for posting this article Randy. 

I have posted the article to the NewsTalkers Child Abuse & Abductions Group, which is a place to collect and discuss articles about the terrible epidemic of child abuse, abductions, kidnappings, rape, mal-treatment and neglect of our children.

If you are not a member of the group, please click the link and sign on to help us find stories about the mistreatment of our nations children. 

Btw, Perrie agreed to display the Child Abuse Prevention Ad on the front page for the month without any charge.

Also, you're right about Trump making appointments for people that have adverse attitudes about the departments they are supposed to lead. Such as U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who is a 6th term Republican from Washington State and who is a climate change denier plus an ardent opponent of regulations for greenhouse gas emissions


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link 04/12/17 03:22:04AM @randy:

Thanks for posting it in your group. I am already a member. For obvious reasons this is a close personal issue to me. Unfortunately I think that it is just so ugly of an issue that few people even want to comment on it.

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